Spokane is rocking signatures

We have been so amazingly blessed in Spokane by so many volunteers! Today we got 11 more full sheets of signatures from volunteers, to add to 7 sheets that we got the day before from a couple of… Read More

sensible washington raffle

East Side Sensible Washington petition contest for April

Whoever gets 100 sheets full of valid signatures (meaning all information must be correct, such as signed in the right place, the correct abbreviation for county, no duplicates, etc) we will give each of the volunteers (the first… Read More

There is a price for freedom, it’s called responsibility.

Recently I made a decision to start meeting about faith and teaching about my prospective on the universe and the creator. I have no formal training and I have no plans to make a formal religion.  But I… Read More

Returning petitions

When you collect a full sheet of signatures, or even if its not completely full but you want to turn in what you have collected, our recommendation is one of two things. 1.  Return them yourself via postal… Read More

How will I-1149 put people back to work?

We are volunteering to help push through I-1149 in Washington state, and we believe that it will put many people back to work. We had a question from a Craiglist reader about “How”. I think there are many… Read More

House Rules for xCannabis meetings

I think there should be ground rules when you come into someone’s house. I have been through this in the past at our volunteer meetings, and I will go over it again. We have meetings in Spokane at… Read More

Medical Marijuana in Washington revised (SB 5073)

There are good things about this bill, and there are bad things still. The senate has made many adjustments to this bill many of which still hurts patients, doctors and providers. For example Section 301 still says: (iv)… Read More

Sensible Washington message from Doug Hiatt

This is a call to action for I-1149 from Doug Hiatt of Sensible Washington


I hear a lot about how people should represent the cause well and I agree. First of all we have a lot of issues in our community, and legalization won’t solve all of them. However it is commonly… Read More

My deepest apologies

When people get in “senior” positions in whatever field or position in life that they are in, it becomes more and more a part of a persons life. It almost seems like the position and the person become… Read More