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Five men indicted in Spokane for providing safe medicine to qualified patients

July 21st, 2011 | By Pirate

It is sad when a government will repress a people, and criminalize a safe and natural plant solely for their own pissing match.
I am personally acquainted with some of the people in this list, and I am appalled that anyone could consider them criminals for their compassion and determination to help people who are sick. The two that I knew played by the books and conducted business very professionally.

I will be placing calls to the District Attorney’s office to voice my disgust in these cases!
A few things that are fishy.  Why only Spokane?  Why were Spokane police ignoring state law that authorizes medical cannabis?   Why only these 5 out of over 40 other dispensers in Spokane?

One more item for thought.  When will all medical cannabis patients, growers and dispensers start standing up for full legalization?   Standing united is the only what this will be successful!

Cannabis freedom march in Washington 5/2/11

May 3rd, 2011 | By Pirate

On May 5th 2011 Cannabis activists and patient advocates all over the state of Washington rallied to protect the rights that voters passed in 1998 via Initiative 691 to give qualifying patients access to medicine that they need.  Cannabis is found by scientists, doctors and patients to treat and even cure many debilitating medical conditions also without the many negative side effects of most prescription drugs.

Credit to John Parr for the photo

On April 28th 2011, federal agents raided many providers in Spokane who were trying to assist with the procurement and distribution of this much needed effective and safe medicine.

From east to west and north to south cannabis patients rallied together in unity to stand up for their voter approved rights.

The first video is of the Spokane rally, Tim Loe is followed in this video and is shown valiantly declaring his freedom and shaming the federal government for interfering in states rights.

And more from the Spokane rally:

In this third video Greg West & Phil Mocek are being filmed getting arrested in Seattle for peacefully protesting on the same day in front of the federal building.

Much thanks for respect to these concerned citizens who stand up for their rights and risk their freedom and comfort to protect what they believe in.