New 420 contest!

This is the terms of the contest. If you post 420 quality posts about cannabis  


[youtube][/youtube] I can talk and type about this subject endlessly.  But here is a video to speak about the history of marijuana, and the criminality of it. Also see: Peace!

Marijuana laws protested by a liberty loving man!

I love reading the news at Cannabis Culture.  It makes me feel tingly inside. I found a new article about civil disobedience which is a result of a protest against marijuana laws by a liberty conscious man name… Read More

Washington state introduces decriminalization bill

[youtube][/youtube] Washington state introduces decriminalization bill Cannabis / Marijuana law reform. A federal bill put before congress in 08.

New Poll at CNBC on marijuana decriminalization

Image via Wikipedia CNBC Poll: Do you favor the decrim. of marijuana use? — Currently, 13 states have laws on the books stating it ’s not a crime to possess small amounts of marijuana. Internationally, other countries… Read More

Washington state introduces decriminalization bill

Image via Wikipedia Could it be?  Another state that is going to decriminalize all forms of marijuana usage? This is one illustration of how logical marijuana decriminalization is. According to The Stranger, Washington state legislators have introduced a… Read More

Freedoms arent free – Defend your freedoms!

Freedoms aren’t free (it’s true) – Defend your freedoms! You’ve heard the saying “freedom isn’t free“. That is becoming more and more expensive each and every day. Using counter surveillance, and the latest technology xCannabis is documenting and… Read More

The War on Drugs is a joke – One of the most important films of our generation

Part I [youtube][/youtube] Part II [youtube][/youtube] Personally, I belive that the information in this film is one of the best messages of our generation.  A call to action.  This film is well made, and the information… Read More

Cannabis / Marijuana law reform. A federal bill put before congress in 08.

[youtube][/youtube] To eliminate most Federal penalties for possession of marijuana for personal use, and for other purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, SECTION… Read More