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Stoners Against Legalization OR Voters Against More Prohibitions

August 23rd, 2011 | By Pirate

In a recent “Radical Rant” from Radical Russ Belville of NORML, Russ shuns the people who are opposed to initiatives like I-502 in Washington.

I explained my reasoning for opposing this very negative piece of legislation.

RE: Support ALL LegalizationS (or: Can’t We All Get a Bong?)…

Clips from Rick Steves, John Morgan, Radical Russ, and Timothy Leary

Sensi Life Radio – July 22nd 6am Morning Show

July 22nd, 2011 | By Pirate

Sensi Life Radio 6am Friday 7/22/2011

Talking about the indictments in Spokane, the show from yesterday with Heath and Darby, the hemp dome, and Ryan and Kim’s baby to be born soon.

Talking also about 5ng blood limits proposed by “New Approach Washington”, and the strange occurrences in the efforts in WA from some activists.

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I-502-Factsheet-DUI   From New Approach Washington

See this study by the BBC

See this report about Colorado’s similar proposal:

Lifting up in prayer the following:

Dennis Whited
Jerry Laberdee
Russell Blake
Charles Wright
Jon Vivian
Roger Christie
Marc Emery


Further reading, info about the ASA organization and the Spokane Chapter:

My issue with the ASA in Spokane, and when it started:

Sensi Life Radio – Sensible Washington and Sensible South Dakota

July 21st, 2011 | By Pirate

Today on Sensi Life Radio we will be speaking about the Sensible movements in both Washington and South Dakota.

Interviewing Darbe Hagemen and Heath Juhnke. Darby is a volunteer with Sensible Washington and we are learning about their 2012 petition drive. Heath Junke from Sensible South Dakota is talking about his efforts to legalize.

This is a link to donate to Sensible Washington, my family is pledging $42 per month.

This month was Cydney Moore and Alyssa Valdez’s birthdays, so we donated $22 each for them. $44
Please everyone show some love for these awesome volunteers on their birthday celebrations and donate to the cause that they believe in!

In order to raise enough before the petition drive starts in January Darby and the rest of the dedicated volunteers at Sensible Washington would like to encourage you to do the same.

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Sensible Washington getting started early, how very SENSIBLE!!

July 18th, 2011 | By Pirate

Ok people if you believe in legalization, if you know the difference between “decriminalization” and “legalization”, if you are a patient in Washington that just had a bunch of your rights crapped on in Washington, most importantly if you want to see liberty in growing industrial hemp in Washington which will get part of this country off foreign oil, and will help preserve our environment, then listen up.  Sensible Washington is starting their funding drive for 2012.
You can donate at the Sensible Washington website as always:

I am not a part of Sensible Washington, just a fan.  But I believe between the given choices that already exist, Sensible Washington is the most SENSIBLE option in Washington.

This a little video that a made about it:

I wrote this blog post a few months ago:

Also learn more about running a successful citizens initiative via:

Citizens in Charge Foundation
2050 Old Bridge Road Suite 103
Lake Ridge, VA 22192
Phone: (703) 492-1776
Fax: (703) 910-7728

Go Washington!

Sensi Life Radio show June 30th 2011

June 30th, 2011 | By Pirate

Sensi Life Radio’s report on 6/30/2011
The intro is a mix of a Timothy Leary speech titled “Reality is an opinion” and Soldiers of Jah Army “Don’t Know Me”

We are taking live call-ins on the show #  (626) 696-8606
Starts at 3pm PST
(listen via your phone, or choose to have your call taken live)

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News report links and info:

Food not bombs volunteers arrested for giving food to the homeless in Orlando Florida.

21 arrested for sharing vegan meals to the hungry in Orlando, Florida.

Greek Protesters continue to resist police in Athens as the protest the attempt by Greek parliament to block austerity measures.
Police has been firing tear gas at protesters and have been overall pushed back by protesters.

Christine Lagarde: First Woman Ever Appointed to Head IMF
From their website:

About the IMF

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is an organization of 187 countries, working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty around the world.”

More about the IMF

A number of civil society organizations[36] have criticized the IMF’s policies for their impact on people’s access to food, particularly in developing countries. In October 2008, former U.S. president Bill Clinton presented a speech to the United Nations World Food Day, which criticized the World Bank and IMF for their policies on food and agriculture:

We need the World Bank, the IMF, all the big foundations, and all the governments to admit that, for 30 years, we all blew it, including me when I was president. We were wrong to believe that food was like some other product in international trade, and we all have to go back to a more responsible and sustainable form of agriculture.

