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Roger Christie will likely spend his 3rd Christmas locked up

September 1st, 2012 | By Pirate

This is just a way to scare people away from the THC Ministry, from God, from Cannabis, and from supporting Roger.
The “danger to the community” statement is illogical. And they say that “even though he is innocent until proven guilty we must ASSume that the allegations are true”… So they are saying, despite that he SHOULD be considered “innocent until proven guilty”, basicly “we (the feds) do not believe he is innocent” therefor he gets to continue to serve this stupid sentence that he was not even convicted on.

Latest news and interviews about Roger Christie:

Roger Christie will likely spend his third Christmas in a row in a federal prison in Honolulu on felony drug charges.

On Tuesday, U.S. District Court Judge Leslie Kobayashi denied Christie’s request to be released on bail to his home in Hilo or to a halfway house in Kalihi.”

Roger Christie Appeals Denial of Bail in Federal Court August 7, 2012

Roger Christie Denied Bail, Again | Big Island News Center

First time offender, has no violence on his record, 63 years old and his worst crime is a victimless cannabis crime.   I think this is a mighty shame on our justice system.

His wife has been helping with media Share Christie @ Facebook

If you are Libertarian are you an anarchist? If you an anarchist are you a libertarian?

June 3rd, 2012 | By Pirate

If you are Libertarian are you an anarchist? If you an anarchist are you a libertarian?

Here is a link to my reference from the video:


This is a video that I made about: Religion vs. Libertarianism

This is a good philosophical conversation between scholars on the topic of anarchism.

What are spiritual beliefs compared to religious beliefs

July 4th, 2011 | By Pirate

I have a particularly difficult time with people who think belief in God automatically means a membership with a religion.

I have to correct this totally unreasonable belief.

When I was a kid I was brought up in a religion, the same religion that most of my family had been members of for many generations.

At an early age I rejected that religion and instead I embraced agnosticism.

After many years of soul searching I found that faith traditions from all over the world essentially was teaching about the same creator.  Upon further research I found that intelligent design in fact made a lot more logical sense than randomness.

I have studied Hinduism, Judaism, and Christianity mostly, but I have recently started studying Islam as well.  As a general rule of my upbringing, I learned about the spirit of the earth and native American beliefs, as this was something that my father taught me.

The connection to all of these beliefs is not religion however.  It is a common connection to the creator.

I have explained this many times.  Although it seems that many people can’t grasp how someone can believe in a creator but not a religion.  For me it’s easy.
In fact, I don’t think that Jesus taught of a religion either.  It seems like he was teaching more of a “relationship” with God.

This is a video I made in 2009.

I made several other videos about faith and God on my youtube channel.

This is another video that I made to explain how I believe in regards to the human/creator relationship;


Happy Independence day!
I am celebrating my freedoms today, including and especially my first amendment!!

Second response to Keith Stroup about Cannabis and Religion

June 18th, 2011 | By Pirate

Reply To NORML’s Keith Stroup on Religious Use of Cannabis v2
I have made two of these in the last week because Keith has released two broadcasts on this subject, and I think he is misrepresenting or misunderstanding the facts about the history of cannabis use, the importance of our religious rights, and religious defense cases in the past.


My last response to Keith Stroup on this topic:

This is the interview on Time 4 Hemp (June 13th 2011) with Keith Stroup

This is the video that I used for the audio of Patrick Duff

This is the Radical Rant from Russ Bellville about SB 5073

A graphic about the religious defense cause that Russ Belville posted:

Another case of mob mentality Vancouver riots

June 18th, 2011 | By Pirate

I think it is ironic how in a time where I am very critical of mob mentality, lobby’s and group thinking, that this riot would happen during something as petty as a hockey game!  Seriously, a hocky game?
People invest way too much emotional investment in something that means practically NOTHING!

It’s a GAME, have fun!  Don’t burn your fricken city down!

