Marc Emery’s extradition story

I should have posted this before. [youtube][/youtube] More..

Judge Finds Medical Marijuana Patient Guilty

Judge Finds Medical Marijuana Patient Guilty in Pot-Growing Case Kitsap Sun According to the  Kitsap Sun a valid, card holding medical marijuana patient has been charged with a felony for growing his medicine! This is appalling that this… Read More

Canada to deny a young child her medicine?

It would be really sad if Canada rejected this little girl her medicine! [youtube][/youtube] Canadians don’t let this happend!

Marijuana price guide by state, province and region

I am asking for everyone's help here.  I want to get a marijuana price guide going.  I am working on creating a data base and front end interface that will make searching prices easy. I kind of like… Read More

Sad in Utah Spiritual depression

This is something that I recorded last night.  I had to make a video to help me cope with this.   [youtube][/youtube]

Humboldt County the movie

I just rented it from cable on-demand, and Im watching it now. So far so good. You can get a peek at it from the trailer embeded in the link below.

Banner contest entry #1

Adam from the forums submitted the following banner. Click the image for full size view Thanks Adam!   BE SURE TO RATE THIS BANNER -below

Video announcement of the free skateboard contest

I finally got around to makiing a video announcement of the skateboard deck contest. [youtube][/youtube] Stay tuned for more! My design entry is almost ready!

RE: Marijuana Arrests Set New Record — Again

According to the latest Crime in the United States report which I noticed linked at and the drug war is still not winning any ground. Instead of decreased useage, or decreased arrests the not-so-shocking news that… Read More

Our Canadian brothers and sisters keeping up the fight!

This is a good protest message to Canadian parlement.