Updates for Sensible Washington on I-1068

Hello Fabulous Spokane Activists! You’re reading the first weekly volunteer newsletter alerting you to upcoming events that are rich signature-gathering opportunities for us! A campaign coordinator will be on site at every event with extra blank petitions, so… Read More

NORML and I-1068 updates

From: www.WANORML.org I-1068 Petitions Available in Spokane; Neighborhood Canvass Day Planned “What would you do to make that knock at the door go away?” “Would you register to Vote?” “Would you sign I-1068?” Come to the Community Building… Read More

We sold our first skate deck!

Right now is exciting times for us.  We have sold multiple point of sales systems, and that has allowed us to open a business. Also before we have even made any new products, we found out that we… Read More

New video about point of sale and dispensary services

This is a video to replace the one that I posted a few days ago.  Im not dressed as well in this video, and I shot the film on my back porch so it’s a little rustic.  But… Read More

Growing medicine tutorials (favorites)

I have been growing weed off and on all my life since I was 15 years old. I got thrown out of my parents house at a young age for growing weed in their basement. But I was… Read More

xCannabis gets a new studio

We are currently building out a new studio for xCannabis. We have been doing broadcasts out of my home, but the internet signal is weak, and the distractions are many. So with our new office space for Emerald… Read More

New Canna-Business opening it’s doors March 10th in Spokane

Emerald Sun Inc.  “Makers of Green Business Products” is opening it’s doors March 10th 2010. We will have a small get together and introduce our services to anyone interested. We are going to start our business as a… Read More

Initiative 1068 inspired me

In light of Initiative 1068 in Washington, my wife and I had a serious discussion about how we can help most in this aspect. Since we have been needing to move our home office to a different place… Read More

To start a dispensary vs. starting a co-op

We are opening a store front in the near future and I have been faced with a lot of thoughts about how this will work. If we should open a dispensary as in the California style dispensary, or… Read More

Conversation on the plane

On my way back from Denver this morning, the first stop was Salt Lake City.  One of the gents that I sat next to lived in Orem Utah, a place that I once lived. This was our business… Read More