Video Blog updates for 10/25/2009 and the Inland Northwest NORML meeting

This is my weekly video vlog for xCannabis. Film of the Inland Northwest NORML meeting for 10/25/2009

California and the Legalization Movement

California and the Legalization Movement Currently in America we have a fragmented system regarding marijuana law enforcement. Most of us live in fear that we will become one of the nearly 900,000 people arrested for marijuana each year with no consideration for… Read More

Thanks to All Who Fight

Back from the Hill My name is Adam, I live in northwestern WA State. I smoke weed nearly every day because I like to get high and according to my girl it helps a lot with my stress and attitude…. Read More

American Drug War Economics

This video touches close to home. I was one of those millions of people who served time, and lost everything for merely possessing (not selling, growing, etc) a HARMLESS plant.

Feds make it clear. Marijuana patients aren’t criminals

Is it true?  Well, Im celebrating anyway.  Where’s my stash?! See this article @ MSN They have said this before, and I truly hope that they have come to the conclusion that the 10th Amendment is… Read More

Pothead Parenting Episode 1

This is Ryan from and this is a new column on our blog that I will be doing regularly. My goal is to make a video and a blog post once a week. But with my busy… Read More

Video from the Provo Utah Marijuana Rally Oct. 12

These are some videos of the marijuana rally in Provo Utah.

Utah Freedom Rallies – Legalize Marijuana

Today October 12th 2009 and tomorrow October 13th 2009 are the xCannabis Freedom Rallies in Utah. In Provo on October 12th at 2pm at Fourth District Court, and in Salt Lake City on October 13th at 2pm at… Read More

Footage from the Protest In Spokane for Dispensaries

This is the footage that I got from the Inland Northwest NORML website from the protest in Spokane regarding the closing of 7 medical marijuana dispensaries in Spokane:

Provo Utah and Salt Lake City Utah Protests : Media Release

Revered Ryan from xCannabis will be holding two rallies in Utah