Updates: xCannabis video streaming

This is my first release of my live video streaming via my Windows Mobile Cell phone. I have been making YouTube videos for a long time, but recently my expensive HDD camera that I bought last year died… Read More

Jack Herer on the Marijuana Monkeys

I did a broadcast back in May when we lived in Idaho.  Its the broadcast that I have stored at Ustream.tv from the end of May 2009. In the middle of that broadcast, I mentioned this marijuana/monkey study… Read More


There are several changes in recent weeks, and that seems like a worthy title for the content in this message. First of all. Scott from CHANGE dispensary was in the Spokesman Review. I saw him yesterday and I… Read More

Religion and Cannabis, and a question that I got from HempFest

Out of all of the questions, and comments and conversations that I had at HempFest, this question made me think the most. I like when thoughtful people challenge my mind to think.  It’s good exercise for the ol’… Read More

Jack Herer Speaks at HempFest 2009

Jack Herer speaks at Hemp Fest 2009 [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQ_wi_Y2oAs[/youtube] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQ_wi_Y2oAs

Make Bongs not Bombs! Seattle HempFest 2009

These are some of the videos from HempFest 2009 that I shot with my camera phone. There is too much to report on right now, so here’s the smokin hot video from HempFest 2009 until I can write… Read More

Visit Hempsterdam and xCannabis at Hempfest

xCannabis got a spot at HempFest thanks to the xCann team we pulled together enough money to rent the spot, buy 10,000 full color UV coated flyers and we will have luxury accommodations sleeping in the back of… Read More

An Epiphany, truly a life changing experience

Waking up to the truth about marijuana prohibition, and seeing the attacks that the US government has waged on the American people caused me to reconsider my position on supporting policies of right wing conservative issues. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sskJle03AZE[/youtube] When… Read More

Get ready HempFest here we come

Well, as it goes in life as crazy as mine has been lately, I am just getting the last minute preparations settled for HempFest Seattle! It seems like this snuck up on me so quickly, with the new… Read More

I’m Back

First I want to apologize to our readers and to Ryan for my absence over the past 6 weeks.  I’ve been in Maryland so that my younger sister could visit her dad. I returned last week and have… Read More