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Christians For Cannabis Network

Merida Mexico Cinco de Mayo Marijuana March and Rally

Marchan en Mérida a favor del cultivo de la marihuana, I enjoyed this event and was happy to see Mexican citizens standing up for their human rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Over 60 people participated in the demonstration, which was escorted by about 12-15 police and was a very successful even to demonstrate the Mexican people’s desire to use marijuana for medical, spiritual and recreational values.

The event started with a rally at the monumento a la patria in Merida centro, and then the march carried on toward the government palace of the state capital to demand nullification of cannabis laws and allow humans to use cannabis freely.

I was present to do a bit of aerial photography with my Mavic Pro drone, and I got a front row seat to record the speeches by Delta 9 Mexico activist Amy Case King and others. I apologize for not getting everyone’s name in this event, everyone did so well.

Mexico has really vague laws on cannabis, where there is supposed to be a 5 gram decriminalization yet you can still be arrested, your cannabis can be seized and you can potentially spend 36 hours in jail, even if your amount is under 5 grams.

Mexican people want the right to grow without interference and possess this life saving, and highly beneficial herb.


Filming by Ryan Thompson at

At Steemit @!/v/clovisstar/me6imgn5

Talks given by Delta 9 Mexico.

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