Watching the RNC without Ron Paul is looking at a cereal bowl of cynanide

I am watching the RNC right now, and I am terrified.  They blocked Ron Paul delegates, they forced them to vote Mitt Romney or lose their delegate seat. Without Ron Paul, watching the RNC is like looking at… Read More

How is Washington’s I-502 worse than California’s recent SB 1449 decriminalization bill?

How is Washingtons I-502 worse than California’s recent SB 1449 decriminalization bill? I mentioned SB 1449 in this video where California just decriminalized cannabis last year, but did not introduce any new DUI provisions to replace it.   SB1449… Read More

How to fund an initiative without money?

I have just completed a blog post about what bitcoin is, and how it differs from standard currency used in today’s markets that are typically controlled by a central bank or a central government. Where as bitcoin is… Read More

About the standard of currency and the alternatives

For the last decade or so I have been researching the prices of alternative currencies to the United States Federal Reserve dollar  (USD).  I have researched gold and silver and in the last two years I have been… Read More

Boycott vs. Buycott – Boycott the boycotts!

Recently after the Chick-Fil-A president said that he believes in the Bible, there was a whirlwind of gay and ultra liberal activist calling for a boycott of Chick-Fil-A. “Dan Cathy believes in the Bible, so he is against… Read More

HempFest 2012 Protesteval

There was a lot of emotion at Hempfest this year.  There are several initiatives that were collecting signatures, there was also two camps that were there to represent for one side or the other on I-502.  In fact… Read More

Independent Review of Washington’s I-502 by state Libertarians

Independent Review, Washington’s I-502, state Libertarians

Ad Hominen debate, or factual debate?

I have been involved with discussing these issues for 4 years on a regular basis, and 20 years on a personal level ever since getting arrested for cannabis for my first time at age 17, and 2 times… Read More

The Great I-502 debate at HempFest 2012

This is the great debate about I-502 at HempFest 2012.   It was in fact one of the best debates that I have ever heard. I could have done without having to hear Steve Elliot, he has been so… Read More

Why in 75 years has the ACLU never supported a cannabis legalization initiative?

Why in 75 years has the ACLU never supported a cannabis