Cannabis Opposition

The debate is alive and well. While an increasing number of Americans indicate support for legalization of marijuana (at least for medical use), it is widely assumed to be the conservative, straight-laced, John Doe citizen who is served… Read More

More Research Needed!

IGNORING THEIR OWN PLEAS FOR RESEARCH How many chances do they need? Since the creation of the federal government’s controlled substances scheduling in the 1970s, designed to regulate potentially harmful drugs, the most common phrase we hear about… Read More

A Prescription To Get High

“A PRESCRIPTION TO GET HIGH” Debunking a popular myth concerning medical cannabis The first time I heard the phrase was on Lou Dobb’s final CNN program episode on November 11, 2009. It wasn’t the first time it was… Read More

Conventional Cannabis Wisdoms

CONVENTIONAL CANNABIS WISDOMS DECADES OLD BELIEFS ARE BEING ADDRESSED BY HARDCORE RESEARCH Conventional wisdom is generally based upon beliefs which have not been thoroughly verified, and reevaluation is necessary before it can be relabeled as fact. There are… Read More

Legal in Louisiana Since 1978!

MEDICAL MARIJUANA: LEGAL IN LOUISIANA SINCE 1978 Wording used in legislation resulted in an ineffective, dormant law By Robert E. Delaney In 1978, the Louisiana Legislature passed H.B. 1187, which allowed physicians to prescribe medical marijuana for patients… Read More

Is Marijuana Legalization Inevitable?

IS MARIJUANA LEGALIZATION INEVITABLE? A LOOK AT THE DEBATE OVER 72 YEARS OF PROHIBITION In 1937, Harry J. Anslinger, chairman of the newly formed Federal Bureau of Narcotics (precursor to today‘s DEA), succeeded in convincing the U.S. Congress… Read More

Does Prohibition Protect Kids?

If a high school student wants beer, liquor, or cigarettes, it can be a difficult challenge. Retailers of alcohol and tobacco are required by law to card customers who look like they may be underage. They face stiff… Read More

Negative Marijuana Anecdotes?

MARIJUANA ANECDOTES Where are all the negative ones? I do a great deal of research on the subject of marijuana. My disability from a pair of failed spinal surgeries and the failure of pharmaceutical drugs to alleviate my… Read More

Merry Christmas

I am currently enjoying a very hempy and merry Christmas.  I wish the same to you and yours. The holiday part of Christmas is enjoyable, even though it’s stressful.   Having kids makes this holiday so much fun! I… Read More

Video: Cannabis for Cancer

I made this video to demonstrate what legalizing cannabis means to me.