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Washington and now Colorado on per se DUID limits – Just say no to new penalties!

February 28th, 2012 | By Pirate

This has always been obvious to me that a precedence would be set, or a trend would follow if one state is successful with DUID laws or proposals.   I was blogging about this last year and ever since about Washington’s I-502’s DUID limits.

Before Washington started their proposal for DUID limits, Colorado had shot down the DUID limit proposal in HB 1261.   I was hopeful that would put an end to it.  But the beat goes on with NAW (I-502) just months later.

I have to admit I was shocked that I-502 got as many signatures as they got at first, until I followed the money and found out that pretty much all of their signatures were paid for, and that most of the signature gatherers were from out of state.

From my prospective I have kept a watchful eye on which locals are participating in these proposals.   There are very few locals participating in this.

I have also begged and pleaded with everyone I know with a few bucks to spare to invest in the real deal when it comes to legalization..   Unsuccessfully though, because low and behold as it goes in America, corporations and lawyers tend to get their way.

Population demographics suggest that there are  more lawyers in the USA than anywhere in the world.
Roughly 37% of all lawyers in the world are in the USA.  (active lawyers)

That lawyers and politicians are driving these DUID laws is not surprising to me either.

I have been concerned that we the people are allowing for these additional prohibitions to enter a freedom movement.

Why not follow the Portugal model, or even the Holland model at very least?  These are systems that work well, and have been proven over decades of trial and studies.  They haven’t beefed up their DUID limits, and there are fewer problems with drugs over all, including driving than before decriminalizing/legalizing.

Why do we need new per se DUID limits, when we have functioning DUI laws already as well as Reckless driving laws?

These are the questions that I would suppose the legalization lobbyists/orgs are asking.  Are they?

This statement echos my concern:

Marijuana activist Corey Donahue, who was credited with helping to derail last year’s bill, testified again last night, declaring the measure unconstitutional. “Why are the only people supporting a bill that would essentially imprison and arrest innocent people, the same people enforcing our laws?” he asked. “And I’m just questioning this because this whole thing seems as if the state and the law enforcement officials of the state are trying to criminalize people’s conduct with no science to back it up.”   Westword

These are the references that I found to site the references above:

Sensible Washington announced that are PAYING petitioners!

June 24th, 2011 | By Pirate

From the Sensible Washington Facebook Wall:

“We’re happy to announce the ability to pay signature gatherers going forward!
Anyone who sends or hands in signatures before July 5th will be able to receive $.10 per valid signature if they sign the back of the petition with their number or address, with a “pay me” written on the bottom. This isn’t huge, but will hopefully be extra motivation for some on top of knowing you’re helping to end a devastating policy!”


(btw- I don’t want the $$, I want the FREEDOM!)

Here is information on sending in your signed petitions, NOW is the time!

Also we found the signatures that we misplaced in our car. One hundred and twenty more (6 sheets) heading to SW.

Emerald Sun sending love to the troops

June 22nd, 2010 | By Pirate

To all of you signature gatherers that spend tireless hours gathering signatures.

We sent a care package to Angela Johnson today, and here is what it contains.

Emerald Sun care package for I-1068


We sent two complete skateboards, and 10 t-shirts with a variety of our designs from Emerald Sun.

Angela will do a contest to spread these out.  Thanks Angela for all that you are doing, and thanks for not giving up!  I am honored to have worked with you!



From Sensible Washington



Look for the I-1068 ad in the Stranger tomorrow

the Stranger


Law Reform Policy on The Seattle Channel

Protesting for Marc Emery

May 23rd, 2010 | By Pirate

Yesterday was such a blessing.  Even though the weather was yucky, it felt good to be free and to be able to excercise my freedom by holding a sign to end prohibition that said “GROW FREEDOM’ with a cannabis leaf on it and on the other side FREE MARC EMERY.  My wife makes killer protesting signs!

It was an awesome day to bond with Spokane.  Lots of warm support, very few haters.  Also a few patients stopped by, and helped another patient medicate.  I felt very blessed all day yesterday!

Making a sign and holding it in an intersection is easy.  Getting those I-1068 signatures is the harder part. 
Thanks to all you signature gatherers!

FREE MARC EMERY!!  This man has given so much!

May 1st, lots of CHANGE, and good change too!

May 2nd, 2010 | By Pirate

I was happy to be able to participate in the Global Marijuana March.  Got to see a lot of friends, and met new ones.  I continued to have more and more irie as the day passed.  What a blessing!  Praise Jah!

I wasn’t used to seeing this kind of a turn out.  When we protest in Utah and Idaho there are maybe 3 people at most.  Usually they are all related to me.  LOL  Sometimes we get a volunteer from drug court, which is cool!  I always try to protest at drug court, to kind of ease the pain of the victims that have to be violated there.  Even in Provo Utah, I get tons of support, but very few bodies to help out.

But protesting in WA has always been exciting!!!  Lots of participation, and people concerned about their civil rights!

As our way of saying thanks, we gave out what shirts we could to those that were working hard on advertising the I-1068 initiative.

We met several signature gatherers, I wish I would have had shirts for all of them.  I only came with 10 shirts, and I expected that to be more than enough.  But people were buying, trading, and getting shirts as soon as I got there.  More people wanted to buy shirts, but I had already given most of them away somehow.

We are dedicated to giving more I-1068 shirts away.

If anyone wants to support our efforts to give these shirts away, please visit Emerald Sun Design Studio and buy a few shirts from us. 
Our prices our reasonable.  Especially for the continued 4/20 special sale.  We basically started the 420 Special sale for 4/20.  But since there are so many 4:20’s in a day, we just keep that special going and going.   So it’s the first shirt for $14.20, and you get the option of buy a I-1068 shirt for $4.20.    It rounds out to $20 with tax.  2 shirts for $20, thats our 4/20 special!

Also if you have had any trouble contacting me by email.  I have 30 different email accounts, so the best way for me to sort them is to get email via this contact form.  That way your email messages do not go to junk or get lost in cyberspace somehow. 
This same contact form is also on our ABOUT page.