Mob mentality, religion, activism, politics. Its all the same

In all of my years of life, I have learned one basic fact.  That there is very little that can be accomplished in bureaucracy. When a group say “We represent all of this, or all of that” is… Read More

Governor Gregoire vetos the protections that patients used to have, by keeping the negative parts (SB 5073)

The end result of what so many so-called activists were supporting in Washington in regards to SB 5073 is that now patients have less rights than they had under RCW 69.51a. For 13 years doctors have had exclusive… Read More

Raids in Spokane

I am on the road, and I haven’t gotten a lot of details.  But I have confirmed that many dispensaries have been raided in Spokane today. I have heard something between 4 and 30 dispensaries were targeted.  If… Read More

Pot Pundit or Freedom Activist?

Someone recently called me a “pot pundit”.   Which I thought.  Hmmm. But then they said “like Glen Beck”.  Then I thought.  Wow! The only thing Glen Beck and I have in common is Mormonism, but thats something that… Read More

Fare thee well, Rev Ryan from Washington

This is a few of the concerns that I have currently in Washington.  I am still a resident and I plan on coming back. So first of all I wanted to post this about SB 5073 from April… Read More

A breath of fresh air from NORML with Douglas Hiatt at NORMLcon 2011

This is a big breath of fresh air from NORML.  I have always enjoyed listening to Douglas Hiatt. You will hear Allen St. Pierre, then Ethan Nadelmann, and then Douglas Hiatt. This is the most I have heard… Read More

NJWeedman on Jury Nullification

I am glad to hear so much about this.  As of recently two people that I highly respect, Barry Cooper of Kopbusters, and NJWeedman (Edward Forcion) are talking about – jury nullification -. Jury nullification occurs in a… Read More

Some 420 messages

I would like to encourage everyone to continue to the love and kinship of 420. I was very impressed with the community togetherness today every where I went in Spokane. I took my family with me to visit… Read More

Happy 420!!!

This is whats going on tomorrow! Lots on the table so see the calendar for the best details. 4/20 state wide! If you are in to getting signatures and securing your cannabis freedom in Washington state. Then hit… Read More

About the downfall of SB 5073

The thing that is better about our current law, is that the doctor rights are preserved and SB 5073 won’t be hacking out the protections that doctors have. SB 5073 in Section 301 even AFTER Cody’s amendment, still… Read More