—Former U.S. president Bill ClintonSpeech at United Nations World Food Day, October 16, 2008[37]

Typically the IMF and its supporters advocate a monetarist approach. As such, adherents of supply-side economics generally find themselves in open disagreement with the IMF.[who?] The IMF frequently advocates currency devaluation, criticized by proponents of supply-side economics as inflationary. Second, they link higher taxes under “austerity programmes” with economic contraction.[citation needed]
Currency devaluation is recommended by the IMF to the governments of poor nations with struggling economies. Some economists claim these IMF policies are destructive to economic prosperity.[42]

Sensible Washington can get paid signature gatherers if they are able to raise $20,000 by 6pm today
(Thursday June 30th) according to their facebook page.  So far they have reported already gathering $6000 of the $20,000.   Please contact Sensible Washington on their facebook page for details.

From SW’s Page:

We have almost $6,000 towards our goal so far including multiple commitments for donations tomorrow! Please continue to build up the momentum on this and get the word out, we need everyone’s help!

Donate here:
Sensi Tech report

In the age of computers and technology availability to the masses, it is obvious that despite that most people have computers, web based cell phones and other advanced technology for communications, that most of them do not know a thing about security, intelligence threats, and viruses.

A few facts

1.        There are over 1 million active computer viruses in circulation today

2.       Viruses come on every platform including Apple, Unix/Linux, cell phones, etc

3.       Viruses infect in many ways, most commonly through porn websites, pirated software, opening executable files in email, and in rares cases are incased in image files

4.       No one is completely safe from a virus

With such diversity in viruses they also are able to infect and harm in many ways.   Some are Trojan horse viruses which create a security risk allowing others to easily access your computer/device.
Some are spam viruses which use email or texting programs to spam other users with a message from a central program or multiple programs on a system.  There are worm viruses which replicate themselves over and over and often cause security breaches and sometimes send out data from their infected source.

Common ways to avoid a virus are;

1.       Always keep your system updated

2.       Always keep your virus protect and firewall updated

3.       Use adequate protection, free protection like AVG or Avast only does so much

4.       Avoid opening executable files from your email

5.       Once you have downloaded a picture or a file from an internet source, make sure to use your virus protection to scan it, typically right clicking on the file and selecting “Scan” works.

6.       Avoid risky websites like porn and pirate websites.  Make sure you increase your protection when going to risky sites by turning your virus protection and firewall from possibly medium protection to high protection

I also want to give a big huge thanks and shout out to Democracy Now media.  Their news reports are still brave and relevant in the world of corporate type media.  The non-profit status and the intent of this media source continues to benefit the community.   Visit

Sensible Washington announced that are PAYING petitioners!

June 24th, 2011 | By Pirate

From the Sensible Washington Facebook Wall:

“We’re happy to announce the ability to pay signature gatherers going forward!
Anyone who sends or hands in signatures before July 5th will be able to receive $.10 per valid signature if they sign the back of the petition with their number or address, with a “pay me” written on the bottom. This isn’t huge, but will hopefully be extra motivation for some on top of knowing you’re helping to end a devastating policy!”


(btw- I don’t want the $$, I want the FREEDOM!)

Here is information on sending in your signed petitions, NOW is the time!

Also we found the signatures that we misplaced in our car. One hundred and twenty more (6 sheets) heading to SW.

Doug Hiatt with a solid message about I-1149

June 18th, 2011 | By Pirate

I watched a video Doug Hiatt speaking about the final weeks of signature collection for I-1149.

Doug’s message is simple, powerful and true.  We ALL have the power in a people’s initiative.  We all are leaders!  We are leading the way to cannabis freedom, each volunteer!

In the background you’ll see on the left of the video the box of gear we sent from Emerald Sun to the volunteers of Sensible Washington.   There are several contests for the most signatures.  You’ll want to go to to sign up as a volunteer and get info on how you can score some of this historic gear, and most importantly how you can make history and declare your freedom through getting I-1149 on the ballot this year!

This is the contents of the box we sent.
We are also sending the signatures that we found that we hadn’t sent in. So if anyone still hasn’t sent their signatures in, like we haven’t yet. DO IT NOW! No time left to wait!

