Stoners Against Legalization OR Voters Against More Prohibitions

In a recent “Radical Rant” from Radical Russ Belville of NORML, Russ shuns the people who are opposed to initiatives like I-502 in Washington. I explained my reasoning for opposing this very negative piece of legislation. RE:… Read More

NORML Live August 18th 2011 – Sensible Washington and NAW

This was a good chat right before Hempfest.  Russ Belville interviews Doug Hiatt and Alison Holcomb. I loved the interview, and the points that everyone made,especially Doug. The only thing I hoped for more of, or ANY… Read More

Memories from one of my favorite Hempfest’s (2008) And news about 2011 Hempfest

This is some video from my favorite Hemp Fest 2008, I got several different speakers, but one of my favorites STILL (even though he supports NAW).  Rick Steves! Part 2: Here are some of my favorite Washington… Read More

Hempfest this weekend! Happy 20th Anniversary!

I can’t say just how fond I am of Hempfest. Ive been taking my kids to hempfest since they were babies. This is the 20th Anniversary of Hempfest, and we are sad that we can’t be there!  Our… Read More