Maine legislators kill two pro-legalization bills in one week

While the legislature has made sense on the most important aspect of the cannabis plant, it looks as if though Maine has become un-smart on the other benefits of the plant. In just one week the Maine legislature… Read More

Maine finally legalizes hemp!

Maine finally legalizes hemp when the legislature overrides governor’s veto. Since the second World War, Hemp has not been grown legally on American soil for commercial purposes.   With a change in Maine law via LD4 in the… Read More

Seattle Pridefest Open Carry

Gay Open Carry Activists – Happy ending

I typically do not use the two terms “Gay Activists” and “Happy Ending” in the same title, or in the same sentence.  But in this case it is appropriate. Several days ago, I wrote about the Gay Open Carry… Read More

Capital City Pride and their discrimination

I watched a video tonight of “Capital Pride” in Olympia Washington, the weekend of June 20th 2015.  What I saw surprised even myself. I have a gay cousin, and she is a concealed carry permit holding gun owner,… Read More


There is no doubt that this man greatly inspired me and taught me things that no one else could. I have been a different person, as if though something is missing, since he passed away in 2008. What… Read More

Have the two main US political parties switched platforms?

When I have debated or conversed with liberals in the last 10 years, I have often reminded them what has bankrupted our country, and it has a lot to do with how their policies and political platforms from… Read More

Police Incentive

Civil Rights Violated in Pocatello Idaho – For Immediate Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – A Man’s Civil RIghts Violated in Pocatello Idaho On February 16th 2015 the Pocatello police responded to a call to my house over a situation of assault and battery. A family member came to my… Read More

Thompson Family 2015


On February 16th 2015 A man gets charges for defending his family in Pocatello Idaho, when he is attacked at his home by another man. Ryan Thompson was assaulted in his home after telling a family member to… Read More

Website host Ross Ulbricht gets life in prison

The Ross Ulbricht case that has created international headlines for almost 2 years now, since he was arrested in San Francisco for being the operator of the Silk Road marketplace has just came to a head last Friday… Read More