You can also write to Jared Allaway @

Conscious Culture Gathering 2011

June 9th, 2011 | By Pirate

If you are in Washington this is a great place to help get I-1149 on the ballot.
Thousands of signatures can be gathered.
John and Kim Novak, Don Skakie and several other volunteers will be there and they will have petitions to give out.
Coordinate with a Sensible Washington coordinator by signing up at:

Fri: 10:00 am 12:00 am
Sat: 12:00 am 12:00 am

June 10 &11  2011

When civil rights movements become divided

May 10th, 2011 | By Pirate

Starting in 2009 which was shortly after the raid on CHANGE dispensary in Spokane WA, there was a notion for a petition drive to legalize cannabis on a ballot initiative. The group was Sensible Washington.

I had been driving from Deer Lake in Stevens County to go to protests and meetings about this topic.

Deer Lake was roughly an hour drive each way or maybe a little longer.

But I had made friends with a lot of folks in the medical marijuana community, and in fact we built the website for Change dispensary ( So my family and I regularly made the trip to support those in the community.

When we knew that there would be an initiative for full legalization, we made plans to move in to Spokane, despite that we are not really happy with living in a city as opposed to a rural mountain area. But we set forth anyway.

Our first order of business was to buy a screen press so that we could help with what little we were able to. Since we had a new baby in the house and driving long distances to Spokane to get signatures was difficult and in most cases impossible. We decided to send what provisions that we could to area coordinators and potential volunteers. We gave out between 100-150 shirts in 2010 to promote the cause. We used our own design, “Real Change is Not Too Late – 1068”.

We didn’t play a particularly involved role, nor did we have time. But we helped in what ways we could, and after getting to Spokane for the end of the petition drive we went out and got several sheets full of signatures.

We opened our business on North Division in a busy area in hopes to give people a place to sign the petition that is comfortable and professional as well, we had that business open for 3 months.

There was some mix ups during the campaign, and the area coordinator kept getting changed around. It was a little frustrating, but a lot of work was getting done while Renata Rollins was coordinating and that was encouraging. So we kept up our support, and even in the end when it was clear that we would not make the ballot, we gave another lot of merchandise from our store to encourage the unpaid volunteers for their efforts. We gave two complete skateboards, and 10 screen printed shirts.

We got word back from the coordinator that we gave the items too that one set of bearings got lost, and I don’t think they were ever recovered, so despite that we gave two complete skateboards, it only ended up being one complete setup, and then most of the parts for the second. The coordinator called us and asked us if we had another set of bearing to replace the bearings that were lost, and we didn’t have any.

Well, fast forward to the following year, this year. Things started slow, but in January MHP dispensary hosted a New Years Eve party and Sensible Washington folks were invited. I brought a dozen Sensible Washington shirts that we made, and a bunch of inventory from our store to donate for a raffle. We gave the shirts to who we thought was a coordinator, as she had been claiming to be one.

But the friend that she brought was claiming that she in fact was the coordinator. Well, since they were both riding together I figured it doesn’t matter who we gave it to, because it’s going to get to the right place one way or another.

Three months pass and there were supposed to be weekly meetings happening in that time, but in fact there was no meetings, except for one at the first of January in which it got canceled by the new coordinator and the meeting was rescheduled to be at someone’s house. It didn’t turn out very well because instead of it being a meeting of Sensible Washington volunteers, it ended up being a room full of dispensary owners, and the main topic was SB 5073. I was annoyed by that, because SB 5073 has been nothing but bad for our laws, and promoting SB 5073 seemed unproductive. The topic was I-1149, but that wasn’t what was being discussed.

I did some broadcasting on this topic and I was able to interview the state coordinator (at the time) Don Skakie.

Sensi Life Radio – Don Skakie 2pm Tuesday 1/11/11

After that, no Sensible Washington meetings happened at all for months. So a new coordinator stepped up and invited everyone to meet at a organic food store to have coffee. This was the first meeting in almost 3 months, so we donated shirts to this new coordinator person. Which caused conflicts with the second coordinator that came after the first coordinator. (confused yet?). Yet, we forged through. We ended up finding out that the first lot of inventory didn’t get used properly and for about 3 weeks the coordinator couldn’t even tell us what happened to the items. We thought that would be sold as a fundraiser, and it would help the coordinator with her expenses. Instead she blamed someone else for losing them, and we had to track everything down. We got about half of the items back. It was a mess. It caused a lot of hurt feelings too.

