Sensi Life Radio show June 30th 2011

Sensi Life Radio’s report on 6/30/2011 The intro is a mix of a Timothy Leary speech titled “Reality is an opinion” and Soldiers of Jah Army “Don’t Know Me” We are taking live call-ins on the show # … Read More

Good news about full legalization of cannabis in the USA June 2011

Lots of great news to report in regards to the full legalization of cannabis in the USA. Sensible Washington is paying signature gatherers Ron Paul and Barney Frank introducing a FULL legalization bill in congress Moving forward with… Read More

Sensible Washington announced that are PAYING petitioners!

From the Sensible Washington Facebook Wall: “We’re happy to announce the ability to pay signature gatherers going forward! Anyone who sends or hands in signatures before July 5th will be able to receive $.10 per valid signature if… Read More

To reschedule or to unschedule cannabis

reschedule or to unschedule cannabis

A new approach to decriminalization of cannabis in Washington for 2012

I read in the Stranger that there is a new group and a new initiative for legalization in Washington for 2012. Honestly I don’t like the sounds of it, because it put cannabis in the hands of the… Read More

Jesse Ventura’s amazing speech on elections and politics 2009

Jesse Ventura’s amazing speech on elections and politics 2009. I love what he quoted from Jerry Garcia “if you are made to pick the lesser of two evil, you’re still choosing evil”. The more I hear him speak… Read More

Descent in possibility, limitations from negative culture control

I grew up in a very “socially conservative” or as I call it “constipated” community in Utah.  Most of Utah is that way with a few exceptions.  I was a kid growing up in Utah that was frustrated… Read More

Doug Hiatt with a solid message about I-1149

I watched a video Doug Hiatt speaking about the final weeks of signature collection for I-1149. Doug’s message is simple, powerful and true.  We ALL have the power in a people’s initiative.  We all are leaders!  We are… Read More

Second response to Keith Stroup about Cannabis and Religion

Reply To NORML’s Keith Stroup on Religious Use of Cannabis v2 I have made two of these in the last week because Keith has released two broadcasts on this subject, and I think he is misrepresenting or misunderstanding… Read More

Another case of mob mentality Vancouver riots

I think it is ironic how in a time where I am very critical of mob mentality, lobby’s and group thinking, that this riot would happen during something as petty as a hockey game!  Seriously, a hocky game?… Read More