Protecting children from the cannabis/marijuana economy I-1215

Relating to – Protecting children from the cannabis/marijuana economy I-1215 More info @ Some things to note.   This initiative is IMHO from a first time read, a good thing over all.  A bit of a compromise in… Read More

Ron Paul with record crowds in Illinois

Wednesday, March 14, 2012 7:00 p.m. Ron Paul Campus Town Hall Meeting University of Illinois – George Huff Hall* 1206 South Fourth Street Champaign, IL 61820

Family and priorities

In my activism/life, half of it was when I was not married and did not have kids. Most of that was not very effective or focused. As a married man with some wonderful responsibilities, I am more focused… Read More

Ron Paul Speech To National Organization For The Reform Of Marijuana Laws Or NORML (1988)

Ron Paul Speech To National Organization For The Reform Of Marijuana Laws Or NORML (1988) June 17, 1988 NORML

CA AB 2552 – DUI provisions becoming a major trend

Less than a month ago (Feb 17th) NORML endorsed I-502 officially. Shortly after that two more states jumped on the bandwagon in a away. These two states jumping on the bandwagon are only jumping on to the DUID… Read More

Legalization debate at the Baker Institute Russ Belville and Kevin Sabet

Russ Belville, Outreach Coordinator, National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws Kevin A. Sabet, Ph.D., Former Senior Adviser, White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (2009-2011); Assistant Professor, Division of Addiction Medicine, University of Florida College… Read More

The War On Drugs Have Failed – The Baker Institute Debate – Russ Belville and Kevin Sabet

THE WAR ON DRUGS HAS FAILED. Marijuana Russ is a fine speaker. Im fond of his style. One thing that was not at all necessary to make a joke about (as it alienates and pushes away) the Ron… Read More

Police state: Police use social networking to track and find crimes

In the rise of the information age, police are getting savvy to your personal data. Search warrants are being obtained and people are getting charged with crimes, based on information found on social networking sites. See this video:… Read More

Is Initiative 502 in Washington REALLY legalizing marijuana? – Logical Fallacy

There are 12 states already that have decriminalized marijuana to some extent. This means you don’t get a criminal record, you don’t go to jail, and you don’t get blood drawn for possessing less than a certain amount,… Read More

NORML’s AbNORMAL endorsements for 2012

There has been plenty of controversy lately with NORML’s recent endorsement of I-502. But lets look at their endorsement for president this year. It seems that NORML had been endorsing fairly senseless causes all along.  I am not… Read More