HEY STASHERS !!! Join Me in the xCannabis/forums

I love Russ and the Stash site….Maybe xCannabis could be the little brother. If you have something to say or hot story from your state, Write it here, NO WORRIES.  Ryan is the webmaster and he made me… Read More

2 hour video on the drug war

“The Last White Hope” A film about the American Drug War. A really good film covering the deep and dark aspects of the American Drug War. [googlevideo]http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7754620232293231335[/googlevideo] Buy at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/American-Drug-War-Last-White/dp/B0015XASZ8 Visit the website: http://americandrugwar.com/

Senate Bill 5615 passed the Senate committee approval

Found this information over at the NORML audio stash.   (thx Adam!) We are please that Radical Russ is doing such a great job over there! We applaud the efforts of NORML and are finding new ways to help… Read More

New contest! Make a video at xtranormal.com!

Ok so here’s the scoop!  I found a killer way to make movies online. This will help us stoners who either want to stay anonymous or who are camera shy make videos! So this current contest is to… Read More

Famous Stoner of the day….

While the ‘Sir’ in front of this guy’s name puts him in some very elite company, it doesn’t automatically get him on this list. What does earn him a spot is the fact that he’s the 236th richest person in the world, founder of the Virgin empire, which encompasses everything from airlines to record stores to cell phones

Parents talk about marijuana and their children

This is a little video that I made at www.xtranormal.com The skit is between a mom and dad, and the topic is children using marijuana. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USfoBKDnbAw[/youtube] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USfoBKDnbAw (I had to take the edited version offline.  So this is… Read More

New Petition – Reschedule Cannabis

The old petitioning software wasn’t working very well. So I have enlisted the help of Care2. (thepetitionsite.com) Their petitioning platform is tested and used by many, it is a stable software and it will help our cause. Please… Read More

Famous Stoner of the day….

I for one, belive that marijuana and marijuan culture have had a huge impact on “the American way”. America would not and could not have become the great nation we are today without POT! This is my attempt to give credit where due and just maybe fire-up a celeb or two to join the fight.

Byrne Grants: Serving the Feds not the people….

When you pay your taxes you trust that your hard earned money will go towards paying for streets, schools, firefighters, and police.
I live on a street with potholes, several schools in town where just closed, overtime for firefighters cut….
The local PD has brand new body armour, is payed tons of overtime for training and a shinny new Armored Personnel Carrier….WTF.

No Charges aginst Michael Phelps!!!

Just Announced!!! SC Sheriff will not press charges against Swimmer Michael Phelps.