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Cannabis Media Fake News

There has been a lot of controversy in the media lately about “fake news”, and despite that the MSM has been tenaciously defending their integrity, their approval ratings are much lower than even President Trump, and that says a lot because his polling appears to be pretty terrible.


Trump’s job approval rating is at 45 percent approval and 55 percent disapproval in the latest Harvard-Harris survey. Gallup’s annual survey on public trust in the media — conducted before the election — found that only 32 percent trusted the press.

The same goes for cannabis media as well.  It may seem that cannabis media would try to not assimilate to the standards of main stream media, and may be a little more reliable.  But I know that there are several in cannabis media that are doing a dis-service to the community.  Cannabis media by nature have been outlaws, and have not fit inside the box.  The true “rebels” of media in many fashions.
Except for the wave of NORML media.  When NORML started with Chris Goldstein on the NORML Daily Audio Stash (podcast)  in 2006 Chris elevated that podcast “After six months, we were the most popular podcast in the Government & Organizations category, beating out the White House Weekly Press Briefing among many others.”   In 2008 Chris had to pass the torch to Russ Belville so that Chris could take care of his elderly grandparents.  After only less than 3 years, Russ Belville trashed the reputation of the podcast by threatening listeners, hanging up on callers who supported candidates like Ron Paul, and having some of his staff like Ganja John threatening callers on social media (reference to the threats;  I-502 NAW Supporters (some) resort to threats rather than logic to prove their point).  In 2011, Russ Belville was fired from the NORML Daily Audio Stash, and since then has had a number of other broadcasting jobs, all of which end about the same.

Some of the problems that I have had with Russ, is that he has a clear bias to big marijuana business, and when he has the opportunity to question leaders and administrators or controversial cannabis initiatives (funded by big business and cops), that Russ takes no liberty to ask them the tough questions that are being raised about the initiatives, such as with I-502 and the many times that he interviewed Alison Holcomb and others invested in the initiative.   Which I documented when the interviews were taking place on my reference to my youtube channel with the search term “NORML”;

I am sort of embarrased for supporting Russ Belville a few times that I did, because I thought I was supporting the NORML Daily Audio stash that Chris Goldstein created, which was the name of the show and roughly the same content, when I was donating and advertising with NORML.   But then Russ Belville started his antics of name calling and intimidation.

Recently Russ started up a new gig, hustling people to donate to him via Patreon.  So I left him a review on his new channel, and shortly after, Russ deleted the review.
This is the review that I left, which I also left on some of the other outlets that rebroadcast his material.

I consider anything that Russ Belville is involved with a fake news source. It plays out like other fake news sources, where a vast majority of the content is spot on, well reported with accurately sourced information. But then the “agenda” filled propaganda which often benefits a regressive law or a corporate monopoly seeps in.

For example the push for i502, that Russ Belville cheer leaded for. Russ had many opportunities to ask the hard questions to the directors and admins of the campaign ran by New Approach Washington, but Russ failed to ask the following to anyone in the campaign.

For example, before i502 it was a misdemeanor for the largest group of cannabis consumers (21 and below) to possess cannabis, and now after i502 it is a felony.

As everyone predicted, DUIDs are significantly higher after the passing of i502, and that started immediately after the initiative became law, and not just after the stores opened. Meanwhile traffic incidents remain flat, according to University of WA.

As predicted medical marijuana stores were regulated out of existence, despite having been around problem-free for over 13 years. In favor of the highly taxed monopoly stores. Also MMJ patients had their plant count and supply significantly reduced.

I produce info under the moniker XCANNABIS.

Cannabis Radio Thank you for your honest input, we value the opinion of all of our listeners.

You are welcome.
I could go on. As Russ Belville shills for strictly progressive candidates, Russ Belville claims that Bernie Sanders is the only presidential candidate from the two major political parties that supported decriminalization of cannabis. Disregarding the many interviews that NORML (Who Belville shilled for at the time) did with Ron Paul, and the 30+ years that Ron Paul gave speeches for NORML funder raisers (that benefited NORML).

Russ is one of the most dishonest people in the cannabis movement in my honest opinion.
I am ashamed that I ever contributed to his show

Cannabis Radio Review of Russ Belville

Cannabis Radio Review of Russ Belville


To be real clear here, I will not support anything that NORML represents now.  I have found this sentiment to be pretty common among long time cannabis liberty activists.

