“Take a Hike, Ike! Gentrification Stops Here!” crowd says marijuana store is racist

In a recent conversation on Facebook, an acquaintance that I know posted a video about several protests that are happening on a regular basis at the marijuana shop “Uncle Ike’s” in the Central District of Seattle, whom are claiming that Uncle Ike’s store is hurting black people of the area via means of “gentrification”.  The video from the person that I referenced on facebook seemed to believe that the protests had something to do with a church that was next door to the marijuana shop.  So I investigated these claims that possibly the church had something to do with the protests, and the only quote that I found related to this was from the Pastor:

The crux of it is the pot shop’s proximity to Mount Calvary Christian Center, as well as its location on a corner with a troubled history when it comes to drugs. As Pastor Reggie Witherspoon of Mount Calvary said in a speech, “I’m not arguing against marijuana; I’m arguing against its location.”   http://www.thestranger.com/news/2016/04/27/24008275/what-went-down-at-the-protest-outside-uncle-ikes-on-420

The concern from the church seems to be about it’s location next to a “teen center” and not about the substance itself.   The area has been a hot-spot for drug and illegal activity for a number of years, and the church seems to believe that this may levy an additional influence on vulnerable teens in the area.

What I also found however and this seems to be the biggest concern, was hundreds of articles that discuss the crowd’s concerns of “racism” and “gentrification”.   (the photo used in this article comes from;  www.seattlemet.com, which appears to be a screenshot from a news story, however the only credit that I know to give is to SeattleMet.com)

Uncle Ike's Gentrification and Racism Protests

Uncle Ike’s Gentrification and Racism Protests

More on this:

In this video from the protest that happened around March 20th 2017, you can hear protesters complain about the rising values of property in the district and how Uncle Ike’s is helping with the gentrification process by locating itself in this neighborhood.  The protesters chant in front of Uncle Ike’s with a heavy police presence “What stops here?!” and “Displacement stops here!”.

The one thing that I pointed out in the conversation that I found very ironic, is that one of Uncle Ike’s star employees, Jared Allaway has been very vocal about how pretty much “everything is racist”, and especially anyone who doesn’t agree with him.   It is the typical liberal tactic of “virtue signaling” basically which comes down to “I fight against _______ (fill in the blank with, whatever evil people or person who you want to villainize), therefore I am on your side and I will be your defender”

Jared Allaway Safer Racism Cartoon

Jared Allaway Safer Racism Cartoon

I have written about Jared’s internet war on both racism and prohibition.  Which in many ways he and I share the same views, and we have even worked together.   However in regard to calling everything “racist” that you disagree with, that is a weak approach.   I documented the history that I have with Jared Allaway here:   http://clovistribe.com/tag/jared-allaway/

I am sure that Jared Allaway would agree that neither Ian Eisenberg or Uncle Ike’s the corporation have any racial intentions.   But even he would have to admit (being that he is typically a reasonable person), that it is ironic, how social justice warriors like himself call just about everything and everyone “racist”, and now more than 500 protesters have been going to Uncle Ike’s to protest how even they are racist.

This is the sort of victimization that people play into in this world.  As if they have no control over their destiny, and that everything that happens to them is “racist”.

I have recently made a video on this setback that people place upon themselves, where Ben Shapiro addresses Black Lives Matter leaders with this logic of “how can everything that holds you down, be considered racism, even when there is no evidence of racism”  Reference:   Black Lives Matters Now and Then – Ben Shapiro and Marcus Garvey

Do I believe Uncle Ike’s is racist?  No I have no evidence of that.  In fact, even on Ian Eisenberg’s personal facebook page, and corporate facebook page, they have been going out of their way to signal that they support every possible oppressed group under the sun, with post after post about “We support _____” (fill in the blank)  and “Special group day for _____ (fill in the blank) afflicted group”.

I do believe that the activists who are using racist language and anti-semetic language against the owner of Uncle Ike’s are way out of line, and are using tactics against other people, which I am sure they would not wished used against themselves.  The BLM and other protesters who are using fear, intimidation and racist language are not doing themselves any favors, because if they can justify using these tactics, then they would lose the moral high ground and would be hypocrites when someone uses the same tactics against these protesters.

I did also note in the conversation how I thought it was incredibly ironic how other people in corner of these monopolistic I-502 stores, such as Russ Belville have condemned very non-racist people as “Nazi’s” during the campaign for I-502, simply for not agreeing with him on the issue.

Calling Russ Belville Out – The I-502 Challenge and comparing activists to Nazi War Criminals

Russ Belville needs his own meme for virtue signalling, as he uses the race card more than any activist that I have ever met!  (.. coming soon)

References to an article that I wrote years ago about the “Numbers behind the racist drug war”

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