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Marijuana Policy Project takes over the Legalize Maine campaign in Maine for the 2016 ballot initiative

December 21st, 2015 | By Pirate

There have been two campaigns in Maine working on getting signatures for legalization for the 2016 ballot.  In late October of 2015 the two campaigns “joined forces” and MPP’s campaign manager David Boyer took over the campaign that Paul McCarrier was leading.    Reference;  Pot Legalization Campaigns Join Forces on Merged Ballot Question Effort

Then this came; Marijuana Policy Project takes over the Legalize Maine campaign in Maine for the 2016 ballot initiative

MPP joined forces with the ACLU and took over the Legalize Maine campaign, and now they are working to destroy the campaign. They even hired an abortion activist to speak to the conference as the “Featured speaker”. To me, that seems counter productive to push an abortion activist in a VERY conservative state like Maine.

My guess is that they are doing what the ACLU did in Washington state with I-502. They are trying to squash the iniative that intended to bring GOOD law reform, so that they can come back and reintroduce a much more regressive initiative next year.

Mark my words, I doubt that this initiative will even get on the ballot in 2016. But in 2017, the ACLU and MPP will reintroduce a different initiative that is much more regressive.

Prior to October, there were TWO SEPARATE initiatives to “legalize cannabis” in Maine. And then MPP took over the other campaign.

Why? Like I said above, this is some dirty dealings like we have saw in the past in other states.

The ACLU did something very similar with the Sensible Washington campaigns in Washington state.  They played the whole “Divide and conquer” card, and came out publicly in opposition of the more liberal cannabis initiatives that would allow for more freedom, right before introducing their own initiative, that is called by many “Prohibition 2.0”.

The wording in the “CRMLA” campaign is some of the best “law reform” that I have saw at a state level, but now seeing that MPP has pirated the campaign, I expect to see it fail, and then to see MPP and the ACLU forge through in 2017 with a new and more restrictive campaign, that will appeal to their lawyer sponsors who rely on prohibition for an income.

Time will tell, but either way, I refuse to support any initiative that makes an abortion activist with only scant support for cannabis, their “Featured speaker”.

Learn more at
(do a search for ACLU, and do a search for New Approach Washington, to learn about what has happened at the hands of the ACLU in other states)


This is our report on the campaign’s “Marijuana Summit” on December 5th 2015 from the campaign summit meeting.

This was our radio show on December 5th 2015, after the summit.   I spoke about other aspects of legalization that makes more sense.
It is my opinion that prohibition is illegal, and in essence cannabis is already legal.

Show me a cannabis prohibition activist that doesn’t believe in a conspiracy

July 12th, 2015 | By Pirate

Show me a marijuana activist that doesn’t believe in a conspiracy. I will show you either a cop, a fraud or an ignoramus.

“IGNORAMUS, n. A person unacquainted with certain kinds of knowledge familiar to yourself, and having certain other kinds that you know nothing about.” ?Ambrose Bierce Read more at

“IGNORAMUS, n. A person unacquainted with certain kinds of knowledge familiar to yourself, and having certain other kinds that you know nothing about.”
?Ambrose Bierce

For 80 years the government has had a conspiracy going against consumers, growers and distributors of hemp/cannabis. Yet every once and a while, I find someone that is a “Cannabis Activist” who balks when you say “there are conspiracies against the people” followed by ______ (fill in the blank, as to which conspiracy).

Do you trust someone who balks at the thought of conspiracies?

I mean look at it this way, most of our neighbors, and most developed nations have the ability to grow hemp, but we have had 80 years of this conspiracy (fact, not theory) of hemp prohibition, and yet there is no justification for it what-so-ever that deals with truth.

Then we have this big issue with Ed Snowden, and Julian Assange, and how they became whistle blowers and then public enemy #1, for simply releasing data, that the people should have access to in a free country.


Even if you're not doing anything wrong, you're being watched and recorded. And the storage capability of these system increases every year consistently by orders of magnitude...  The can use tis system to go back in time and scrutinize every decision you've ever made, every friend you've ever discussed something with and attack you on that basis...  To derive suspicion from an innocent life and paint anyone in the context of a wrongdoer.  -  Edward Snowden

Even if you’re not doing anything wrong, you’re being watched and recorded. And the storage capability of these system increases every year consistently by orders of magnitude… The can use tis system to go back in time and scrutinize every decision you’ve ever made, every friend you’ve ever discussed something with and attack you on that basis… To derive suspicion from an innocent life and paint anyone in the context of a wrongdoer. – Edward Snowden


And they still balk at conspiracy theories?

What about the conspiracy facts, that were just “theories” before they became facts?

Don’t you think people sat around talking about the possibilities of these theories, being true?
Then they became TRUE! Which proves that often “conspiracy theories” become “conspiracy facts”.

