Merry Christmas from xCannabis!

Legalize it! Pato Banton [youtube][/youtube] Sign the Petition X Cannabis

Cancer update, Merry Christmas and other ramblings

This is some news about my dad’s cancer.  As well as some other ramblings!  And Merry Christmas! [youtube][/youtube]

Cannabis can save our economy

There is no better time to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana! Cannabis CAN save our world.  Our local and global economies will flourish with the benefits of cannabis, and cannabis tax dollars! How does 50 billion a year… Read More

Public Outcry about Yolanda Madden

[youtube][/youtube] Nothing less than public outcry of this OBVIOUS, horrible amount of abuse of the law is the least this issue deserves!  The government has pushed this intense drug war so hard that cops are SO HUNGRY TO GET… Read More

KopBuster’s technology. We critique the technology that Barry Cooper used!

I am in the surveillance and data field of my career. I install and maintain several surveillance networks professionally. So I critique the hardware that Barry talks about in his video. [youtube][/youtube] Again! Bravo Barry and team!

Will President Barack Obama keep his promise to decriminalize

I ask Barack Obama in this video if he will keep his word in relationship to decriminalizing marijuana. [youtube][/youtube]

Latest Barry Cooper flick

The guy who made “Never Get Busted Again“, who is a former Texas police officer with eight years of specialty in drug interdiction, has made a new release titled “KopBusters”. This guy is down! [youtube][/youtube]

More information on THE CURE FOR CANCER

[youtube][/youtube] This is some of the most recent research on cannabis treating cancer and stopping the spread of cancer cells. Good watch if you are interested in discovering the cure for cancer.