I have been highly critical of mob thinking and mob mentality.  I have posted several blog posts on my website about mob mentality.

I posted this link on April 30th 2011.

Mob mentality has been a major thorn for me, growing up in the LDS church.  I was raised in a very religious community, by parents who became very religious after living most of their life as partiers and non-religious people.

When I was baptized into a church, I was 8 years old, it was against my will, and I had no idea what it was all about.

That seems common for mob mentality.  People associate themselves with a group that seems strong and seems to fit what they believe in, without really considering what it is all about.  It’s just the social aspect of it.

In this video I use the example of Nazi Germany.  It’s not that all of Germany were Nazi’s, it was the fact that a few leaders in Germany had some dastardly plans, and few people bothered to research the facts, or pay attention to the writing on the walls.  Many knew that Jews were being gassed by the millions, and decided not to speak out against it for one reason or another.  Mostly it was “patriotism”.  Don’t speak out against the government, because that’s not patriotic seemed to be the mentality.

Well I won’t follow the leader.  I will be a leader even if its only on a small scale, such as my life and my family.  But I refuse to follow groups, or mobs.

One more thing that I have had a conversation that relates to all of this.  I recently had someone tell me on facebook that Atheism is not a religion.   Atheism holds as much mob mentality as any other mob or religion or group.   Also Atheism by definition and by a court ruling is in fact a religion:

Definition of the word religion doesn’t always include a belief in God, just a principle or a belief in something.   A belief that there is no God qualifies.

According to Oxford dictionary:

Pay attention to this part:  “be/become a believer/an atheist/an agnostic/a Christian/Muslim/Hindu/Buddhist, etc.”


“7a. a cause, principle, system of tenets held with ardor, devotion, conscientiousness and faith, a value held to be of supreme importance, 7b. a quality, condition, custom, or thing inspiring zealous devotion, conscientious maintenance, and cherishing.”

Or see where the courts ruled that atheism is defined by law as a religion:
Sorry, just because some people claim to be “an atheist” doesn’t mean that they are not a part of mob rule themselves.

You can see how atheism became mob rule during WWII under state instituted atheism ruled by atheist regimes like that of Stalin in Russia where 60 million people were slaughter because of their religious beliefs.

State atheism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I think it’s funny how people think when they are atheist they are “non-conformists”.   Sad how people get fooled into these beliefs.

Another good video about the riots and mob mentality. She supports a “good form” of mob mentality, and I think she makes some good points.

And a great song by Drop Kick Murphy’s “Mob Mentality”

Chris Bennett and THC Ministries at the Free American radio show

December 8th, 2010 | By Pirate

Another hour of THC Ministries at the Free American radio show

This is an interview with Chris Bennet a legendary scholar on religion and entheogens.

This is Chris’s site:

Even though Ive already posted this several times this week.  I want to also mention Roger Christie’s site;

We donate via paypal today, and we highly recommend that anyone concerned about liberty do the same.

Cannabis Faith

Listen to internet radio with Clay Douglas on Blog Talk Radio

Christian pot advocate, one of few or one of many?

April 5th, 2010 | By Pirate

In my life, I have had trials and pains, and adversity. I don’t think Im unique this way, as most people have these things in their lives. But when I was a young tattooed, rowdy youth I was highly agnostic. It seemed like I was always going at it alone, and for the most part I was. I grew up in Springville Utah, the mecca of Mormonism.

Most people know what Mormons are and if you don’t you can visit my other site

My story was typical of a lot of young Mormon kids, I started out rebelling a little and resisting the unnaturally rigid moral system.   I grew my hair long when I was 8 years old.  I fought my dad bitterly about this.  He would often call me a “fagott” or a “little girl” due to my long locks.  He wanted an ‘all American boy’ a ‘normal’ boy, not some hippy skateboarder who hated pro-sports.  So he chided me a lot about my appearance in hopes to straighten me out.  This is when I added black makeup and a bunch of tattoos to the mix, to stand up for who I was and to throw it back in my dads face that I would not let him control me.  That ended shortly after age 12 because the following year I moved in with my granma after several fist fights with my dad.  Eventually my parents would separate and that made life a little more depressing.

