Sensible Washington Folk Life Festival 2010

From Renata Rollins before Folk Life 2010 This is some of the videos during Folk Life. Thanks to all of you signature gatherers!!! Please support SENSIBLE WASHINGTON and all of the people and businesses who support I-1068!… Read More

Ideas for seattle

Ideas for Seattle: VOTE Who would have guessed, marijuana is in the lead on this poll too. Legalize marijuana and tax it. Currently this has 3,673 votes Expand as much light rail and subway as possible Currently this… Read More

Our plans for legalization

We are involved in many different cannabis related businesses, from dispensary software with Emerald POS, to cannabis themed t-shirts, pipe bags, skateboards and custom patchwork clothing from Emerald Sun Design .  We also blog here at, and… Read More

Emerald Sun is setting

For a short time, Emerald Sun Design Studio is going to be resting. We opened up with much ambition to see laws change in Washington, we have had high hopes of this and we have given away over… Read More

Protesting for Marc Emery

Yesterday was such a blessing.  Even though the weather was yucky, it felt good to be free and to be able to excercise my freedom by holding a sign to end prohibition that said “GROW FREEDOM’ with a… Read More

This is the best argument for legal marijuana I’ve heard

This is Irv Rosenfeld a FEDERAL medical marijuana patient, only one of five left. His argument is for medical marijuana.  But the facts that he sites in this legislative hearing apply to all aspects of human consumption of… Read More

The drug warriors keep up the pressure

Think that the marijuana battle has been won, based on a few victories in 14 states?   Even in those 14 states drug warriors continue to carry out their all out offensive on American citizens, even legal medical patients… Read More

Drug enforcement police seized I-1068 signatures as “evidence”!?

The drug enforcement folks are on the offensive again.  Jeopardizing their jobs, and their slush funds from seized assets doesn’t sit well with big bro. If they are not in total control, they violate our constitutional rights.  How… Read More

Props to Doug Hiatt and Sensible Washington!

Props to the I-1068 people, and to NORML! I know that these folks have been under heavy attack as of late.  A lot of conflicts are arising between the medical market, and the legalization movement. Some good things… Read More

New updates for May 2010

We have had a few pressing issues come up in the last month, including a move to a new location. We have been living in furnished rentals for the past 3 years, and we lived on our yacht… Read More