Join up with xCannabis to form a NORML chapter in SE Idaho

Hemp for Victory in SouthEast Idaho! We are calling for an end of adult prohibition of marijuana and we want to positively impact our community by organizing a NORML chapter, and volunteering in our community.  See what we… Read More

Utah Protests on April 24th 2009 for marijuana law reform Protesting marijuana law reform and the sentencing of Charles Lynch in Salt Lake City Utah, and Provo Utah on April 24th 2009. This was a short notice protest, but with everything that is going on in… Read More

Legalization Phone Number

Attention!! Call 973 409-3274. I received word of a phone number you can call and cast your vote in support of legalization after you hear a short explanation of why marijuana should be legalized. They plan to take… Read More

Sentencing Postponed

Charles Lynch was scheduled to be sentenced yesterday at 3 p.m. PST but Judge George Hu postponed the sentencing until June 11. He says he was more inclined to impose a more lenient sentence than the 5 years required by federal sentencing guidelines, but was questioning if he had the authority to do so. “If I could find a way out, I would” said Judge Hu.

Free Charles Lynch!

I found out on the stash today that Charles Lynch’s sentencing got bumped up to today! This man got permits from the city and state, paid his taxes, and operated a legal business in the state of California…. Read More

Youth Protest 4/20 in the Zion Curtain!

There are at least 3 different marijuana protests in the Zion Curtain during the 4/20 holiday. The first two were in Idaho Falls, that we reported on earlier.  There was also a small protest in Logan Utah! ‘A… Read More

Upcoming protest agenda

Announcing xCannabis sponsored protest at 4th District Court, Provo Utah on April 24th 2009! All of you in Utah who are tired of your rights being violated or disgusted with this wasteful spending venture that we call “the… Read More

Happy 420! xCannabis 2009 420 greetings!

Ryan @ xCannabis wishes you a happy 420! Now lets get to work!

Steven Anderson a Baptist Preacher beaten at the border

Steven Anderson a baptist preacher beaten at the border because of a false alert from a K-9.    (this is what Barry Cooper always talks about) [youtube][/youtube]

Letters from a few of my state reps

I sent a letter to every member of the Idaho House and Senate last night: On April 15th 2009, I asked people to let the government tax me. I wish for the legalization of marijuana, and for the… Read More