After age 15, I moved in with my cousin and her boyfriend.  He was a self purported ‘skin head’ complete with dumb skin head tattoos and the shaved head, etc.   We had a lot of fun, and this is when I was introduced to pot.  I smoked pot regularly, and I was able to cope with teenage stress, and family stress, etc.  I had horrible headaches back then, which I had been diagnosed as having migraines back then (I know now that they are cluster headaches).  But back then, I didn’t need an excuse to smoke pot.  It was illegal no matter what my excuse was.  I smoked it for recreation, for stress, for pain, for whatever.  I loved pot.

After several years of using pot, I started carrying it around with me every where, and I got arrested for possession a few times.  I wasn’t caught selling, or growing, or anything else, just possession.   By my 3rd arrest, I was still not going to let the system win and incarcerate me any longer, that is when I moved to Washington.  I got off the bus with no money, not job and no home.  I was 17 years old.  But by this time I had already been couch surfing for a few years, so I was prepared I thought. 
My first job in Seattle was something that I found in the U-District, gathering signatures for I-692, the MMJ initiative that passed in 1998.

I got paid some change for each signature, and I had a good time doing it.  I got a lot of signatures, and I got enough money to feed me for a few weeks.  Then the job ended, and I was off to find other ways to survive.

After several weeks of fending for myself, I was on Broadway in Seattle, and I met  New Horizons Ministries.  When I had met them, I had been studying Hinduism and Paganism for years, so I listened to what they had to say, unlike my friends who didn’t care or who acted offended. 
They told me why they were working with this ministry, they were not paid, they were not making up half truth, and they seemed very sincere.  They invited us to go to their ministry which at the time was on Summit Ave in Seattle, which wasn’t far from Broadway where I originally met them.

They fed 100s of kids every day who were homeless or inbetween, or abused at home or whatever.  They just opened their doors and anyone under the age of 19 could be there for a morning and evening drop in.  They gave cloths, offered laundry facilities, and even bus tokens, but best of all they gave good food and a listening ear.

I met a few people there that changed my life, and loved me unconditionally, and I was not used to that.  Any other situation there was always unrealistic expectations that were required for getting love.  But these people were so sweet, and sincere.  Grandma Penny, Chris, Mary, Suzy, Ron, Rita and so many others.  Just simply amazing folks!

So I started learning more about the Bible, and I wanted to be completely aware of what I claimed to not understand (by being all agnostic and all that).  So I read the Bible at least twice.  And I started asking some questions that were very important to me to know.  Why does this happen, what about that in the bible, how about this, why would G-d do that.  Lots and lots of questions, some sarcasm sometimes, and a lot of skepticism.

But for 2 years, I never called upon the Lord in my life.  I had prayed, and pleaded, and hoped and wished, but to other forces in the Universe, never the Lord.

But after traveling Spokane and living with a girl.  I found myself wanting to be better.  I tried to get a job, but first I needed a car.  So I asked some friends that lived in Deer Park not far from me, if I could buy their car.  They had an old Audio 6000 in their driveway that had been there for years and never started.  So I worked on it, got a battery (because my folks sent me some money, after pleading and begging for a while).  Then I was on my way to Spokane, and the first thing that happens is that I slide off the road with the bald tires on the car, and end up in an icy ditch.  I had no way out, and I flooded the car trying.
So I prayed, I asked Jesus for the strength, or the ability to get through this situation.   To my surprise the paranoia of getting found driving without a license, or losing this car to impound all went away.  I was able to think clearly.  I sat in the car, and turned the key, it started to my amazement.  So I tried to work out of the ditch.  What I couldn’t do in 30 minutes before this, I was able to do very quickly now.  Within less than a minute I was out, and on my way back to the house from where I got the car from.  The tires were too bad to drive it.  So I needed to work on that at a later time.