I like ideas. I like hearing other people’s ideas.

I ran a radio station for years, that I invited other people to come on my show and share their ideas.

What I find interesting, is that one of my former guests, who came on my show in 2011 with her own “conspiracy theories” (which eventually became conspiracy facts, after I502 became law), is now balking at my video that I made that shows how these RFID and Bluetooth beacons on phones and other consumer items can be utilized to spy on us, via already established NSA programs.

I think some people think they are God’s gift to the world, and only their particular conspiracies have any merit. It boggles the mind how narcissistic our world has become.

I am more oppressed then you, neener neener

I am more oppressed then you, neener neener

I don’t have anything to hide, hell, I think I have given myself a big huge beacon for attracting the NSA to me. But so what. Im not worried. I mind my own business, take care of my own, and I don’t harm anyone. I have nothing to hide. Examine me, I don’t give a fuck. Doesn’t mean I will stop talking about what they are doing!

conspiracy, sometimes they are out to get you

conspiracy, sometimes they are out to get you


Over all though, we had a good conversation and I think a lot of thought provoking information was able to be compiled for whatever purpose.  Like I said, sharing information is a passion of mine.  So here ya go!

NSA piggy backs on consumer electronics to spy… by xcannabis

So I go in to a headshop today, and freak one of the locals out

May 4th, 2015 | By Pirate

So just for the record.  I ALWAYS talk about Hemp.  I have many motives, many reasons, just like about everyone in the world with a head on their shoulder.

But let me explain something to you.  I would NEVER go in to anyone’s place of business, and talk about anything illegal.

So I go in to a “headshop” that sells HEMP today and I mention “hemp eliquid” because the Hookah pens that they sell look an awful lot like the “ehookahzz hemp pens“, I asked him “are those the e-hookahzz hemp pens”?   A   But I guess the thing that he wasn’t getting, is that LD 4 is in the Maine legislator  right now, (also see this update: to legalize hemp on a state level WITHOUT federal approval/aka legalization on a federal level, and the sources I speak to are speculating that the governor will sign this as well.  It’s still working it’s way through committees as we speak, but its moving and it appears to be something most are in favor of in these committees.   But for sure do your own research!

I was explaining that the new hemp law is why we moved here.   I mean we have lived in 4 medical marijuana states, plus Colorado and Washington.   Our first born was born in Colorado.
So if we were worried about medical marijuana, we would just go to a different state all together.  We are here because hemp seems like a likely crop to be happening here in the near future, and we want to invest in hemp.   I think out of all formats of the cannabis sativa plant, that HEMP is the most valuable, and most productive crop.

Although I have very well already receive a medical marijuana recommend in the state of Maine from my therapist Christine Carr.  I have the recommend available to be reviewed by anyone I choose.  I also have a medical recommend in 3 other states by M.D.’s, and I have since 2009.

But that is completely besides the point.  I just think it’s trippy how people react to the word “hemp” at all.   I mean do these people not distinguish the difference between hemp and sensimilla ?  There is a large difference, even though they are the same species of plant.

Hemp (from Old English hænep) is a commonly used term for high-growing varieties of the Cannabis plant and its products, which include fiber, oil, and seed. Hemp is refined into products such as hemp seed foods, hemp oil, wax, resin, rope, cloth, pulp, paper, and fuel.

Other variants of the herb Cannabis are widely used as a drug, commonly known as marijuana. These variants are typically low-growing and have higher content of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol (CBD), and other cannabinoids. The legality of Cannabis varies widely from country to country, and from state to state in the United States. In many countries regulatory limits for concentrations of psychoactive drug compounds, particularly THC, in hemp require the use of strains of the plant which are bred for low content.[1]  (wikipedia 05/2015 hemp)




1. (Recreational Drugs) a type of marijuana with a very high narcotic content
2. (Plants) the plant from which it is obtained
[C20: from American Spanish, literally: without seed]
Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003

I tend to cross reference many sources for a definition, I suggest that you do the same.


Here is what I was talking about, and what I was trying to give him advice on, from one shop owner to another shop.  Is, check out this HEMP based eliquid that is legal in all 50 states.  An eliquid that I sold at my shop in Pocatello Idaho, where there are no favorable laws for cannabis, with the exception of allowing folks to import and sell HEMP that has “naturally occurring amounts of THC” (less than 1% is the DEA standard for “naturally occurring amounts).


Here is from their Page:  “There is no need for a Prescription or Medical card to purchase CBD. It is a natural constituent of the Industrial Hemp plant containing very low levels of THC. Having only trace amounts of THC, our CBD oil is non-psychoactive and legal in all 50 states. In fact, the FDA considers hemp oil to be a nutritional supplement.”

