Adam Vs. the Man Lessons in Liberty being interviewed by children

Filmed at the Ron Paul headquarters in Norman, Oklahoma. From their Mother: Our daughters & their best friend recently interviewed Iraq War Veteran, Adam Kokesh. Adam is currently the Anchor of “Adam VS The Man” Internet Show…. Read More

Iowa GOP to Count Caucus Votes in SECRET location !

Iowa GOP to Count Caucus Votes in SECRET location ! HERE’S THE IOWA GOP’s PHONE# 515-282-8105 & FAX# 515-282-8105. The GOP does not want Ron Paul to win this caucus, they will do ANYTHING to prevent this!… Read More

National Defense Authorization Act The Roger Christie Test Run

It has been long over a year now and Roger Christie is still locked up with no bail, trying to prepare for a trial while behind bars for a victimless crime. To me this type of imprisonment without… Read More

Medical Marijuana patient is on hunger strike facing trial in Colfax WA – Tyler J Markwart

The Defendant Tyler J Markwart has initiated a hunger strike as of Midnight December 4th, 2011 in the Medical Marijuana case of Washington State vs Tyler J Markwart…trial starts December 12th at 9am in Colfax, WA. Please call… Read More