Our illegal birth! Welcome baby Jennie!

I wanted to take this moment to welcome my 2nd child into the world. http://tinyurl.com/tiny-toes And BTW, this birth was assisted not by a corporate medical complex, but by a wonderful midwife (a practice which in about 1/2… Read More

Going to HempFest in IDAHO!

To my great surprise, there will be a HempFest in my home state of Idaho!!    Here are the details! Saturday, April 18: Moscow Hempfest, 10 am to dark in Moscow, Idaho. Come to the heart of Northern Idaho… Read More

Please help us legalize in Idaho

I’m trying to start an Idaho NORML chapter. I am currently working on   idaho.xCannabis.com   (and there will be other pages for other states as well) The goal is to educate and lobby for cannabis  legalization (including industrial hemp,… Read More

What do fundamental principles and civil liberties have in common?

I am just looking for feedback on this topic that I have heard discussed before. If a person chooses to use cannabis, if they are not harming anyone else’s life, liberty or property, is that part of what… Read More

  I bring this to you from Our Friend Paradym   Paradym Says:  Dear Mr. President, As I watched the Online Town Hall today I wasn’t expecting you to really address what has been the top ranking subject on… Read More

President Obama Laughs At America

As most of you heard in this morning’s online Town Hall meeting, the President addressed the questions put forth and voted on by the American people.  The “highest” voted questions were commented on.  President Obama addressed questions about… Read More

Has AG Eric Holder Lied?

“We’re shocked that after the Attorney General has made repeated statements that raids on California medical cannibis dispensaries would be suspended that we are seeing a continuation of that policy,” said Hermes.

Philly Chapter Report for 3/19/09

Philly Chapter Report This was a regular meeting on the schedule. Things here in Philly are ramping up..big time.  Our local State Rep. Mark Cohen will introduce a MMJ bill this month! I have a meeting planned at… Read More

Hemp for victory!!!

It is not strange that during the last major crisises in our country, we turned to industrial hemp. Our own government put out a video called “Hemp for victory” via the Department of Agriculture in 1942. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GD0ZMiC-aNs[/youtube] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GD0ZMiC-aNs… Read More

When Reality Meets Misconception

My foray into the realm of medical marijuana began with a simple visit to our newly-opened patient center in Olympia. At first, I was not sure what to expect, as this was really the last place I would… Read More