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The prosecutor accepted my extortion money and dismissed my charges

July 24th, 2015 | By Pirate

I wrote my public defender Mr. Riley Fry, and the Prosecutor Mr. Ian Johnson on my case today.  While I was researching my case and learning that my charges got dismissed, I found another fresh incidence of police misconduct in Pocatello today, from an incident that happened on July 10th 2015 where a detective came up to an alleged suspect who was already detained, and used brutal force by elbowing him in the face while he was already under control.   That officer is facing charges, but I think that the officer in my case Officer Tyler Evans had perpetrated some of his own misconduct in my case.


This is what I wrote today;

To Prosecutor Ian Johnson, and Public Defender Mr. Riley Fry,

I see that my charges have been dismissed, and my extortion money has been cashed for a crime that I didn’t commit.

What I think is amazing, is that I am accusing the police of misconduct right now, in not protecting the victim (me and my son) of an assault that happened at my house, by a man who admitted to instigating the fight.
Detective Steven Westfall Pocatello Police

Detective Steven Westfall Pocatello Police

That thin blue line is getting crossed daily.
In 2013, we had reached over 1 million people with our own websites, reference;
And now that I have been thoroughly abused by Pocatello police, I will not stop my focus on that police department.  In my opinion, they are out of control.
I have several radio interviews lined up in the coming weeks to talk about my experience with Pocatello police.
Also, you will be able to read about this in my newspaper that is coming out in Pocatello in the coming weeks to every doorstep;
I had a sponsor step up to fund our next newspaper.
I do think the Mr. Riley Fry could have done more to get this case dismissed, and probably shouldn’t have missed my court date.
Five days before Mr. Fry missed my court date, I had actually released a broadcast to 50 radio stations announcing that I believed that he would miss my court date;
Ref:    (see the date, June 13th 2015, when I uploaded that video, and 5 days later on June 18th 2015, of course my court date was missed, despite that Mr. Fry and his secretary on two separate occasions assured me that I would have representation)
Also what I find funny in my case, is that I recorded on March 20th 2015, that police often lose evidence.   Which I had requested discovery evidence on March 6th, and I was still waiting for it on March 20th, it did not come to me until March 26th.   But on March 20th, I talk about how police often lose evidence.  They lost or willfully withheld the recorded police calls where Officer Tyler Evans threatened me that if I pressed charges on Joe Radeck for assaulting and injuring myself and my 3 year old son AT MY OWN HOME, that he would retaliate and press charges on me.    Officer Evans recorded other conversations with people in this case, but willfully withheld that evidence in my discovery request.  Which is a violation of my rights.    See the video that I made about this here;   (notice the date, 6 days before I received my discovery evidence)
There is a major problem in the Pocatello police department and the prosecutors office.   The retalitory actions of the police are very evident,
I now have that recording available of officer Evans threatening to try to suppress me from filing charges against the man who assaulted me.  We were able to fix my old phone, and I have that information now available, which I will be releasing on my radio interviews and my newspaper coming up.
If only the prosecutors office would have saw fit to dismiss my charges, and not extort me out of $100.  I wouldn’t be so pissed off.
But I did nothing wrong, and the person who assaulted me and my 3 year old son, did not face the battery charges that he should have.  Justice was not served.
Very Sincerely,
  Ryan Thompson
Pocatello Disorderly Conduct Charges Dismissed

Pocatello Disorderly Conduct Charges Dismissed

And since my previous formal complaints had went unresponded to by Pocatello Police, maybe they will take this more serious now.
I made a formal complaint again with Pocatello Police against Officer Tyler Evans today 07/24/2015
I included the message above that I wrote to the prosecutor.  I sent this to the Police Department and the Mayor’s Office.
“I would like to file a formal complaint against Officer Tyler Evans for violating my rights.I wrote the prosecutor today with this message; …”   (see the message above)
Pocatello Police Complaint formal_complaint_pocatello Pocatello_Police_Complaint
When I sent the prosecutor their desired extortion money, I wrote them this on June 29th 2015;

To: Mr. Riley Fry

Bannock County Public Defenders Office

PO BOX 4147
Pocatello, ID 83205

From: Ryan Thompson

*************  (address censored)

Mr. Fry,

I am sending the requested bond forfeiture money order that was requested to you of me by the Prosecutor’s office.

I am sending this money in duress in lieu of a trial, as I am 2600 miles away, and I have upcoming surgery for my orthopedic implants this summer. The fact the finances and distance is a concern for me being a disabled man without employment at the moment, I have to concede to give the bond forfeiture money up to the prosecutor based on my situation, and not at all because I am in the least bit guilty.

They are charging me with “inciting a fight”. I have the conversation now available of the police officer who called me, and threatened me with retailiation if I pursued charges against Joseph Radeck for assault and battery. He only was willing to charge me with “disorderly conduct” based on a facebook message IF I pursued said charges. I carried through with pressing charges of Assault and Battery and officer Evans followed through with his retalitory threat.

It is extremely clear based on the discovery evidence (what little that I was given) that Joe Radeck took accountability for instigating the fight, and for pursuing me to my house, and assaulting me. So I did nothing to incite a fight, it was brought to me.

