Reverend Ryan – What does Rasta mean (to me)

I have a unique personal story of how I came to love Rasta and the Ethiopian culture. I have listened to reggae music for many years, but in 2000 I had my membership terminated with the LDS church… Read More

Nothin but love

In the past year or so that I have been getting closer and more friendly with different legalization groups and activists there have been some disagreements that have taken place.  On more than one occassion there have been… Read More

Utah 3rd annual hempfest Sept 29th 2010

This is an announcement to those living behind the Zion Curtain.  The 3rd annual hempfest in Utah is coming up at the UofU. September 29th 2010 Facebook group < FREEDOM!!

Legalization opponent gets stung by prohibition

“Paul E. Ellis, 52, was described by detectives as eager and talkative when they approached him at his dispensary, Med Mar Dis, at 7604 E. Sprague Ave., last month. He showed them his marijuana, explained how he tracks… Read More

There is no money in curing cancer

People are amazed that I would claim “cannabis cures cancer“, for example one of the reasons I get is “if cannabis truly cured cancer, it would be used in medicine”. Watch this video to figure out WHY curing… Read More

“Prince of Pot” Marc Emery To Be Sentenced Friday, September 10

“Prince of Pot” Marc Emery To Be Sentenced Friday, September 10 CANNABIS CULTURE – Marc Scott Emery, the leader of the BC Marijuana Party and well-known marijuana activist and businessman, will be sentenced in a US Federal… Read More

Sometimes a loss is personal victory

After being put through my first court case where I knew without a doubt that I was right, and was completely innocent of all accusations. It has been over 13 years since I was arrested for anything mind… Read More

Hillyard HIppie Happening, Spokane .. Sept 11 2010

We are going to the Hillyard Hippie Happening and we will have a booth. We have dozens of unique tie dye shirts, several unique screen printed shirts with our arts, and many many hemp items including our very… Read More

Conservatives on legalization

Just as the title says. Conservatives in favor of legalization? THIS is conservative!

YouTube hunting, Is Hemp like Marijuana?

I thought that this very plain and truthful video would be of value to those still learning about hemp and marijuana. Same plant, way different breeds.  You can’t get high from smoked hemp (or otherwise), its humanly impossible!… Read More