This is an ad that I had placed in my own print news paper “The Clovis Star

Emerald See Hemp Eiquid

Emerald See Hemp Eiquid









Our youtube video about this Cold Pressed Hemp Product/Eliquid here;

Anyway,  you can see the newspaper from where that ad was placed here:  or @

In the fall of 2014, our Clovis Star Newspaper put out more information on the DOJ’s decision on this industrial hemp’s qualifying factors, which basically came down to “what is naturally occurring amounts of THC”.     See that edition here;

And for anyone interested, this was our debut Maine edition of the Clovis Star for Fall/Winter 2013;

Recently I had a tenant accuse me of being a “pot head” after he and I got in a dispute about him smoking in our apartment that we rented to him.  He signed a lease saying that he would not smoke in the apartment, otherwise if he did, he agreed to an “immediate eviction”.   When he complained about “a weird smell”  I reminded him of a conversation that I over heard, where he was smoking on his front porch (which was not allowed on the lease) and he was talking to his neighbor about burning weed, and he had a horrible mix of inscents that other tenants had complained about to the police, something that smelled like a mix of potchoulli and playdoh.

And I get this a lot, since my car has a big ass hemp leaf on it.  And my store sold hemp eliquid.  I guess it doesn’t help my defense when I have also been a signature coordinator for legalization/decriminalization of cannabis campaigns/initiatives.

I guess what logic doesn’t make sense there, is that anyone who wants to regulate cannabis, and put it in a “legal” environment, is that they want to take money out of the cartels and gangs and put it in the community instead.  I am someone who has worked hard and invested diligently for 20 years to get cannabis into a functional industry for general society (rather than just the black market, and grey market, etc).  So no, I am not going around ruthlessly trying to break laws.  That is not my gig at all.  I haven’t had a problem with the law since 1997, other than a little domestic thing with my father in law this year.  But for 99% of the last 20 years, I have been clean as a whistle.   What is on my record from 20 years ago, is misdemeanor simple possession of marijuana and nothing else.

I brought a legal format of cannabis to several very “red” (prohibition rich) states, and let the general population (who does not frequent the black market) experience a legal benign format of cannabis aka “industrial hemp” oil.   It went over very well in Idaho where there are no MMJ laws, no hemp laws, no rec laws, etc.  Idaho is as prohibition rich as it gets, and a good portion of the city budget for Pocatello comes from fines and forfeiture (research for yourself, I can’t not recall where I read that) .  So selling cannabis there, even in the format that it was being prepare, it was still a very Taboo subject.   But we did it anyway.

In Maine, at least they have medical marijuana, and they pass an industrial hemp law last year, which is being revised and is in committee now and should be passed which this time it will actually allow access to farmers who want to grow hemp (I am one of them).


Not All Marijuana Is Illegal

Not All Marijuana Is Illegal



















When people have told me that I have offended them for not being more assertive, or not doing enough.
I don’t mean to demand too much.  I think that our freedom is worth fighting for, and I don’t believe that armchair activism is very effective.

I want to apologize for anyone’s feelings that I may have hurt in my recovery since the car accident.  Dealing with stress right now is difficult, and I have been officially diagnosed with PTSD.

I am getting readjusted.  I will also write up something nice about this business in our print newspaper.  After all, they are one of very few in the area, and their selection is fantastic.
I also understand about being paranoid, but also at some point you have to stand up and fight regardless of any fear or hesitation.  Hemp should not be illegal to grow, it is just stupid that it is.
Most modern nations do grow industrial hemp, including our neighbor Canada and many of our allies including the UK and Australia.
(I know, Im talking in terms of imaginary borders, anyway..  You get my point hopefully)

peace, love and prosperity!


P.S.  We supply several vaporizer shops all throughout the country with both Hemp Eliquid and Kratom Eliquid.   Write us for more information; :  (18+ only)

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So even if this website is down, and can not be reached.  This post will remain at by doing just a simple search.

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Why is the left so silent about Obama’s wars, both foreign and domestic?

August 29th, 2013 | By Pirate

I am so tired of hearing the far left liberals launch constant attacks and leverage intense blame on their ‘enemies’.
I hear from so many of these same liberals their excuses for attacking conservatives and libertarians, by claiming “we are against war, and we are in favor of human rights”.  They would claim that conservatives are against these things.

