Marijuana Radio – Sign of the division

I have been doing a lot of radio shows recently about unity.  I have been more concerned than ever about the division in the cannabis community than ever before the past year, so I have decided to start… Read More

Radio updates and other stuff

xCannabis Radio is changing formats and times a little bit.   Since we are new to this, we are in the “Beta” stages at best, more like Alpha. But we are making progress and we are finding that BlogTalkRadio… Read More

Jury Nullification or Mutiny?

I have heard a lot about this from former drug enforcement officer Barry Cooper, it’s called jury nullification.  This is proof that it works!  If the people of the jury refuse to pass judgment, deal sealed.  Prohibition is… Read More

What : Pat Robertson endorses legalization!

I have been a Christian for over 10 years, and in all of those years of fervor for the Lord I have not considered Pat Robertson one of my spiritual leaders. But millions do consider him someone who… Read More

1-5 Billboard for Sensible WA near Fife

Mile marker 138 near Fife WA  (north and south) Thanks to generous donations from two Sensible Washington volunteers and support and cooperation of the billboard company, Gotcha Covered Media (thank you!), we now have North- and South-facing billboards… Read More

The Healing of the Nations

My message / to the President about religious freedom. President Obama this also applies to cannabis sacrament, an ancient religious component for many ancient rituals and spiritual healing oils. I hope that President Obama has watched this video… Read More

xCannabis Sunday Church

This is our regular weekly church session. Good tunes and good scripture lessons. Sunday Cannabis Church with Reverend Ryan This week’s sermon is about personal responsibility. Psalm 127 A song of ascents. Of Solomon. 1 Unless the LORD… Read More

Roots, Rockin Reggae show w Pastor Ray Christl

On today’s show we plan on doing a little more talking than playing reggae hits.  We have a special guest that may call in, Pastor Ray Christl who can talk in depth about the rasta experience in Jamaica… Read More

December updates 2010

We have put together a few weekly shows on blogtalkradio:     You can listen via phone call, or via the internet> Sunday’s at 8am PST, and Saturday’s at 4pm PST. We also encourage people to listen to the… Read More

Athiests point of view on Christianity at Hempfest

I found this video on the net today and the topic is very key to Christians and non-Christians to get a long. So many non-Christians attack Christianity on the basis of the Old Testament.   But Christians do not… Read More