That car never started for me again for more context.   But I was on the ‘heel toe express’ again.   I was hitchhiking from Deer Park to Spokane.  I was trying to get a job still, to fix the car, to keep the girl and to make something of my life.  
This is when I met a young pastor named Nate, who was driving to Spokane from Chewelah.  He and I talked about a few things, small talk.  Then he told me what he does.  I told him about how I had a prayer answered and how I had some questions.  He gave me a story about how he had a similar life, and he was homeless as a teen too.  He answered thousands of questions about the Bible for me, and about other things. 
I went to his wedding, and spent a lot of time with him and his wife, it was a true blessing every time I hung out with them.

So I prayed, and asked G-d for direction.  I was still homeless and I was going to City Gate ministries in Spokane.  Mark Terrel the director spent some time with me.  And I had received some guidance from the Bible (Romans 13) and I thought I should go home and spend my time on the warrants that were out for my arrest on possession charges in Utah.   Put that behind me.  Even though the charges were only misdemeanors and even though I couldn’t be extradited from Washington for them, I decided to also go home and make amends with people especially my family. 
So I went home with some financial help from City Gate / Cup Of Cool Water ministries.  I served another 6 months on top of months and months I had spent in jail previously for the same charges (before bailing out).  Then I got out, and I had been convinced that pot was a drug, and I didn’t need it.  So I lived a drug free life, no tobacco, no pot, nothing else besides and occasional beer or glass of wine.  I wanted to be dedicated to the philosophy that I had dedicated myself to.  I got baptized in the Provo river by Pastor Gene.  And I served a few ministry callings, and I even spoke at a baptist conference in Salt Lake about teen suicide issues in Utah (because my brother Justin had committed suicide at age 16).  Utah is the #1 state for teen suicides, and #1 for prescription drug use/abuse too, so I commented on my experiences with depression and prescriptions too. 
I was very dedicated and I the new lifestyle fit me pretty good.  Mind you, I was in a predominately LDS/Mormon state, and they are very anti-other Christian religions.   Their doctrine is explicitly negative about other Christian groups in fact.  So I was not a real popular person with my friends and family.  I was after all very outspoken about things I disliked about the LDS culture and the LDS scriptures.  So that was not a huge bonus in my social life.  But I didn’t care, I was living a sincere life and I liked being able to enjoy the freedom of just being me, as I have always been.

After awhile I met my wife Kimberly.  She was/is totally my type, she had the patchwork cloths, the long brown hair, and a big sack of weed in her pocket.  Everything I loved about a woman when I was a non-Christian bachelor.  She wasn’t a Christian believer, but she was going to church with her brother who she was staying with.  She was curious.   It worked out that after meeting her online, a month later I met her in person.  It was love at first site, and I spent a lot of time with her.  I broke up with my other girlfriend, and Kimi and I were engaged within 3 months.  Within 6 months we were hitched at a groovy little wedding created by my wife, even the wedding dress and the brides maid’s dresses were made by my wife.  She topped it off with a homemade, 3 tier wedding cake.   She got baptized shortly after we moved to Colorado a year later.  She was a believer, and she was determined to let G-d work in her life, so she quit using pot.  She never used anything else, not even tobacco.  But she was raised with some really cool parents so she was enlightened with a different prospective of the universe than most.

So now neither of us smoked pot, or partied, etc.   Then we planned for and had a child.  That kept us busy, and there was no time for partying, even if we wanted to.  Which we didn’t.