When George W. Bush was a president, I saw constant liberal rally’s against war, and against corporate favoritism.  But since Obama has been president, those same liberals are now either extinct or too embarassed to show their faces in public.  Which is it?  They aren’t around so that I can ask them.   The ones that I can find, that were solid on supporting Barack Obama in the last 2 elections, will now say  “I didn’t support Obama, I was more in favor of _________ (fill in the blank)”, typically they say something clever (though meaningless) like “I supported Jill Stein”.  (cough cough, bullshit)

I wrote this on my facebook on June 15th 2013:

“I wish I had a screen shot from my liberal friends MySpace/Facebook when George W. was in office. Every little thing he did wrong they crucified him for it. In fact, I was pretty pissed AND vocal myself. However, these same liberal connections that I have on these social networking sites almost pretend that Obama doesn’t even exist, even though he has been FAR harder on MJ issues, has made far more extreme measures to intrude upon our privacy, and has done everything GWB did, including the wars (undeclared such as Libya) and has done far too (if anything at all) little to protect civil rights. Bush had the Patriot Act issue, Obama had the indefinite detention of US citizens without trial issue via the NDAA. Obama spies on our phone calls, and increases measures to allow for further surveillance… But do these liberal folks complain about that? Nope?!!???!  And why not? If Mitt Romney got into office and did these same things, you know for sure they would be going crazy over this shit (so would I). But because it’s one of the liberal elite, they turn a blind eye to it.

Disgusting how disingenuous some humans are. These are the same lame asses that go nuts over their favorite pro-sports teams. Their team can do NOTHING wrong. But when they do, it’s the other teams fault. Sheep!”

I remember watching Russ Belville pimp Senator Barack Obama in 2008.  I couldn’t believe it then, the way that he shamelessly pimped this very unknown and unproven man to lead the free world.   I wasn’t so sure myself, I asked Obama this:  Barack can we count on you to keep your promises?

Then again in 2012, Russ even knowing how horrible Obama had been on marijuana policy (in fact far worse than George W. Bush) indicting nearly 9000% more legal medical marijuana providers in about half the time.
See the MMJ indictments under Obama via this Young Turks show, they used 2011 numbers;

I mean even the Irish Parliament gets it, from thousands of miles across the Atlantic.  Calling Obama a “War Criminal”, because of all of Obama’s new and illegal/undeclared wars abroad (not just the drug war at home that he has given much more fuel to).

I heard all of the slander of Ron Paul by Russ and other far left liberals.  In fact, Russ took about 8 minutes on his radio show with me to insult and berate Ron Paul.   But how much worse could Ron Paul be than Obama?

These liberals are down right militant at attacking their “enemies” even conservative politicians at home.  But when their team does all of the same things as their “enemies”, they ignore it.  It almost seems like some of them forgot Obama even exists, not yet is he starting wars all over the world!

Here is Russ Belville pimping Obama in 2012, even after all of the foreign wars, and even after all of the marijuana crack down in our country.

I am ashamed that I ever contributed to NORML and/or Russ Belville’s show.  These liberals for the most part are shameless hypocrites!

But further than that, I will NOT ignore their support of tyranny like they are ignoring Obama.

This is a video that I made to document all of this, including some news highlights regarding all of Obama’s foreign wars, and his domestic wars.

Do we ignore to “keep the peace” while our leaders are making war?  Or do we stand for what we believe in?
I will stand!

Is Cannabis Prohibition Constitutional ? Nullifying dumb laws

August 26th, 2013 | By Pirate

In the case of The USA vs. Timothy Leary in 1969, Timothy Leary fought the law, and NULLIFIED prohibition on a FEDERAL LEVEL based on prohibition being unconstitutional.

Learn more about this from a broadcast that I did on June 23rd 2011 with Jason Karimi on “rescheduling cannabis”

Learn more about Timothy Leary’s case here:

We don’t resolve dumb laws and tyranny with MORE LAWS. We nullify dumb laws!

Real Legalization I-584 in Washington

August 12th, 2013 | By Pirate

After many initiatives to “legalize” in Washington, they finally have a version of “legalization” that has passed the voters approval. Initiative I-502 has according to many “legalized” cannabis in Washington.

The definition of “legalize”

1. (Law) to make lawful or legal

2. (Law) to confirm or validate (something previously unlawful)

legalization , legalisation n
There was a time when cannabis was neither “legal” nor “illegal”.  It just was.   There were no laws authorizing it, there were no laws forbidding it.  This is what freedom is all about, when there are no laws to govern something one way or the other.
For years I held signs, and took part in protests to “legalize cannabis”.   But lately I have came to the conclusion that we do not need any more laws.  Laws are the problem.  What I really seek to to NULLIFY, REPEAL, ELIMINATE stupid laws.
Cannabis prohibition is one of the stupid laws on the books.  Cannabis prohibition gives authorities the right to bust down people’s doors, shoot their dogs, shoot their family, put them in jail, take their property, etc.   Cannabis prohibition has eliminated a common commodity that this continent, this country, this world once held dear because of it’s vast usefulness.
So now people are trying to “legalize” cannabis.  Which basically means to make new laws in place of old laws.
With the passage of I-502, cannabis prohibition was not repealed.   Rather one law replaced another, and people can still get charged with cannabis crimes.   New prohibitions are now in place of old prohibitions.  Old prohibitions are just disguised with new fancy legal lingo.
I’ll demonstrate how cannabis is still prohibited in Washington, as I have in the past via several articles.
If cannabis is legal in Washington, why is it still a schedule one drug?