A few weeks after that meeting in March we were undecided on where we would be having meetings, as no one had a place yet. So we found a virtual office that had a conference room and we paid $200 per month to use their facilities. We had 4 meetings.

The first meeting we had 12 people show up, but the second coordinator (not using names) got pissed that we were having meetings for some reason, maybe because she wasn’t doing anything and hadn’t yet held a meeting in 3 months. So she started calling people and telling them “the DEA is investigating that place, and you will be under DEA surveillance”. Which is fine, we streamed each meeting over the internet, so incase people who had something to worry about who wanted to could still attend the meeting, and not have to be associated directly. But we didn’t care if the DEA was watching the place, it was silly. We had been advertising in the paper and spreading the word about an open to the public meeting. So if the DEA wanted to be there, it’s not like this meeting was secret and maybe if they were listening they learned a few things.

This is the power point presentation from March 4th 2011, our first meeting:

So after that our attendance started waning, we went from 12 people to 5 people, and at the last meeting there was only 4 people. A competing group who had been trying to get something going was just getting started at this time, they owned a medical marijuana collective, and instead of having their own meetings they were sending their volunteers to our meetings, which I made a reference to in the video that I made about this. I had to ask the person who was coming to not come back unless they could stop being rude by interrupting people, and I also ask that they take care of personal hygiene issues as people were starting to complain including my family who came to the meetings.

After awhile when we realized we had done all that we could do, and I am proud to say that we got petitions in to the hands of about 25 people including 14 area businesses, as well as we gave out dozens of t-shirts to support the cause as well as yard signs. But when it was obvious that our effectiveness had reached it’s limit in this pursuit, and when we realized that we needed to get set up for our new arrival who is due in August, we decided to leave 2 months early to go to California where we intend to build a hemp dome.

Before we left a new group had started to be formed in Spokane that had not been there before. We heard from Sensible Washington state coordinator Jared Allaway that the ASA was holding a rally and that they did not want attendees to talk about full legalization. I didn’t hear or know who was involved in organizing the ASA in Spokane, but I relayed publicly that Donna Lambert had been receiving a lot of attacks from this group in San Diego and I expressed my disappointment that the ASA would like to silence talk about full legalization.

Also see this regarding Donna Lambert:

Well the competing group who I mentioned that were sending people to our meetings rather than holding their own, are the same group that is organizing the ASA in Spokane. After I left I got physical threats sent to me via facebook which I video taped and uploaded to youtube (I made it private, but I have it on the record as well as oodles of other interesting situations).  People may request to become friends on youtube, and if you NEED to know more, I can allow certain people to see it.   Friend me here;

So now they are saying that I was mean to their representative and that I have done more harm than good.

Fortunately for them, Im not there any more and they can get cannabis legalized in Washington without me.

Unfortunately, this is the same group saying “don’t talk about full legalization at the rallies“.

Why work on full legalization on the down low, but publicly say “don’t talk about full legalization”?

Either way, I can relate to Marcus Garvey and other civil rights activists who have had to deal with similar drama. Marcus Garvey’s story is particularly interesting, I hope you get a chance to watch the documentary “The Influence of Marcus Garvey”.

Alternatively you can see this video on xCannabis instead of Youtube:







ATTENTION:   If anyone has a story to tell you about me.   It would be in your best interests to get the facts.

I have most of the conflicts, threats and bizarre situations recorded on video, you are more than welcome to ask me to send it to you so that you don’t have to wonder.

For more information on how you can help legalize in Washington, visit: or

To learn how to end prohibition nationally visit:

Happy 420!!!

April 19th, 2011 | By Pirate

This is whats going on tomorrow!

Lots on the table so see the calendar for the best details.
4/20 state wide!

If you are in to getting signatures and securing your cannabis freedom in Washington state.
Then hit up some of the festivals going on.  This is the best day to get signatures and the biggest head event in the state is in Spokane, the big ol reggae festival.


1107 W. Main

SPOKANE, WA. 99201

We are going to make our rounds around town.  Lots of stuff happening all over the place.

You can also check the Sensible Washington volunteer calendar.

I am so glad that this event is available, and I am sad that I missed it last year!   We lived in the next county, and missed a lot of stuff last year.  But we’re glad to have the opportunity to be in the awesome city again, we’re going to miss Spokane when we leave next week.

This is what we were doing last year.