A few years passes, I am working  a full time job, and then I am running 3 technology companies that I had owned/operated for 5 years. 
I started a graveyard shift, and my typical migraine type headaches increased, and then I started experiencing cluster headaches.
I tried everything.  I had a prescription for midrin, imitrex, steroids (believe it or not).  Nothing helped. 
One day at one of my side jobs the manager of the jewelry store that I was installing point of sales equipment for offered me a free spliff as a tip for doing a good job.  I told him it had been 7 years, but sure.  I took it home and waited until I had another headache.  When the headache came, I was ready.  I fired up the spliff and within 30 seconds the headache was gone.  I had no undesirable side effects, except for a noticeable increase in heart rate, and the munchies of course.  But that wasn’t nearly as bad as some of the side effects of the prescriptions I was given.

Fast forward a year, I had been going to hempfest, and supporting Mark Emery with his battle against extradition to the US, and I had started xCannabis to share my experiences and opinions.  ( I tend to do that with everything I believe in, which accounts for why I own over 30 websites).

I got my doctor recommend from a doctor in Spokane, and I now find pot to be spiritually and physically healing.

But now I am in a new sort of strange situation.  I am a vocal, sometimes outspoken student of Jesus Christ.  Its just my nature to be outspoken I guess.  I was just as outspoken when I was agnostic.  As a pot advocate and a Christian, I am in kind of a paradox.    On one hand main stream Christianity doesn’t accept marijuana in any way shape or form.  There are some Christian folks that do understand marijuana, but for the most part it is shunned.  Not yet do most Christians now that cannabis was a main ingredient in the anointing oil of Moses.

On the other hand, there are people like Radical Russ Belville and other pot advocates who are very much offended by Christianity. 
Read this article about Roger Christie/THC Ministry Hawaii:  “The Church of Lighter Wallets”.
I don’t have a problem with Russ, and I advertise on that website.  Russ knows my position and I know his.  But this is the problem with Russ’ comments its not that it is Russ saying this, but it is a common feeling shared in many ‘alternative culture / counter-culture / progressive culture’ circles including marijuana law reform.

First I have to say that the flack Roger Christie is getting is undue.  Russ believes that Roger Christie is selling his religion, and making it somehow necessary to pay him for being a cannabis minister.  For the record this is not the case.  I used the information that Roger Christie offered on his site to get ordained as a minister (the same as himself) for free from the Universal Life Church

Roger doesn’t make the claim that his kits guarantee immunity from the law, just a legal defense (similar to MMJ), and he makes it clear that not everyone has been successful in using this as a defense.  But what Roger is charging for are the materials that he produces.  You can choose to get those resources from  also, which I did for free.  I got a certificate in the mail with my credentials for no cost, not even shipping. 
I don’t think it’s un-reasonable to ask for a donation to cover costs, and plus if people want to donate why should that be any different than Rick Steves asking for donations for PBS and giving in return a hemp backpack or something else?   A donation for a prize…  Same as other non-profits.

Anyway, the problem for me is that I find that a lot of relationships that I start get jaded shortly after having a conversation with someone about Jesus and faith.  It’s like some people just don’t want to hear about it (even if they initiate the conversation to begin with, which happens a lot).

Here is why I think that Christians compliment the marijuana law reform movement.

First, if you look at Jesus.  He is the ultimate civil rights activist.  He acts peacefully, to demonstrate His resistance to the Roman and Jewish authorities, and He believes in His cause so much that He gives His life for it.   After that, His message is spread to every corner of the world.  
That is the way to stand up for something and make some change!

Second, you have to acknowledge that one of the most well know Christ disciples in the world Bob Marley (as well as Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, and most other reggae musicians) are directly responsible for much of the momentum in the marijuana law reform movement.   Do you think ganja would be as well accepted or as fun without Bob Marley?   Nope.  And most of his music is about Jesus Christ.

I think I am one of many who believe in Christ and support marijuana law reform.  But I think that its an opposite social situation where instead of people concealing their support for marijuana, some Christians in the law reform movement are very discreet about their spiritual beliefs.

My opinion is that you are not a true Christian if you are quiet about what you believe.  That defies what the Lord taught to the core!  You think if Jesus was quiet His message would have gotten around the world like it did?!  What about the Great Commission?
This would be like saying “Im a pot advocate”  but then never doing anything to bring awareness to marijuana law reform, etc..

