Last moments of Marc Emery’s Freedom

As the camera man states, this is the death of Canada’s sovereignty. Marc Emery was/is a political target, and the US prohibitionists would stop at nothing to take this man down. Well, they got their wish, but that… Read More

A fight for religious sovereignty

The The Oklevueha Native American Church in Benjamin Utah had to fight for their freedom to practice their spiritual sacrament.   It is well known that Native Americans for thousands of years have used peyote in their religious services,… Read More

xCannabis Updates for September – October 2009

Here are a few updates that you should know about. I will be in Provo Utah, Protesting at the 4th District Court on Monday October 12th 2009 from 2pm to 4:19pm. 125 N 100 W, Provo, UT? View… Read More

Is Reverend Bud speaking prophecy back in the 90’s?

Back in 1991, this brother “Reverend Bud” was on some right wing nut job talk show host (obviously not as successful as some of these guys, but he has all of the key ingredients).   This “Wally George” fella… Read More

The end can also be a new beginning

It has been a sad day today, learning of two sad loses. First of all, as a family shoutout. We lost our cousin today Carlos. Who died at a very young age as a passenger of a car… Read More

Spokane Police Department

My letter to Spokane Police Department on 09/16/2009, I am seriously disappointed in the SPD, and other agencies that felt it necessary to rip legal and necessary medicine from thousands of legally qualified patients in Spokane! Would… Read More

Commentary on the changes in Spokane

This is my 2 tokes from my virtual soap box.  I realize that we have a lot of different changes, and my video only covers a few of the issues concerning what this rally was all about today. … Read More

Spokane County Courthouse Rally today 11am 09/14/09

As a result of recent events, I am expecting to see a huge turn out at the courthouse rally today!   11am Spokane County Courthouse 09/14/09 Watch the live stream at (I know I’ve already posted it, but… Read More

Police violate the will of the people (and state law) in Spokane

A three month investigation of CHANGE dispensary in Spokane WA, has resulted in the Spokane police department to violate state law, and the will of the people. Washington state law says that medical marijuana patients can get their… Read More

The Great Northwest is under attack!

For anyone that cares about their rights in this state, it is now obvious that cannabis patients are under attack in Washington! Tomorrow there are two critical issues that are being addressed. #1.  The Inland Northwest Chapter of… Read More