Police have to use deceit to arrest small time pot buyers (less than $25 worth)

John Stossel interviews Detroit’s police chief Jerry Oliver who points out that since the dealing of drugs is between willing buyers and sellers, the War on Drugs forces cops to use deceit to catch those dealing drugs. Despite… Read More

Ron Paul Legalize

Ron Paul – Legalize all drugs

This is from last year, but it’s a goodie.  Ron Paul says legalize all drugs!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpgWAAmVwDM

How harmful is marijuana?

I often get anecdotes from people “well even if you can’t die from marijuana, it does cause car accidents”. I have to revisit this topic, because that anecdote leads to a good point. To the best of my… Read More

Cannabis and how humans were made to process cannabis

Cannabis only effects humans because we have been built with cannabinoid receptors. We are not effected the same way that cats are effected by ingesting cat-nip, because we were not built with the same receptors in the brain… Read More

The United Church of Christ in Vermont adopts resolution challenging drug prohibition

This church has resolved to fight the drug war and end prohibition. This got me all fogged up. What a beautiful thing, Christians acting like Christ and cops acting like the are actually concerned about reducing harm. Visit… Read More

1st Deseret Cannabis Recruitment Membership Drive

1st Deseret Cannabis Recruitment Membership Drive West ogden Park July 24th 2010 6:00pm – 8:00pm To learn more…. Click here Just passing this along from a facebook friend.  Support legal cannabis in Utah!

The arrest of Roger Christie, the end of religious freedom in the USA?

I am astonished that an herb like cannabis that grows from the ground the way that God intended it, and describes it in Genesis 1:29-30, that has no record of ever killing anyone due to toxic side effects… Read More

Utah ex-legislator caught growing weed

Im really grateful that upstanding, kind and compassionate people are standing up for what is right. Fox may have been helping out patients who couldn’t get a prescription in Utah because of theocratic laws and opinions in Utah…. Read More

New advertising opportunities

I am writing about an advertising proposal that I have considered for one of our Emerald Sun n’ company’s sites. The advertiser (to remain un-named for now), is a drug rehab clinic.  The website for this company has… Read More

Montel William speaks about the benefits of marijuana

Montel Williams speaks about the benefits of marijuana vs. very dangerous medication such as aspirin. Marijuana doesn’t kill anyone, aspirin can be sold to anyone and it kills roughly 7500 people a year in the USA. Well, Montel… Read More