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Word Is Bond – Someone Always wants to be someone

March 13th, 2011 | By Pirate

After having many friendships and several business relationships fail I have looked back to figure out what went wrong.

To me it always comes down to egos.  It comes down to someone wanting to be someone that either they are not, or that they aspire to be.

In the case of Change it seems like it came down to money.  It’s always about money.  As much as people say “I dont do it for the money”.  I always find it suspect when they say that, yet there are hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake.

Lets take for example the story of Christopher Stevens in Spokane Washington.   Chris Stevens bravely opened Change in Spokane.
This is the website that I made for them when I was a patient:
Along with Scott Shupe and a few other brave business men in Spokane.   I was blessed by their services to help relieve inflammation of a vesicular anomaly in my brain.  I traded my services in website design and website hosting for medicine and it was a great blessing to me.   I was happy to be a small part of something so awesome and historical.
Chris registered the domain, and I put the site together.
I drove all the way from Deer Park to Spokane weekly to get good quality, fresh medicine.  It wasn’t hugely convenient, but since I didn’t know anyone in Deer Park as we had just moved there, it was nice to be able to walk into a store that I knew had regular business hours and a regular supply of at least 5-10 strains of medicine.  Sometimes I have different symptom and sometimes different strains help in helping me in different ways.  So that was a huge blessing above and beyond what I had available in the black market.

So finally after the state accepts $11,000 from Change for taxes, and shortly after Scott Shupe was caught in Oregon with more than his limit of medicine.   They get raided and shut down and the police also went to four other residents houses.

Shortly after that happened, I created some software mods that I released for free to help dispensaries prove that they were only selling cannabis to “one patient at any one time”   You can see that service here: anyone can download and use those softwares and use our website and our youtube videos for free.

While Mr. Stevens is in jail, he is filmed with this testimonial about the events that took place over the span of three months previous.

Now this is where I get confused, because while Mr. Stevens was running for city council, and while he was running Change with his business partners, they were telling us this was about “compassion” and “medicine”.
But in this interview Mr. Stevens claims that his business partners lured him into Change based on “making millions of dollars”.

But now, not only was it about millions of dollars.  Now Mr. Stevens is turning state evidence on one of these people who suckered him in to making “millions of dollars”.

“Shupe faces charges of delivery, possession and manufacture of a controlled substance — all felonies that might come with prison time. (Change’s other owner, Christopher Stevens, plans on testifying against Shupe, which will lessen his own charge to a relatively minor misdemeanor.)”   ref:

You can say what you want about Scott Shupe, but one thing is for sure.  He bravely paved the way for other patients, and stuck his neck out for a whole bunch of people.   I guess the difference between Scott and Chris, is that Chris is honest about it being all about money.  I don’t know what Shupe’s motives were for sure, but I suspect the pay wasn’t bad.

Here’s the thing.  It has been said by many of fine humans  “united we stand, divided we fall”.   We can’t be turning over on our friends.  Regardless on if they duped you into making millions or not!
I really liked Chris, and he was even running for city council, and was very kind to patients.  But this whole event makes me think of a bumper sticker that I once saw  “The more I know about humans, the more I love my dog”.

This is a sad day for medical cannabis in Washington.   We need to clear this law up once and for all, and simply LEGALIZE IT!

Great MMJ co-op visit in Spokane today!

April 24th, 2010 | By Pirate

The folks from Medical Herb Providers in Spokane paid me a visit today because I was out of meds, and I had problems with a different co-op.  I found out that Medical Herb Providers are near the other co-op that I paid a visit to, but the two are not associated with each other.

I could really tell that these folks care about patients and love cannabis.  They are gathering signatures for I-1068 at their location, and are very much in favor of legalization, which is a great relief.

They have several strains of medicine which I was fortunate to sample today.  I didn’t get the names of the strains, but they have all kinds of medicine.  Both top shelf and mid shelf varieties.  I could tell by the head change that of the 4 strains that I sampled today, that at least two of them are a sativa hybrid.  Great feeling, nice uppity high.

We had a good session at the Emerald Sun studio today, and we spoke about this legalization topic.  These folks understand that legalization in Washington means more jobs, more tourism, more opportunities, not less.   It is obvious that our state will stand out from all other states, the so-called Emerald Empire is about to get greener, and folks all around will certainly take notice of this.  We will not lack culture, but the culture will be enriched and vitalized with the passing of I-1068, which means more jobs, more revenue, and less people in prison for a victimless crime.   This is a win win for everyone, even non-cannabis people.  Because with more jobs in the community, that means wages across the board go up.  The guy at the convenience store will even be blessed by a thriving cannabis business!

Well, props to these folks at Medical Herb Providers down on Freya!  Bless up!  Much love!

Medical Marijuana Spokane

See their site for more information at:

Also, they will be including some of my seeds in their raffles which are blue diesel, a great uppy high, a nice citric blueberry flavor.

These are able to be grown well indoors, but prefer the outdoors.

I did great using 100% CFLs on the last crop.

BTW-  We love to work with co-ops in all aspects of service.  We can help with POS systems, and/or technology consulting. 
We have great prices on t-shirts, brochures, business cards and websites.  We have 15 year experience, and we welcome trades.

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