Viability of an eco-fiendly fuel like hemp diesel – Maine Legalizes Industrial Hemp farming

With all of the many thousands of oil spoils, and now the fracking that is causing so many health problems. My solution to this is;    A company that my wife and I are starting, to utilize… Read More

NSA Security and Suveillance

Privacy issues and a Tech Info Update on the TOR

After reading a few articles on this subject, after watching the big trial for Ross Ulbricht and the Tor network site “Silk Road”, I have started to research the layers of the onion, to try to reverse engineer how… Read More

Lie detection technology and activism

I have been researching and writing about this for a lot of years regarding lie detection technology and activism.  The idea that politics and important subjects that are vulnerable to lies and deception, could potentially be sorted out… Read More

white pride vs black pride

Racism in the USA revisited – What is racism?

Skins and Punks Everywhere Against Racism

government won't fix itself

Passive arm-chair activism vs. Actual activism

For all of my life I have been active in one cause or another.  Whatever had churned my heart.  When my heart strings are pulled on an issue, I typically pour my entire self into the endeavor.  … Read More

NSA Bulk Surveillance deemed illegal

This is just fantastic news. Just saw this in the newspaper yesterday.  NSA Bulk Surveillance deemed illegal the 2nd court of appeals decides! I couldn’t be more happy. —- I am however always on the defensive… Read More

Earn Spendable Points At xCannabis

Earn points for the following; Posting a new topic = 10 cannabits Commenting on a post = 1 cannabit Watching certain videos = 5 cannabits Clicking certain links = 1 cannabit Clicking on certain links = 1 cannabit Daily… Read More

Starting a cannabis business in 2015

This is a basic overview of starting a cannabis business in 2015. The “Green Rush” is on.  Many states have already changed their cannabis laws in favor of retail and commercial productivity.  Many states are currently working on… Read More

hammer tobeco vape

Giveaway June2015 – Hammer Vaporize Mod

xCannabis is giving away one mechanical vaporizer mod!! “The Hammer Mod” by Tobeco   The retail value is $65.  This is just for the mod, and no additional accessories (battery, RDA/Tank, Charger, sold separately) To enter the drawing,… Read More

Emerald See Hemp Eiquid

So I go in to a headshop today, and freak one of the locals out

So just for the record.  I ALWAYS talk about Hemp.  I have many motives, many reasons, just like about everyone in the world with a head on their shoulder. But let me explain something to you.  I would… Read More