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Raids in Spokane

April 28th, 2011 | By Pirate


I am on the road, and I haven’t gotten a lot of details.  But I have confirmed that many dispensaries have been raided in Spokane today.

I have heard something between 4 and 30 dispensaries were targeted.  If any one has more details please post details.

There are meetings taking place to help educate and rally the community.  

I hope that the dispensaries whether they have been affected or not will rally behind a class action lawsuit over this invasion in the MMJ community that violated the rights of many sick and suffering residents.

Washington code RCW 69.51a specifically states that the intent and purpose of the laws that the people passed in regards to MMJ that patients, physicians and providers are not violating state law.  
If anyone is not yet using a method of documenting one patient at any one time, please see the advice at;

More info @

East Side Sensible Washington petition contest for April

March 28th, 2011 | By Pirate

Whoever gets 100 sheets full of valid signatures (meaning all information must be correct, such as signed in the right place, the correct abbreviation for county, no duplicates, etc) we will give each of the volunteers (the first 10) a gift package worth $120 with shirts, hemp soaps, and other cool hempy items. The person who gets the most signatures by the end of April will get 2 of these gift packages and 1 Sensible Washington keif box made by Mr. Keifbox.
sensible washington raffle

Donation to Sensible Washington Volunteers by

Please spread the word, applies to the east side of the state only.
Contest end April 30th 2011, you must be a registered Washington voter to participate, all signatures must be from valid Washington voters, with no duplicates or errors.
Sheets MUST be turned in to Kimi or Ryan to qualify.
This donation comes from the team at
If you would like to donate, or help the cause please contact us at:
1-888-644-3872   use extension 707 for Ryan or extension 708 for Kimi
Or use the contact form below.   We also provide a donation button on the bottom toolbar of all of our websites.
We will do a contest every month until June for the east side of Washington.
We know it’s not much reward for all of that hard work, but this is a way to commemorate all of your hard work.  There is enough prizes in each package to split between friends.  So if you would like to work together, that is cool too. 

Sensible Washington raffle

January 6th, 2011 | By Pirate

Sensible Washington is holding a raffle for a fundraiser out on the eastern side of the state.

Please contact Jessica Nuna or Britney Lanza on facebook for details.

The raffle tickets are $4.20 each, and the item is a (new) vintage tie dye from Liquid Blue made in 1991. 
Its rare and beautiful!

Legalization opponent gets stung by prohibition

September 24th, 2010 | By Pirate

“Paul E. Ellis, 52, was described by detectives as eager and talkative when they approached him at his dispensary, Med Mar Dis, at 7604 E. Sprague Ave., last month. He showed them his marijuana, explained how he tracks his transactions with about 200 customers and invited them to his home to see his marijuana crop.”

Read More..

Med Mar Dis owner gets busted in Spokane

I have good sources who were working on I-1068 who mentioned that they spoke to this guy, and upon hearing more about what I-1068 was about refused to support it, because he claimed to “be against legalization”.

This story also fits in my Facebook group  “Dispensaries if you don’t support legalization, I won’t support you“.

Don’t get me wrong, this type of story is sad news, and no one should be getting raided for this harmless plant.  But how ironic, this guy is against legalization but then gets stung from prohibition.

When will they learn?!   Please look at the bigger picture.  More freedom for more people, is worth way more than this tiny little medical marijuana community.

Freedom is the bottom line for me.  I-1068 was absolutely beautiful too.  I-1068 was the most well designed laws I’ve read.

18 and under still had the same penalties as before I-1068, and adults over 18 can consume, distribute and cultivate cannabis.   Taxes apply on a retail level, just like buying sugar at the store.

Other than that, no restrictions for adults.   But some dispensary owners don’t support legalization.  One can only wonder why?

Similarly, Dennis Peron who wrote Califronia’s Prop 215 for medical marijuana and disputably owned the first cannabis club in LA, and certainly the most successful one.   But due to legal issues no longer runs a dispensary.  He is still a cannabis consumer but he says that ALL cannabis usage is medical.  There is no recreational.  It’s all medical.

