Police Watch a new service by SLU2.com

We have set up a new website called “Police Watch @ Sensi Life” URL:  http://policewatch.lounge.slu2.com Would you believe that these people are police? Ya, they look like rioters, but check this link out.  They were in fact police… Read More

Mad Love to Apothecary 509

I can’t say enough good things about John to justify the way I feel about this freedom fighter! Check out Apothecary509.com and tell them Reverend Ryan sent ya! (Kimi did some of the graphics and layout for this… Read More

Adverts for friends

I’ve been meaning to for a long time now do some kind of a story on Herbal Medical Providers in Spokane.  I have been being blessed by their medicine for the last few months, and I am impressed… Read More

Emerald Sun rises again

We have had a few set backs.  Including a move to a new home, plus going to jail in Utah for protesting.  But we are back in the battle, and we are as strong as ever.  We are… Read More

Emerald Sun sending love to the troops

To all of you signature gatherers that spend tireless hours gathering signatures. We sent a care package to Angela Johnson today, and here is what it contains. From EMERALD SUN We sent two complete skateboards, and 10 t-shirts… Read More

Let not the sun go down on your wrath

Ephesians 4:26 Be you angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down on your wrath: So it is written.  This scripture is a more of a recipe for good health.   Anger has wore me out over… Read More

My plea to Utah voters and conscious folks

I have made my pleas to the Utah authorities, and I have some court dates ahead of me for protesting last week. But as I have always done, as it makes more sense to do.  I am reaching… Read More

Plea to Utah authorities

I am a Utah native, I was born there, I went to school there, I opened up my first storefront on Main St. in Springville, and much of my family still lives in Springville Utah.   I visit… Read More

Preaching about cannabis in the Bible on Sunday

This is a sermon that I preached on Main Street in Springville Utah on Sunday June 13th 2010. Again, peacefully exercising my freedom of speech and my freedom of religion. Now this was a sermon, and it was… Read More

Reflecting on why I got arrested in Springville Utah

I have been protesting, and excecising my first amendment rights since I was a teenager.  When I was 18/19 I helped gather signature for I-692 in Washington, and I help fight the Lincoln street bridge project in Spokane… Read More