In 1991 when I was only 17 years old I was afflicted with a condition that plagues many Americans, migraine head aches. At the time I was attending a private boarding school and little was done for the… Read More

Comitted to give someone $100 to show me a cannabis death due to OD or toxic side effects

Just like the title says, if you can show me a certifiable documentation of a death cause by the toxic side effects of marijuana, then I’ll give you $100

Freedom Rally in Salt Lake City July 25th, marijuana legalization in Utah!

Shawn Fluewelling is facing felony charges for simply possessing marijuana in his home in Boise Idaho last year. Shawn Fluewelling is a minister of the THC Ministry Hawai’i. (, and was ordained by Roger Christie. Cannabis is his… Read More

Marijuana Policy Project TV Ad

[youtube][/youtube] | | * This is an ad being broadcast all over California right now, from