If cannabis is legal in Washington, why is it still a schedule one drug?

Cannabis is not legal in Washington.  There may be some narrow (very narrow) legal exceptions.   It also seems that law enforcement has backed off a lot from this prohibition.   But that does not mean that cannabis is “legal”.
As people go to HempFest this year, in Washington where they have heard that “Cannabis is legal in Washington”.
I give warning, that cannabis is NOT legal.  So be careful.   Recently several dispensaries learned how “legal” cannabis is in Washington, long after I-502 passed.

Several dispensaries in Western Washington State being raided right now

Now with this new initiative petition in Washington that will be in front of people at Hempfest.  Initiative 584 (I-584), I just got to read it for the first time tonight.   There is a lot of good language in there, but I noticed a similar problem as with I-502.  It does not either repeal the Washington State scheduling of cannabis via the Washington State Unified Controlled Substances Act, nor does it opt out of the Federal Controlled Substances Act.   Even if I-584 passed, cannabis would still technically be illegal on a state and a federal level.

Reference to I-584  (you can print a petition here too)

CERTAINLY I-584 is better than I-502, and people would be doing themselves a favor by passing this in Washington, based on the crappy laws implimented in I-502.   I-584 allows unlicensed home grows. Cannabis is still restricted to those over 21, but penalties are lessened for those under 21.   The tax issue is addressed, as there are no taxes or permitting for home grows, etc.

But I-584 still does not nullify prohibition.

I think this is what would be best.  If a law is stupid, and makes no good come of it.  Then it should be REPEALED, NULLIFIED, ELIMINATED.  Not replaced.

This is my opinion.

Some people say that a state initiative can not remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act.  However I have found information that counters that opinion.   I do believe state laws can be nullified, or changed at all levels.

See this article by Steve Kubby:

Federal officials have declared war on California, insisting that any resistance to their Controlled Substance Act is futile.  Like the Red Chinese attempting to crush Tibetan culture and autonomy, our own Federal government is fraudulently asserting its authority to crush California’s vibrant cannabis economy and culture.  However, this is not Tibet, it is America.  Freedom-loving Americans shed blood and sacrificed lives to provide us with a Constitution and Bill of Rights that secures our freedoms and allows us to enjoy the blessing of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


Incredibly, the Federal government alleges that under the Commerce and Supremacy clauses of the US Constitution, Federal law supersedes state law.  Furthermore, we find there is an endless stream of legal experts and Constitutional scholars who all mindlessly parrot this nonsense.  Regardless of their legal standing or academic credentials, all these officials, experts and scholars are full of bongwater and do not know what they are talking about.  The notion that the Federal government can use these clauses to impose Federal law on cannabis produced and sold within California’s borders is absolutely false.


The government relies upon a bogus Supreme Court decision in Gonzales v. Raich, which found that consuming one’s locally grown marijuana for medical purposes affects the interstate market of marijuana, and hence that the federal government may regulate—and prohibit—such consumption. This argument stems from the landmark New Deal case Wickard v. Filburn, which supposedly held that the government may regulate personal cultivation and consumption of crops, due to the effect of that consumption on interstate commerce, however minute it may be. That may be true, but only under certain circumstances.


Lost in all the arguments presented in Gonzales v. Raich was the fact that Roscoe Filburn was a farmer who accepted ‘New Deal’ Federal money to limit how much wheat he grew.  Filburn was caught violating his contract with the Federal government by producing wheat in excess of the amount permitted.  The government then sued Filburn for violating the terms of his contract, Filburn objected on Constitutional grounds and the case went to the Supreme Court.


Now for a brief history lesson.  During 1941, producers who officially enrolled in the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938, received an average price on the farm of about $1.16 a bushel, as compared with the world market price of 40 cents a bushel. Filburn signed up for the Federal program and was paid to not grow over an allotted amount of wheat.  In July 1940, pursuant to the Agricultural Adjustment Act, Filburn’s 1941 allotment was established at 11.1 acres and a normal yield of 20.1 bushels of wheat per acre. Filburn was given notice of the allotment in July 1940 before the Fall planting of his 1941 crop of wheat, and again in July 1941, before it was harvested. Despite these notices and a signed contract with the Federal government, Filburn planted 23 acres and harvested 239 bushels from his 11.9 acres of excess area.


Filburn argued that because the excess wheat was produced for his private consumption on his own farm, it never entered commerce at all, much less interstate commerce, and therefore was not a proper subject of federal regulation under the Commerce Clause.  Unfortunately, Harvard educated attorney Robert Raich failed to point out that once Filburn accepted Federal money and violated the terms of his contract, then and only then, did it become a Federal matter.  Had Raich argued that Wickard v. Filburn only applied in cases where farmers had enrolled in Federal programs, signed contracts and accepted Federal money, the Supreme Court would not have had any basis to render the defective decision that they did.


