Not giving someone a fair shake?

In regards to my interview with William West of “The Weedly News” on July 7th 2011: I sent an email out to 3 people that are related to the Cannabis Medical community in San Diego. I have… Read More

Wise words from Ronald Reagan regarding socialism via socialized medicine

Wise words from Ronald Reagan regarding socialism via socialized medicine. Socialism in socialized medicine does not exclude cannabis, and lately we have saw some strange events within the medicalization of marijuana. There are a lot of things that… Read More

Social Security is slavery, I just want the FREEDOM to opt out!

I don’t think that anyone is proposing taking grandma’s hard earned social security away from her, but the time now is to realize that there is no money in the social security fund, the country is becoming insolvent… Read More

The cannabis community to unite with Ron Paul and end the drug war once and for all!

Support Ron Paul, as he is our only hope presently for ending the Federal Reserve, for ending the drug war, and for bringing our troops home. (Ron Paul has the most enthusiastic supporters! ) So many people… Read More

Happy Trails Steve Jobs — February 24, 1955 — October 5, 2011

Steve Jobs dies at age 56, after innovating the world of microprocessors, computer operating system, and inspiring all future generations for computer software. Steve Jobs had been battled pancreatic cancer since 2004 and had surgery which was thought… Read More