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Could there be a Donald Trump and Ron Paul ticket for 2016?

May 7th, 2016 | By Pirate

With it seeming as though Trump is going to be the candidate for the Republican nomination, there are rumors of who Trump will pick for his VP, and for his cabinet.
There have been some stranger tickets in the past, and stranger candidates yet.  In fact earlier this year, I cast my support for Vermin Supreme, realizing that the elections are rigged.
I still believe this.  But to me these election are more than voting for the candidate who is going to win.  To me it is a statement of my convictions, which means when there are no valuable candidates to vote for, I do not select “the lesser of two evils”, instead I vote for who I think will do the job best, regardless of their ability to win.

Dating back to the 2000 election I put my chips in with Ralph Nader, knowing that he did not have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning anything that election.  But I supported him because of his sincerity and convictions on a national initiative process.  I did not believe in everything that he supported, specifically the abortion topic and some of the socialist ideology.  But I think it was about time to give the government back to the people.  I supported Ralph Nader for about 11 years, eventually switching over to a candidate that best supported my world view, and someone who I thought had more experience, and a better plan for being president, which was Ron Paul.  However even in the 2008 elections, I supported Ralph Nader.

So back to this election.  I do not support Donald Trump (alone), and I certainly do not support Hillary Clinton, and I think Bernie Sanders would bankrupt our country even further based on his “good intentions”.   So that is why I threw my lot in with Vermin Supreme, because he mocks the political process, and makes great points about socialism, fascism, and “free ponies”.

But I saw an article yesterday that clicked something for me.  There are rumors that Donald Trump may appoint Ron Paul as secretary of state.  I don’t know if it will happen, and Trump hasn’t announced this yet.  But it has some neo-cons nervous that it might happen.  Ron Paul’s foreign policy is the exact opposite of establishment politicians on both sides, taking a very non-interventionist stand.  A non-interventionist stand would bankrupt the military industrial complex who needs war to bolster high profits.

Anyway, I just wanted to put this out there.  That even though Trump is not my guy, if he put Ron Paul in as VP or Secretary of State, then all of the sudden I find myself supporting Trump.

Again, not because I even think it’s possible for Trump to win.  I think these elections are rigged to install people (like Clinton) from a particular bloodline.   But I would support a Trump / Paul ticket based solely on principle.   I will not support Trump without a Paul on the ticket.  But with that variable, to me it would be worth it in a pragmatic way.

This is the the article suggesting that Donald Trump may consider Ron Paul for Secretary of State;

Ron Paul Donald Trump Ticket

Ron Paul Donald Trump Ticket

Pot Matters: Trump on Marijuana

Ron Paul on marijuana, prohibition, and personal freedom

This is the video that I made about this potential phenomenon;


References from the video;

Ryan “xCannabis” on Barack’s cannabis promises

Cannabis Prohibition Nullification and the 10th Amendment  (also explaining how Obama was 6100% worse on MMJ patients than Bush in just his first 2 years)

Why is the left so silent about Obama’s wars

Kings and Peasants in the USA – How all of the US Presidents are cousins

Reply to NORML Live 2nd hour February 24th 2012  (explaining the Ron Paul issue to Russ Belville)


Why I will not vote for or support a Mormon presidential candidate

June 28th, 2012 | By Pirate

From a Mormon fellow: “You have told us we are not worthy of your support, regardless of our struggles with you.”

Valid point (name concealed) and I doubt you’ll find the same cold shoulder from every liberty minded person.

I grew up in Mormonism, and in Utah. I have witnessed those who put their church before their country dictate illegal and tyrannical laws who also claimed to be libertarian. I could name off 100 or so who made laws based on their religious faith and not the constitution that they swore an oath too.

Maybe my mind will change when a real libertarian minded person steps up from the LDS church and actually does something positive for preserving liberty without being totally sold out to the wants and desires of the LDS church.

The unique liquor laws and restrictive behavior laws in Utah are a product of the dominant culture. These laws seem foreign, unique, and completely tyrannical.

Let me also say that if a baptist preacher (who I am particularly fond of those types) ran for political office, I would reject them too. Believe me, there is no doubt that I do not need religious dogma taking precedence in my life.

There are many callings. But not everyone is suitable for multiple callings. Some people are just REALLY good at being a religious instructor or example. Other people are really good at being politicians. But I have found that the two jobs are very incompatible.

Now as an activist I have changed un-constitutional laws in Utah that were made to hold the people down. I changed a law that restricted free speech in Springville Utah in 2010.
I didn’t need to be a politician to effect successful and positive change.

So if there is a Mormon out there that is changing society on the grassroots level, and they are kicking ass doing it. They will DEFINITELY get my support. And many do. We are supporting a Mormon who is running for Attorney General in Utah. We give him our business too above all others, because he is GOOD at what he does.

But if he ran for president, I wouldn’t vote for him either.

Sorry, it’s just a phobia maybe. But anyone who has taken the oaths in the Mormon temple, and thinks they will get my support (regardless of their politics) they are mistaken. And that also applies to Masons who have taken a very similar oath.

Look up on Youtube “Mormon Temple Ceremony” and everyone can learn first hand WHY I have this phobia.

What is a libertarian?

May 23rd, 2012 | By Pirate

For a very long time, I have been searching for libertarian representation in government.   Before I could really find a good example of a libertarian in politics, I supported Ralph Nader for a decade or so just based on his sincerity and lack of corporate sponsors.  But then Ron Paul really stepped up to the plate, and in his third bid for president it was obvious that Ron Paul is sincere and SERIOUS about becoming president of the USA.
So this year I did something I never thought I would do, and I registered with a political party.   I always felt far more comfortable with conservatism than liberalism.   I never pictured myself registering as a democrat, despite that I have huge respect for Sen. Mike Gravel and I love a lot of what he and Ralph Nader stand for and I love their sincerity.
Though Nader isn’t a democrat per say, he is very ‘progressive’ and has some socialist beliefs.