These same ignorant federal officials and legal experts will also tell you that the Tenth Amendment is ignored by the courts and has no real power.  More bongwater.  I call your attention to Bond v. United States in which the Supreme Court ruled this year to unanimously uphold the powers reserved to individuals and states by the Tenth Amendment.  In that decision, all nine justices agreed that the Tenth Amendment means that “State sovereignty is not just an end in itself: ‘Rather, federalism secures to citizens the liberties that derive from the diffusion of sovereign power.’”


The Supreme Court further limited the role of the Federal government in their decision by proclaiming:


Some of these liberties are of a political character. The federal structure allows local policies “more sensitive to the diverse needs of a heterogeneous society,” permits “innovation and experimentation,” enables greater citizen “involvement in democratic processes,” and makes gov­ernment “more responsive by putting the States in com­petition for a mobile citizenry.” Gregory v. Ashcroft, 501 U. S. 452, 458 (1991). Federalism secures the freedom of the individual. It allows States to respond, through the enactment of positive law, to the initiative of those who seek a voice in shaping the destiny of their own times without having to rely solely upon the political processes that control a remote central power.




I still say that we lost a great asset in congress for freedom when Ron Paul retired.  We really missed a great opportunity to have a freedom loving American and an honest man as president when we missed our opportunity to elect Ron Paul.

See Ron Paul’s co-sponsorship of HR 2306.  He had been educating about the benefits of ending prohibition for about 40 years (even though he is not a consumer and never has been)

Here is some good tunes to listen to, while thinking about “freedom”.

Mark Knopfler & James Taylor – Sailing to Philadelphia

Why I will not attend Hempfest #hempfest

August 4th, 2013 | By Pirate

This is a post that I wrote on facebook a few minutes ago, and rather than posting it directly to facebook, it is a message that I want other to see as well so I am posting it on my website.

For your reference (incase you commented on a post that I made last night about Hempfest, this is for you), I was asked to take down my post about Hempfest this morning, by a person who’s picture I shared when I said what I had to say.
I don’t believe in censorship, and I usually don’t take down posts.  But apparently my words caused this person problems, and that was not my intent.  I shouldn’t have shared her picture to say what I had to say about HempFest being boring.

So let me say it again.  There are WAY too many liberals, and party-hardy types speaking at hempfest, and far too little conservatives, and non-party-hardy types.

That is not to say that conservatives don’t support ending prohibition.  In fact they do, and they have for far longer than liberals have from my estimation.
Ron Paul has championed ending prohibition for nearly 40 years, and he doesn’t even consume cannabis.  There were two prominent republican presidential candidates last election pushing for the end of prohibition (one a former governor, and the other a long standing congressman), and in fact no democrat presidential candidates pushing for ending prohibition.   Peter McWilliams, another conservative and libertarian type pushed for ending prohibition.   Many many conservatives push for ending prohibition.  However, you will not hear ANY of them speaking at HempFest this year.  And for that reason, I protest and I won’t be going to HempFest in the future, spending nearly $300 on a booth so that I can keep my young children out of the sun.  Or dropping donations in the donation bin.  Or spending hundreds and some times even thousands of dollars on goods at HempFest.  Rather, I will attend benefits for people (conservative type people) like Adam Kokesh who believes in liberty, and ending prohibition, and who is locked up without bail right now.  Or people like Buju Banton who has also been kidnapped and locked up.   So many people out there need our help, and therefore I will not party-down at places like HempFest until all of our brothers and sisters are free!  And then, maybe then I will party again.  Maybe then I will celebrate.  But not until then!

For reference:

This is the $300 booth that we paid for at HempFest 2009:

This is the video of my daughter and I at HempFest 2008:

This is the banner we made that was posted at Hempfest 2012:


xCannabis at HempFest  blanket #24 by Hempsterdam

xCannabis at HempFest blanket #24 by Hempsterdam (2009)


We’ll miss you HempFest!   Please find some balance to the force in the meantime!

Lets repeal the first amendment to stop the racist tea party comments about Obama

July 31st, 2013 | By Pirate

Yesterday I was musing on how citizens initiatives get passed, things like I-502 which are so terribly negative in ending cannabis prohibition in the USA.

After my blog post, I got reading more about Mark Dice, and he is an interesting film maker.  I have to admit, I don’t know a lot about him.  But I was not shocked to see this second video of where Mark Dice got a bunch of signatures to “Repeal the First Amendment”.   His premise was “the tea party people and republicans are saying mean things about Obama, and they don’t have the right to do that – in these tough times”.

