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Jesus was a Dreadlocks: Rastafarian Images of Divinity

I have been studying both Rastafarianism and Gnosticism in many formats over the last 20+ years.  I have been happily surprised how much both faith traditions agree and follow a similar path.   I read a study on this topic recently, and I found this to be very eye opening.

Jesus was a Dreadlocks: Rastafarian Images of Divinity, by R. Matthew Charet

Aside from the heavy emphasis on race, I find the historical significance of some of the lineage claims of both groups.   The Rasta’s can trace their heritage back to before the first fall of Jerusalem in  Siege of Jerusalem (597 BC) which leads back to when many high priests left Jerusalem and headed south towards Yemen and along the coast down to South Africa where they branched out in many different directions.   Some of their claims to the  Solomonic dynasty with the last known heir to the lineage of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, in Haile Selassie.  Who sadly died after a brutal civil war in the 1970s (although there is no conclusive evidence of what exactly happened to him).    ” There remains some debate within the Rastafari movement whether Haile Selassie actually died in 1975″

There are many elements of connection between the 1st century Gnostics and the early priests and the later Rastafarian movement.

Namely from the article above:

“Much more important in terms of salvation is the fact that Jesus,
according to the Rastas, taught a form of gnosticism, some evidence
of which has survived, albeit in a greatly obscured form. As already
mentioned, Rastafarians hold to the immanence of Jah in creation,
and the necessity of inner knowledge to the process of redemption.
Like many gnostic movements throughout history, some find the
accounts of the resurrection of both Jesus and Lazarus to provide
evidence not of a physical but spiritual rebirth:”

I recently wrote about the early Gnostic church, and their recently recovered Gospels that are in difficult contrast with Catholic canonized scripture.

Reference to my recently article;

The first church is a historical taboo

More on the same topic here;  Questions about Creation, My Answer

I feel like the desire to look and search for, and learn new truths, or to be more fully informed is the cornerstone of my path and my walk with the Lord.
This is both a serious aspect of both the Gnostics and the Rastafarian faith traditions.


May you be blessed in your path.

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