Gun Control 2012 with Reverend Ryan December 23rd 2012

I have had this conversation over and over and over.  In my whole life I have never owned a gun.  I have fired guns, but I have never taken a gun home with me, purchased a gun, or… Read More

Appeals Court Sides with Spokane Dispensary owner Scott Shupe

Spokane Medical Marijuana provider Scott Shupe was charged with drug trafficking in relationship with his business “CHANGE”.  CHANGE located itself only blocks from the police department, in a nicely located, commercial/retail building which was very out in the… Read More

Will Utah lose tourism money now that Colorado legalized cannabis?

There has been an ongoing tourism battle of who in fact has the better snow experience between the two sides of the Rocky mountains. I have personally lived in Utah and I lived in Colorado. I grew up… Read More

Seasons Greetings December 18th Lots of updates

Warmest greetings. Ive been terribly sick with a cold.  I am feeling a lot better now.  But the symptoms including a massive headache were terrible.  I made this video after I got off work this morning. It was… Read More

Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Lisa Steed fired

This corrupt officer as well as many others are issuing false DUI tickets around our humbled and broken country. You can read more at this link: The reason that this is so irritating to me, not only… Read More

PLEDGE: Cannabis Cures Cancer Awareness Week

It is a known fact that cannabis cures cancer.  This is why we are introducing Cannabis Cures Cancer Awareness Week.  The last week in December is Cannabis Cures Cancer Awareness Week. Please see this for more information. You… Read More