I am sorely disappointed with the outcome of this video, because of how willing people are to simply sign something.  Even after having explained to them over and over that this will “repeal the first amendment”.

I say it again, it is no wonder that things like I-502 get passed.  < repeal the first amendment?


Idaho is a tough gig, it is absolutely terrorizing when you are an activist with children

July 25th, 2013 | By Pirate

I am rebroadcasting a message of the Rinehart family who are in Boise and have suffered at the wrong end of politics and prohibition. Please read the article at this link, or read below. We encourage our audience to donate to their cause and if you have ever lived in Idaho you would understand.  There is also a petition for Idaho to relax cannabis laws linked below.

This was one of my South Eastern Idaho demonstrations in 2009.   We had our second child in Rigby Idaho in 2009.

This was another demonstration in SE Idhao in 2009:


We are 2/3 of The Idaho Three and we Need Set Free!!

We are Lindsey, Josh, Laustin, and Elijah Rinehart and we need to become Idaho Refugees. An Idaho Refugee is a local term for people that leave the state due to bad laws. In our case, it’s medical cannabis. I, Lindsey, have Multiple Sclerosis and need medical cannabis to treat it. On April 23rd 2013 our house was raided and our children stolen by CPS due to my medical needs. I am the Chief Petitioner to get medical cannabis in our state and have been very high profile in changing our state’s laws for myself and all of the other sick Idahoans. This case of the children being taken made National and International News. Links will be at the bottom of this writing. Our state has failed us and we Have to move, and it’s Urgent!

Our family went through hell while our children were gone. They were/are lost, angry and confused as to why they were taken. They were gone for 17 days and have come home wounded and scarred. We were/are heart broken, crushed, slandered, and drug through the mud. Both boys have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder now, and so do we. We are Scared to be in Idaho. I no longer use cannabis to treat my MS but I am still the Chief Petitioner to try to get medical cannabis in Idaho.

I grew up here from a small child. Josh, Laustin, and Elijah have all been born and raised here. Leaving our home is something that we have fought against but now it’s Desperate. Treating with cannabis helped my disease quit attacking me and helped it not progress. Now that it has been so long my health is rapidly declining. This last week the MS flared and flung me into an exacerbation of symptoms. The skin on my back and front is on fire. I have weakness and fatigue. My whole body aches. My brain is fog. As my quality of life is deteriorating my children and loved ones are becoming more and more scared for my health as they all know that moving to a medical state will make this stop as soon as I can begin cannabis treatment. Complying with doctorsl I went back on several pills to try to keep my disease in check, but they have all failed.

The children want us to move. They want me to be able to treat with cannabis. Even though they are just 11 and 5, they Know there is a difference in me and want me better. They don’t want to ever get removed again and they don’t want me sick. Josh is distraught to see me fall back into the MS as well. I am in tremendous pain and the doctors want me to do steroid treatment and pills but steroids have only worked on 1 of my 7 attacks I tried them on. I had one attack that I didn’t seek steroids years ago. I have had MS for 6 years. I am 30 years old. I also have NO criminal record, with exception to 2 parking tickets from 9 years ago.

Due to finances moving to even The closest medical state is impossible. For the climate that would be best for my disease we need to move across that state. I am on disability. Josh is looking at work and school for once we move to our new home. We will be selling a lot of things that we own, and putting All of our money into this move as well. We are downsizing to a 2 bedroom from 3 to make things cheaper.

Helping us with your donation goes to the U-Haul, gas for the U-Haul, a Home (1st month and deposits), utilities on, food, and basic necessities until we are settled in. We may need to stay in a Hotel 6 for a day or two while everything is in placed into order. Anything that you can donate adds to up to helping keep our family staying together and my health getting better!

No amount is too small or too large. We need help. We have until July 30th to vacate our current home. We put in 30 days notice on the 10th but the landlady asked if we can be out in 20. It will be cheaper to do that instead of paying for a third of a months rent in this house. We thought that we had some help in a place to stay for August while these funds are raised but unfortunately it fell through. We went from having 45 days to raise them to 15 days.

Thank you for reading our story. Here are some links to verify everything that I have said. Please donate if you can and Thank You for ALL of your support, monetary or not. We wouldn’t be to this point with out people like you helping put our family back together!

Also, if you want to help us appeal the decision to be listed on the Central Registry for 10 years as peop;e who pose a medium to serious risk to children please sign our petition!

How everything first got started for me. News Channel 12 This is what my pills looked like 2 years ago and the state that they have returned to. Notice the “sagging” in my face, uneven smile and eyes? That was GONE with cannabis
It’s coming back. It’s the most superficial symptom that some people can See. MS is silent.

