If all of the stoners in the world has as much balls as Zach Galifianakis

If all of the stoners in the world has as much balls as Zach Galifianakis, we’d already have our freedom! Zach Galifianakis fires up a real joint on the Bill Maher show in support of Proposition 19 in… Read More

Happy Halloween and PLEASE vote Yes on Prop 19

Please consider the great benefits of a cannabis nation. Hemp, medicine, taxes, jobs and less expense on enforcement! Think of what we could do with the 77 Billion or so bucks we’ll save every year.  Maybe it will… Read More

Important updates for October / November

This is a historical time of our world.   I have some important updates, please pass along these references to people you know! #1. If you are in Cali, VOTE YES ON PROP 19. Sorry about the caps. This… Read More

Old Testament vs. New Testament

This is most certainly a cannabis blog.  But it started out as “Christians for Cannabis” and I am an ordained minister who has been intensively studying my faith for 11 years. One thing that constantly comes up in… Read More

The minds of the drug war

Some times it’s hard to figure some people out.  Why do they feel this way?  What motivates them to say that? WTF?? Well I found a book called   “The Secret Language of Birthdays“.  I have been reading out… Read More

Yes on 19, No to Cartels

A random facebook message that came to my inbox Adam Walsh October 24 at 2:38pm Report Hey I saw you support Prop 19.Just letting people know that it will actually make pot more illegal. Swartzeneger just made possession… Read More

Peter Tosh – Yes on Proposition 19

This was my very first reggae album, on cassette that I ever bought. I remember listening to this album from age 17 until that tape died a coupleof years later. My plea to California! LEGALIZE IT And I… Read More

Cannabis Cures Cancer

Cannabis Cures Cancer

Second post for SpringvilleOnline.com

This is Reverend Ryan reporting that I have a new project.  I’ve been working on a small town website that I have been able to post memories, and pictures, as well as articles about recent happenings.  I have… Read More

United we stand, divided we fall

This is a strange vibe found in just about every social group that illegal or near illegal drugs are a focal point. When in Utah this week I got a call from an old friend, that I used… Read More