Now I get the whole thing about “you can’t prove G-d”.   I get that.   But at the same time, some of these agnostic folks who are evolution theorists believe in some weird stuff too.  
For example many of these believe the universe came in to existence and they assign the responsibility to the “big bang”.   Or, they believe that human life bubbled out of some ooze by accident, with no design or reason.

First the big bang doesn’t explain where the matter came from, or where the bang came from. 
Second, humans evolving from ooze?  Prove that!  Come on now, these are all just theories, not fact.  Same with faith, right?

Anyway.  I just wanted to let other Christians know, that you are not alone.  If you toke and you’re a Christian, you have a brother who understands.


P.S.  Here is another tidbit about marijuana legalization and when the movement really started.

It didn’t start with NORML, or MPP, or Jack Herer.   It started with reggae, and very much with Robert Nesta Marley and The Wailers in the early 60’s.

NORML started in 1970, but Jesus praising Bob Marley was spreading the word about herb to the world way back in 1964.

Roger Christie’s THC Ministry Raided by the DEA?

March 15th, 2010 | By Pirate

If what I am hearing is true, then I think Roger Christie may be facing some tribulation, and I wanted to just offer up a prayer from his home page.

God, that’s great!

Please show us the blessings in this situation…

And hurry!

We are safe. We are loved, and all is well.

I posted this in response to a blog at the NORML Stash.

This is something that I posted here on xCannabis last year.

In my opinion is that Roger Christie isnt selling anything that he isn’t already giving a way for free.

In my opinion Roger Christie is giving time, resources and materials in exchange for a donation, yes.  But if someone didnt want to donate $250, then they can look on Roger Christie’s website and in his forums, and figure out how to get ordained and practicing their own faith very easily (like it should be).   It shouldn’t be difficult for us to practice our faith, if we aren’t hurting anyone else.  Period.

Marijuana is a deep part of all religion descended from Abraham, it is a deep part of Hinduism and many other smaller beleifs in the world as well.

Marijuana is both healing spiritually but also physically imho that is how religion is in most faith traditions.  Jesus, Krishna, and many other representations of G-d have been healers both physically and spiritually for all recorded history.

I don’t know a lot about it, but faith was a healing power in the oldest known writing in the world, the Epic of Gilgamesh.

So if G-d provided marijuana, and marijuana is a healing herb, then religion and medicine go hand in hand IMHO.

More news here:

Freedom Rally in Salt Lake City July 25th, marijuana legalization in Utah!

July 13th, 2009 | By Pirate

Shawn Fluewelling is facing felony charges for simply possessing marijuana in his home in Boise Idaho last year.

Shawn Fluewelling is a minister of the THC Ministry Hawai’i.
(, and was ordained by Roger Christie.

Cannabis is his religious sacrament and a medicine that he uses. He was not harming anyone by possessing marijuana for his own personal use in his home.

Please reach out to Shawn. Click here for more information.
Shawn is a member at xCannabis as well.

See the video from the news clip here
This is an innocent young man. He has not hurt or intended on hurting anyone by his alleged “crime”.


Please show your support for Shawn at the Cannabis Legalization rally at the Salt Lake State Capitol on July 25th in Utah.
We need support from everyone everywhere on this one!!

Here is the information about the rally:

Freedom of Religion and Freedom from Religion

June 16th, 2009 | By Pirate



I can’t help but agree with what this man said in his speech, about God being at the core of the founding and history and presence of our country.
I will note, that although we have these values at our core, we also have the freedom of religion, which I believe is also a freedom FROM religion.
This religion or that religion should not be forced on anyone, nor should we have a state sponsored religion by the standards of our constitution, in other words, our nation is not a theocracy. It is a nation that has been blessed by the Almighty Lord God. But it is not a nation founded on the principle of “our way or the highway”..