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The Rich and the Poor working together for a better future

I often hear about how “the rich pay no taxes, and those on the bottom pay all of the taxes”, and some people, especially so-called “progressives” vilify “the rich”, and talk about how their only motivation is to victimize the poor.  I get upset, knowing that it is those on the top are the ones that pay 97% of all of the income taxes, that those on the bottom use for survival in a lot of cases.

As I point out in my video, in 1913 our government who at the time all 3 branches were controlled by “progressives” including the so-called “father of progressivism” Woodrow Wilson who was president at the time, sold our treasury to a private banking system with no public accountability, in order to get elected, so that he and other progressives could push their utopian society on us with freebies and handouts for just about anyone who asks (including the wealthy).   This type of government intervention caused the wealthy in this country to be taxed at 94% by 1944, and this is when we saw a lot of wealth and jobs leave for other tax structures that favored their business.   We were #1 in the world for manufacturing at one time, and then the federal government started penalizing wealth, which in turn forced businesses to take their manufacturing plants to mostly Asian countries, as well as South American countries.

Now with all of our lost jobs, we can and do point to the rich and say “they don’t pay a living wage”, or “they are so greedy, they took their jobs overseas to save money”.   But we are not looking at the root cause of the problem, just the reaction to the cause.   The cause of the problem is government intervention, the reaction is jobs going over seas to shelter wealth from government theft.

We need to include the wealthy at the table, and we need to sit down and discuss with all stake holders, how to get our country back to our former glory.
We have been there before, so we know it’s possible to have a strong middle class, and lots of jobs and exports.   Prior to this “progressive revolution” we had that.   But after the “progressive revolution” we only have debt and government handouts.  We are not the economic force that we use to be in the world, and in my opinion that is a major national security risk.

No nation in the world has carried the debt that our nation is carrying.   Eventually it is going to break our backs, and then what?

It is my opinion that we need to stop vilifying the rich, and start including them as friends, and neighbors, and fellow Americans.

Video: The Rich and the Poor working together for a better future

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