More at this article: (Russ Belville on statements made by Dennis Peron regarding Proposition 19)

Hillyard HIppie Happening, Spokane .. Sept 11 2010

September 6th, 2010 | By Pirate

We are going to the Hillyard Hippie Happening and we will have a booth. We have dozens of unique tie dye shirts, several unique screen printed shirts with our arts, and many many hemp items including our very popular hemp soaps.

We are introducing our new “Cannabis Cures Cancer” design as well.  You can see more about that at:

Come by and chat with us about the prevailing cannabis and hemp markets.  We are excited to see so much progress!

Hillyard Hippie Happening Sept 11


Saturday, 10am-6pm

September 11, 2010

-Drums by 12 Directions
-And more far out tunes to rock your soul!

-Raffle tickets for groovy items donated by groovy people

Vendor Booths: Hippie like things for the Hippie in you!
-Incense & Candles
-A psychic
-Cool Clothes
-Kiwanis Midway for the Kids
-Janis Joplin Impersonator

Groovy Shopping in Hillyard!

Proudly Brought to you by the Historic Hillyard Merchant Committee.

BE THERE OR BE SQUARE! Market St. & Queen Ave.

Info call 509-216-4819 or

I want pot prices to GO DOWN!

April 3rd, 2010 | By Pirate

I want legalization so that marijuana prices go down, and so that our country has a wonderful, profitable, and eco-friendly crop that will revitalize our nation, and obviously I also want freedom and liberty restored!
Its a crime against humanity for the US to arrest over 860,000 people per year for a harmless plant!

P.S. I have more grower friends than not at this point, just so you know mi’ familla, I still love you and I KNOW that the market will not fall out of the bottom with legalization. Heck most of you are still growing illegally as it is, so if you are doing it now you can do it later right?! LOL

Why I am so interested in cannabis.. Legalization.. Etc

March 26th, 2010 | By Pirate

I think I have probably stated this several times.  But I like to make it very clear that my intentions for calling for cannabis legalization is not just a one dimensional reason.  I would like to recap on some of the parts of my determination to fight for cannabis legalization.

I can tell you that from the time I was a young teen I used cannabis to cope with stress.  I am not encouraging teen use, but I have a lot of years behind me that I have used cannabis for one thing or another.

Some times I have used it for stress/recreation (like drinking a beer).  Some times I have used it for medicine.  Some times I have used it for meditation. I find that it is very beneficial to me if used in moderation.

But knowing that it is beneficial to me is not the only reason why I fight for legalization.  I also carry a burden from childhood of when I got arrested for cannabis possession, and it screwed up my life not to mention took about 8 months out of my life during incarceration. 
I had only ever been arrested for possession of small amounts.  Less than a 1/2 oz.  But I served some real time.
After getting out of jail and moving on with my life, I was denied the ability to serve the country I was born in for military service.
Unlike my father and grandfather I would not be serving, based on multiple possession charges.

After serving all that time, paying thousands and thousands of dollars in fines, and being denied military service I finally am living a normal productive life.  However, during those times between incarceration, and times when I could have been serving in the military, I was on public assistance, and I was a great cost to the community for a time.  I was homeless for almost 3 years because of my choice to use cannabis as a teenager.

I do not want my children to ever be violated in such a way, for doing nothing more than possessing a harmless plant!

My kids could go into any grocery store at any age and buy a bottle of aspirin, and no one would think twice about it.

But the problem is that even though you can buy aspirin, you can not buy cannabis even if you are an adult (in most states).

According to the CDC aspirin//anti-inflammatories last year killed 7500 in America due to an over dose or complication.

Yet also according to the CDC (center for disease control)  it is reported that no one died last year from a toxic side effect of marijuana.  There were absoutely ZERO overdoses from marijuana.  Which is funny, because according to a government survey over 40 million people used cannabis last year.  Thats a lot of cannabis consumption and yet no deaths.

People should not be persecuted for using a G-d given plant!

There is also the issue of my family roots.  Back in the 1850’s my family ventured to the Americas from Wales to farm.  My father had a farm, my grandfather had a farm, and his grandfather had a farm. 
To me it is VERY important to allow our farmers to farm hemp!   It is an offense against the farming community in America to prohibit farmers from growing hemp.  We can import and distribute hemp, but we can farm it?!  That is stupid!