Back When NORML fought for REAL Liberty

The one thing that I really liked about Chris Goldstein, is that Chris was a lot less bias, and a lot more transparent and sincere about being a cannabis liberty activist.
You can see that by looking at his guest list.

From the High Times article (above)”

In 2006 NORML asked me to begin a daily podcast called NORML’s Daily Audio Stash, styled after an NPR news magazine. I stayed with the NORML podcast for a little over two years and produced more than 650 episodes. I interviewed folks like congressmen Ron Paul, Barney Frank, and Dana Rohrbacher; celebrities like Willie Nelson, Ann Druyan, Tommy Chong and Rick Steves; we also had weekly interviews with Steve Bloom, Mitch Earleywine, and Paul Armentano. A big part of the show was interviewing activists from around the country who were on the front lines of reform. “

However at this point, NORML is more of an “industrial lobby” than an activist organization.  They are taking money from monopolies and lawyers who want to get the most favorable outcome from cannabis laws.  To me, if they are taking instruction from lawyers who spent their lives building a law firm to defend clients against criminal cannabis convictions, then they will only want laws like DUID standards that cause people to get arrested, or felonies for people under age who possess small amounts of cannabis (both of these law changes took place in the law that Washington state passed called I-502, where has DUID laws were less restrictive, and it was only a misdemeanor for people under 21 to possess cannabis.  Now the law is much stricter in these aspects), and if NORML is taking instruction from cannabis monopolists, then of course they will want the strictest licensing provisions, so it makes it harder for competition to enter the market.  These are the most common donors to NORML, and the largest donors to NORML.  So I consider NORML an enemy to liberty now.  That hasn’t always been this way, NORML had some good intentions during the years.  But for the last 10 years, NORML has been corrupted.

I edited/produced this video several years ago to give clear direction on how I see cannabis being liberated;   Cannabis Prohibition Nullification and the 10th Amendment


Also way back in 2010, I made a video detailing how cannabis legalization would turn out, if people didn’t fight for nullification.

“All cannabis use is medical use?” Until the government steals our crops!

2 thoughts on “Cannabis Media Fake News

  1. Russ Belville responded to my critique of his fake news media. He did not include a reference to the facts that I provided, just offered his own spin.

    You can find his response here:

    One thing that he said that I have blatantly proved incorrect, even before he responded. (which is probably why he failed to provide a reference), is that DUID went up significantly since I-502.

    Reference this:

    As for what he says I-502 was responsible for, vs. what it wasn’t.

    So the lingo in I502 created monopolies, tax incentives, the LCB controlling cannabis, and an open door for legislators to capitalize on these incentives.

    Which they did in SB-5052.

    Why is that significant? Because cannabis laws, which were generous, liberal, and without controversy for 13+ years, went un-touched, before the highly regulated (costly) monopolies went into effect.

    It was AFTER I-502 that cannabis laws got fucked up.

    Many of the issues, from pushing THOUSANDS of MMJ people out of business, to increased DUID laws, and arrests are a direct result of I-502. Many of the other issues are an indirect result.

  2. The political spectrum in the USA seem to small, as if there are only two parties and now everyone is choosing there side an sticking their ground. With the election of Donald J. Trump this became even more clear.
    Now with cannabis legalization gaining momentum in addition to Ron Paul kind libertarians joining the cause of liberating cannabis more and more. It is ever more obvious that progressives are finding themselves a corner to put themselves in away from the children.
    How temperamental it appears many of the liberal leaning activists are. We see more of this now with the Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition (CWCBE) with a rift from the exhibitors who are currently protesting Donald Trump friend and adviser Roger Stone.
    The Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA) is having a temper tantrum within the keynote speaker this year Roger Stone. Some are calling for a boycott, and measures are being taken by others.
    One matter is noteworthy and should be pointed out. The bud financier George Soros, Is Really a former and unapologetic Nazi from when things were being confiscated by the Nazi’s from the Jews at George Soros’ residence of Budapest Hungary.
    At a 60 minutes interview with George Soros, he maintained that his participation with taking the possessions of the Jews didn’t bother him at all, and he also claims that during the time of the German occupation, it had been the happiest time of his life.
    However there are no progressives boycotting George Soros’ influence in cannabis organizations, which suggests that the double standard among advanced liberals.

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