Response to Russ Belville about gun control laws

Response to Russ Belville about gun control laws. Russ Belville’s article calls for a discussion on this topic. I am here to oblige. I think that proposing that any MORE gun control laws are necessary or good for… Read More

Mob Mentality over Dan Cathy’s philisophical beliefs on marriage

How lame can people be. Boycotting an entire organization over a philosophical world view that is held by over 6 billion people in the world. Are these people going to boycott every business and every person who supports… Read More

EPA vs. States Rights and Property Rights

Is the EPA the savior of this amazing ecosytem, or stepping on states rights (or both)? And, for the first time Im torn on an issue like this in a very long time. Usually its states rights as… Read More

Mormon Empire – Business Week July 2012 edition

Business week continues a conversation that I have been on most of my life and since leaving the LDS religion myself. My entire family with few exceptions are Mormons, so leaving the Mormon church was a difficult choice… Read More

The effects of ADHD and Prescription ADHD Medication and the alternatives

Stimulant drugs are prescribed by the millions to young children and creates some devastating effect. See the videos contained in this vlog that explain the problem facing the USA’s youth as well as youth around the world.… Read More

So you’re a republican who worships Jesus, tell me..

  But when you compare socialism to Jesus (like this image does). Do you really know the difference? Socialism means state enforced and forced charity With Jesus he taught free will, and he never asked anyone for tithing… Read More

Why I won’t support Barack Obama or Mitt Romney – Ron Paul or bust!

Romney and Obama are both sold out to big corporations (pretty much the same exact people who sponsor one, also sponsors the other’s campaign) I posted this on facebook.  But I wanted to repost it, because I have… Read More