I am now importing hemp to my new business  (The Emerald Sun the cost of a hemp shirt is 3 times the cost of a cotton shirt, reason being is because we can not farm hemp locally!

Lastly and maybe least important to most but very important to me, is that I suffer from ‘cluster headaches’ that I believe are brought on by a condition that distorts blood vessels, sometimes making them thinner to irregular.  I think my condition is  Von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) ).  The cluster headaches I get are best described as feeling like I got hit with a frying pan.  I lose vision, hearing and I experience intense sharp pains in my brain.

Marijuana works to expand my blood vessels much like glaucoma patients experience.  The relief is almost instant, it is long lasting and it leaves me with no undesirable side effects.  My alternatives leave me with horrible, hard to live with side effects.

I depend on cannabis to get me through these headaches.

Washington, we support I-1068

Sign I-1068 at our shop in Spokane.

St. Patrick’s day

March 19th, 2010 | By Pirate

We had a great time celebrating St. Patrick’s day thanks Renata for coming by the store!
Here are some pictures of the store (we didn’t have the camera on St. Patty’s day unfortunately).

[imagebrowser id=9]

Please visit the site at:

BTW- We love you I-1068 petitioners, you are a dedicated bunch of folks! 
Please people we would love to see more I-1068 signature gatherers get more and more signatures!

We’ll be out there with you, and if anyone wants to sign and do not know where to go, see the Sensible Washington website at:

Dawning of a new day – Emerald Sun

March 6th, 2010 | By Pirate

We are in the midst of getting Emerald Sun’s Design Studio open. Our grand opening is St. Paddy’s day which is only 11 days out. So as things go for us, we are busy.

We are proud to announce that we are sponsoring NORML in two ways with our new venture.

1. We are donating 5% of all sales to WA NORML until May 10th 2010.
2. We are running banner ads and audio ads on the NORML Stash (NORML Live)

Have a listen to our audio ad that will be played on NORML Live

We are honored to be able to participate and we love NORML!
Congrats on the CBS ad NORML!   (

In other news, we released this plugin for WordPress today. This is GentleSource’s software, but we modified it so that it would create shortlinks from by default. With this plugin, you can automatically have social networking via twitter at the bottom of each blog post, and a view only needs to click on the twitter icon to tweet your post, with a shortened URL from (Sensi Life).

Short Linking WordPress Plugin

Also if you haven’t signed it yet, PLEASE sign the petition for I-1068 (WA).
If you don’t know where to sign, come to our grand opening.
Here is a list of places that you can sign as well.

The Emerald Sun will rise, on St. Patty’s Day

March 3rd, 2010 | By Pirate

We have decided to delay the opening of Emerald Sun Incorporate until March 17th.
We have a few permits and licenses as well as a few walls to build.

Emerald Sun Opening March 17th

I figure St. Patty’s is a good day, that doesn’t get a lot of attention. It falls on Wednesday this year after all. So we will probably just keep the party warm for the weekend.

This is an article that I recommend: The Real St. Patrick?

Also this is a video that I made about the struggle that Irish folks endured in our country when they arrived:

On Wednesday March 17th, we will open our doors. We will serve some refreshments and get to know our neighbors.
We will also have a killer sale on all of our new wares! When I say new, I mean no one else has these wares, because they are designed and made by Emerald Sun. Kimberly makes hand sewn threads, from hoodies to shorts, and even some sick kushy bags that we call “Dope Duffals”, these were a hit at HempFest last year!
I will be sporting a new line of clothing made by us. My birthday present from Kimi is this really bad ass corduroy hoodie! Im psyched! You want to talk about made in the USA, these are made in your own back yard! Made for rugged, and casual use.
We are an outdoors type of family, so we make our clothing for our lifestyle.

We will also have a variety of Emerald Sun t-shirts will clever designs to promote the cannabis awareness and legalization movement.

Don’t miss out on this sale, we are give 5% of ever sale to WA NORML, and we are going to be discounting each item at least 15% off regular prices.

Also we will have forms to sign for the I-1068 petition. Read more about it at:

This is our address:
9423 North Division
Spokane, WA 99218

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