News from the DOJ regarding a new marijuana policy (again)

We have heard it before.   The Ogden memo released in 2009 was supposed to give a clear path to medical marijuana dispensers to enjoy the state laws that protect their services.   In June 2011 that instruction was reversed,… Read More

Why is the left so silent about Obama’s wars, both foreign and domestic?

I am so tired of hearing the far left liberals launch constant attacks and leverage intense blame on their ‘enemies’. I hear from so many of these same liberals their excuses for attacking conservatives and libertarians, by claiming… Read More

NJ Weedman Jury Nullification

NJ Weedman gets his medicine by mail (Cannabis delivery)

I have been following NJ Weedman lately again.  It has been a few months since I have paid much attention to anything but healing from my accident.  But I have watched NJ Weedman as he has been getting… Read More

End Prohibition Nullify Dumb Laws

Is Cannabis Prohibition Constitutional ? Nullifying dumb laws

In the case of The USA vs. Timothy Leary in 1969, Timothy Leary fought the law, and NULLIFIED prohibition on a FEDERAL LEVEL based on prohibition being unconstitutional. Learn more about this from a broadcast that I did… Read More

Hempfest extinguishes free speech due to corporate interests

Hempfest Extinguishes Free Speech

Kristin Flor

Returning to Richard Flor’s death while in federal custody – highlighting Obama’s MMJ policies

I have been posting a lot on Obama’s broken promises regarding medical marijuana, and marijuana in general. In a post from a few days ago, I noted how President Obama has racked up more than 8000% (yes, eight… Read More

Passive Aggressive Activism

I have participated in all kinds of approaches to activism over the years.   Mostly anything to do with giving freedom and liberty to people.   I started out with the “it’s my body, I’ll do what I want” as… Read More

Roger Christie will be allowed to use religious defense in court

After three years in a federal detention without bail for the alleged crime of cultivation and distribution of cannabis, it has been decided that Roger Christie and his wife Share Christie will be able to use their religious… Read More

DEA raids in Western Washington

Real Legalization I-584 in Washington

After many initiatives to “legalize” in Washington, they finally have a version of “legalization” that has passed the voters approval. Initiative I-502 has according to many “legalized” cannabis in Washington. The definition of “legalize” 1. (Law) to make… Read More

Texas to succeed

Governor Rick Perry talks about succession

Interesting take on states rights, and 10th Amendment discussion. This type of assertion from a state governor, is highly important especially to those who are in the medical marijuana community and those in states who have “legalized” cannabis…. Read More