Here is our facebook:

Here is our section through Compassionate Idaho:

A Message to my Children

Our Press Conference After Kids were Taken:


The first Local Piece KTVB:

International News:


Russia: RTT News:

National News:

Huffington Post: with a follow up piece:



Local News:



Boise Weekly:

I hope that this will help you all decide to help us along. We could really use the help! Thank you!

Wrapping up one project and moving on to another

March 6th, 2013 | By Pirate

In the past 15 years I have started many internet/BBS/Website projects.   I have completed over 30 personal websites, and 100s of paid websites for clients and friends.

I feel like an architect in this way.  Once the project is complete, there is no need to continue to build it over and over.  Building is once is enough.   There are plenty of more builds to undertake.   When they are exactly as they are meant to be, over building or rebuilding can mess the whole project up.

This is the case with my projects that I have completed to this point.   Though is still in BETA, the forum, and the over all destination for xCannabis is complete.  There are some minor tweaks and new functionality that will eventually be added to  But my role as editor, publish, author, etc is coming to an peak.  At this point I am going to take a “hiatus” (using that term loosely) from the blogging, and I am going to start working on building more infrastructure, and finish up a bunch of unfinished projects.

I spend a lot of time reading, writing and editing in regards to cannabis activism.  Yet there is SO much more to life, and to activism for me.  I am more concerned about our national debt than I am if Jimmy gets to puff a spliff legally.  Though the ending of prohibition of cannabis is already centered on GDP and commodity revenue.  That is what is getting the politicians on board with it.   But for me, it’s like writing a book.  I have completed the chapter on cannabis legalization, and community awareness causes.  More books will be written, but there is only so much time and so many words that can be put to this work at this time.

I’ve covered all of my legal interaction with this topic, including the time I spent in jail for cannabis and what led up to it.  I covered my conversion to being a deist and how I have learned cannabis consumption is an ancient religious ceremony in many world religions including Judaism and Christianity.   I’ve covered the politics of newly passed legislation regarding cannabis and historical legislation.  I’ve covered my view on the constitutionality of cannabis prohibition (which I think is key), and I have covered the capitalistic appeal of ending prohibition.

In this time we have created a half dozen cannabis related websites, we have created a few technologically related cannabis services, a non-centralized currency/economy here on xCannabis, and we have distributed a fair share of promotional materials that deal with ending cannabis prohibition, which included several hundred t-shirts, and lots of protesting/pamphleting .

One of my proudest moments was when I got a municipal law changed in Springville Utah that required protestors to get a permit.  A law that had been on the books since the 60’s and was repealed one month after I was arrested for violating this law.

But none of this compares to my wonderful little family, which have been in part neglected due to my activism.  My businesses have lacked funding and time investments, and my retirement plan is stagnating.

I am so happy to see other people out there distributing massive amounts of cannabis legalization media and such.  I am glad to see all of the new radio stations coming out supporting cannabis legalization, and newspapers too.   Colorado made some progress with Amendment 64, and many other states are climbing on board.

So now my focus is US debt reduction when it comes to politics.  Which includes ending the fed, and chipping away at wasteful government spending and wasteful government bureaucracies .  We are head over heels in debt, and the responsibility to pay it back will be heaped on the backs of our children.  We currently have more debt than GDP, and that is where Greece, Spain and now Cuba has gotten to with their socialistic practices and big government political structures.

Sure legalizing cannabis would help that problem a lot.  However if we still have an income tax, and if we still have the federal reserve, and if they put down tax structures like Washington state did with I-502, then it won’t make any difference because the government will just squander that as well.  So we need to fix the problems at their roots and work our way up, that is my goal.    How am I going to effect change you may wonder?  I believe that the free market can fix these things.  We can replace our current worthless bureaucracies with free market involvement.   (see Ron Paul’s statements on these worthless bureaucracies, he lays this out really well).

This was my message on facebook:

Instead of writing books of thoughts, and video of important topics to me, I pretty much need to call it a finished product and move on.

These are the sites and video blogs that I’ve made over the years.

I started with (old content) in 2001.
Then Utah Pirate Radio in 2006
Old site: (expired domain, I don’t own it anymore)
Then in 2008.
And in between 1999 and now, I’ve had a handful of others.
I think Im wore out.
I was saying this in 2007, that Im wore out.
Six years later, and now Im really tired.
This is from 2007

I figure this is a “fare-well” to many. At least in this format, I will be stepping away.


For more information on sites that we have built (incase they no longer exist)
This site is a great resource to see historical pages of these sites:

And this is the last thing I want to post here (for at least awhile).

I believe capitalism, the free market, and hard work is the way cannabis prohibition will end.  Not by making new laws, but by repealing old dumb laws completely.

I recently made this video to talk about my recent investment into Cannabis Science Inc  (nasdaq symbol: CBIS)

 So I will be working on legalization while I sleep essentially.  24/7/365

Not to say I won’t come back for updates.  But right now, it’s time to focus!