Lets repeal the first amendment to stop the racist tea party comments about Obama

Yesterday I was musing on how citizens initiatives get passed, things like I-502 which are so terribly negative in ending cannabis prohibition in the USA. After my blog post, I got reading more about Mark Dice, and he… Read More

How laws get passed at a citizen level, Mandatory euthanasia for seniors

I have been debating with others and also considering myself how stupid laws like I-502 gets passed at a citizen level. Pondering this has made me sharply reconsider my support for ‘direct democracy’ or things like the “National… Read More

Socialism or Capitalism for the next election

I am going to pretend for a moment that we actually have a choice in our elections, and that our economy is not controlled by a 1000 year old monarchy.  I am going to pretend that the central… Read More

The numbers behind the racist drug war

The number of arrests compared to whites and blacks are 10 to 1 arresting far more blacks than whites, despite that both demographics use about the same amount of drugs.

Lindsey Rinehart

Idaho is a tough gig, it is absolutely terrorizing when you are an activist with children

I am rebroadcasting a message of the Rinehart family who are in Boise and have suffered at the wrong end of politics and prohibition. Please read the article at this link, or read below. We encourage our audience… Read More

DEA raids in Western Washington

Several dispensaries in Western Washington State being raided right now

There have been many recent intrusions upon patient’s rights and access points in Western Washington this week. I have confirmed reports of two Medical cannabis farmer market’s being closed down, surrounded by some suspicious internal cannabis community politics…. Read More

Hemp Dome Plans

Building a dome home at home (hemp dome)

I had posted this at Sensi Life awhile back (January 2013) and before  that we made  www.hempdome.com in 2010 (still rebuilding it). Seeing that this is good information and that I spent a lot of time on this. … Read More

Self Defense laws being threatened

There have been a lot of stories that have been blasted in all of our main stream media sources and in our government as of late. Never has there been a time in my life or in the… Read More

Nelson Mandela is 95 today, July 18th 2013

  “Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela is a South African anti-apartheid revolutionary and politician who served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999. Born: July 18, 1918 (age 95), Mvezo, South Africa” It’s obvious the contributions that Nelson… Read More

The Party of Slavery US Politics in the 20th and 21st Century

For several years I have been debating with people about the Federal Reserve (Central Banking System) in the USA. Ever since I learned more about it by watching the Republican presidential debates with Ron Paul in the 2008… Read More