But the more I learn, the more I read and the more I get acquainted with Ron Paul I find that the only possibility for me in this presidential election is Ron Paul and that is regardless of what party he belongs to.  He has ran as both a libertarian and a republican.

In just looking deeper into the Libertarian party, I found that it is growing and I believe that the libertarian party will have grown by leaps and bounds after this election.

But what defines Ron Paul supporters as libertarian? What defines Ron Paul as Libertarian?

Here is a useful link to help define that relationship:

Here is Ron Paul representing his libertarian ideals.

Has libertarianism ever worked in history?

It has even in the early stages in our own country in many ways.  When libertarianism and the free market has been allowed to work, libertarianism has shown itself to be the strongest points in history.

Another example is ancient Ireland.


I think it’s disappointing watching activists, even friends and former friends flip flop so much.
On one hand I see folks wanting “more freedoms”, but they also want their social benefits so they also want “more government”.   These two desires can’t exist, because when there is more government, there is less freedoms.

I have lost serious respect for people who are still so stuck on socialism that they can’t make wise political, social and business choices.  Judgement gets clouded by “what do I get out of it”.
Wealth redistribution (aka socialism) is theft.   Forcefully taking from one group and giving it to another group does not have anything to do with freedom.  It is tyranny and theft.

So you will hear people with libertarian ideals cuss mandates like forced government healthcare, and forced government retirement plans.   Mandates are also a form of tyranny.   Choices are different than mandates.  I like choices.  But mandates violate my freedom.

But when it comes to our current society, I have been put in a position to utilize the state.
For example to work on behalf of my grandmother who just got deceived and stole from.
I have had to call the police to investigate this on her behalf.
How can I feel comfortable with this?
Well I justified calling the police even though I do not like or agree with state enforced contracts etc, because my grandma has been paying property taxes for over 70 years and she deserves to utilize the protection that she has been paying for in regards to contracts.

The same thing goes for me with social security.  I pay into social security, even though I don’t believe that the state has any business running this racket, nor do I believe that the government handles my money well.
But if I get to a point in life where I can claim social security benefits, I will because it is MY MONEY.
It would be self defeating to give all of this money to the government to hold for me, if I didn’t claim it when I am able.
I don’t believe that the government does well with my money or anyone elses, so your damn right I will be taking that money back!  But that doesn’t not say that I believe in socialism, I just believe in taking what is rightfully mine.
I worked for it, I paid for it, and I will get that money back if possible.

I made this video awhile back about social security.

In the end, I would give up all of the socialism in a heartbeat for liberty.
But in some regards, I don’t have much of a choice in the matter of retirement.
I don’t have the ability to block social security deductions from my income, as it comes out monthly regardless of what I do.   But give me the opportunity to opt out, and your damn right Im opting out.

Opting in to liberty, often means sacrificing the security of the state.  But the free market and the ability to make free choices is so much more powerful of a civil right and an essential right.

Other reading on this subject:

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The media finally admits that Ron Paul has won 5 states

May 6th, 2012 | By Pirate

It was a big media spectacle when first they thought Mitt Romney won Iowa, then Rick Santorum, but now that the delegates have been counted it is obvious who won Iowa now 4 months after the voting!

Louisianna, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Washington state can be added to his wins along with the US Virgin Islands.

But there was some pretty serious issues of voter fraud working against Ron Paul when the GOP announced the winners of these state pre-maturely.   Polls and fake votes don’t count, it’s delegates that count!

But the nightly news is a dog and pony show, and the pre-mature victory celebrations is designed to sway voters to support the candidate the establishment wants you to support.

But in the end, it’s the delegates that count.  RON PAUL FTW!

Ron Paul is winning caucases right and left!

May 6th, 2012 | By Pirate

Ron Paul doesn’t have a chance? Ron Paul is winning the caucuses right and left. Nevada, Iowa, likely Maine and a few others once everything is settled. The Virgin Islands was a bit surprising too.
He won the CA straw poll this year, it would make sense that he would win CA too.
But even if he doesn’t win the Republican nomination, it’s obvious his support is bigger than people expected. And his supporters, including me will write him in!


Ron Paul’s speech at Nevada GOP convention – May 6 2012 | Ron Paul videos – Ron Paul Flix

Adam Vs. the Man Lessons in Liberty being interviewed by children

December 29th, 2011 | By Pirate

Filmed at the Ron Paul headquarters in Norman, Oklahoma.
From their Mother:
Our daughters & their best friend recently interviewed Iraq War Veteran, Adam Kokesh. Adam is currently the Anchor of “Adam VS The Man” Internet Show.

The young journalist are very interested in the current Presidential election & understanding the importance of defending our Constitution & God given freedoms. We shared the video of Adam’s protest at the Jefferson Memorial & explained to them why he was exerting his right to show respectful disagreement with our government.

When we shared with them Adam was coming to OKC for a Liberty rally they immediately asked if they could interview him. We told them if we had an opportunity to meet Adam we could see if he would agree to an interview. Adam not only agreed to the interview he gave them an incredible in-depth interview. It was a fantastic learning moment for these young journalist. They hope to help educate other kids & adults on the repercussions of our public servants usurping their constitutional oath & stripping Americans of their basic God given freedoms.