Secondly, it is extremely clear that the Supreme Court has in fact already made a decision on a similar matter where a man was charged with threatening his ex-wife with murder and violence on facebook, but the Supreme Court ruled that this speech was protected by the 1st Amendment. My speech was only to offer the person who assaulted myself and my 3 year old son a different venue for a fight that he clearly told police was something that he wanted and that he pursued. I did this to protect my family, from having the same violence show up at my doorstep again. I offered sport boxing in a regulated boxing ring at the local boxing club. Boxing is not a crime it is a sport, and offering a different venue for a fight that the other party wanted is not a threat and is not a crime.


I feel that this bond forfeiture option is the only option that I have, because I can not miss my doctor’s appointments, as I am in a ton of pain right now, and I need surgery. Pushing it out any farther in order to be at court puts me in duress, because the pain is taking precendence over being in court on July 23rd 2015. Based on my two upcoming doctor’s appointments one in July and the other in August here in Maine, I can not possibly travel to Idaho due to limitation on finances and prior engagements.

I am including this Money Gram money order, payable to Bannock County, for the bond forfeiture that is requested by the prosecutor.

Here is a copy, and I am also including the money order with this postal mail to the address that you gave me via phone on June 22nd 2015.

Bannock County Public Defender
PO BOX 4147
Pocatello, Idaho 83205

Also please note to the prosecutor’s office that I would be willing to go to trial on this at the end of August. But I can not get there before then. And at the end of August, I may be medically unable to travel if my surgery is scheduled like it is presumed to be at this point.

But that is why I am under duress. I do not think that justice is being served. I also think that the other party should have been charged with assault and battery for assaulting and harming myself and my 3 year old son.


Ryan Thompson

(My phone is not working correctly at the moment. My email address is ***email censored *** )

BTW-  I had to find out for myself that my case had finally been dismissed, by going to;

I haven’t heard a lick from my attorney or the prosecutor.   But I did confirm that the charges were dismissed.

Please write the Pocatello Police or call them and let them know that this police misconduct is un-acceptable!  They work for us, they swore an oath to PROTECT and SERVE!

Civil Rights Violated in Pocatello Idaho – For Immediate Release

June 12th, 2015 | By Pirate

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – A Man’s Civil RIghts Violated in Pocatello Idaho

On February 16th 2015 the Pocatello police responded to a call to my house over a situation of assault and battery. A family member came to my house and assaulted me over a minor family dispute with a 3rd party.  He also hurt my 3 year old son in the process.

The police officer gave me the option to press charges for battery, and I told him “no, this is family”.

In speaking with the officer, he told me that “facebook messages are not illegal” and that “offering to box someone is not illegal”. (I have the discovery evidence which includes and audio recording of this conversation)

Also if you want to hear the entire story, I have supplied the discovery evidence, and the recorded police interviews here;

So after the police officer left, I wrote on facebook to the perpetrator and said; “If you want to fight me, there is a boxing ring here in town. I’ll meet you there any time you want.”

I was not threatening him, or intimidating him. In fact, with his interview (that is part of the discovery evidence) he admitted to the police that he (the perp) originally offered and advised me of a fist fight, and that “he does things old school”.  I was simply offering a venue to fight OTHER THAN my home where my family resides.  I wanted to let the perp know that there are better places to take care of that, IF HE STILL WANTED TO FIGHT.   But it was not acceptable to do it at my home.

Looking at the perp’s record, and his step-son’s (the step-son was the instigator) record in the public court repository, these two have a criminal records of one of them that includes “assault and battery with a deadly weapon”, “phone threats and harassment” and the other of “stalking” and assault. I have a fairly clean record for the past 20 years. When I was a teen I got a pot ticket for simple possession, and since then I have had a hand full of traffic infractions. But nothing else.  (7 of those traffic citations came from over zealous police in Pocatello in less than a 12 month period of time. 2 of those citations were for parking on own property, and those citations were thrown out)

So the next day, the police officer called me and referenced my facebook message, and told me “you can no longer file charges against the (perpetrator) since you wrote this message”. I responded, “you told me yesterday that I have a year to file charges, so since he is using you to harass me, that I do now want to file charges”. The officer responded “if you file battery charges on him, then I will file disorderly conduct charges on you”.
I responded “fine lets do that then”.  (he did not provide documentation of that phone conversation though, however I may have it on my broken phone, because I record all of my calls.  But my phone broke shortly after this incident.  I am still working on retrieving that info)

They did not file battery charges on the man that assaulted me. But instead they gave him “disorderly conduct charges” for assaulting me, which he plead guilty to. They also gave me the same charge.

This man who assaulted me was told (documented) to stay away from us. He came over anyway. He assaulted us. He even admitted it to the police. But they wouldn’t press “battery” charges on him, and they retaliated against me too.

I was running a newspaper in Pocatello Idaho, and in my 3rd Quarter release of my newspaper, I criticized their police budget and their purchasing of military vehicles. I also spoke out against the drug war (like I do in every newspaper). I believe this is why the police are retaliating against me, even though I have done nothing wrong.  I received more harassment via traffic stops in that city in less than 12 months while we lived there, than I have received in my ENTIRE LIFE.


They offered me a $200 bond forfeiture deal, but I refused it, because I am not guilty. I recorded that conversation too. Reference to my discovery evidence:

Pocatello Idaho regulates facebook messages… by xcannabis


I am trying to run a crowd funding campaign, so that I can travel from Maine to Idaho to have this jury trial. Please help me get the word out. More information can be found here;

My phone numbers are; 208-269-8410 an 207-213-7443

Ryan Thompson

Also reference;


June 11th, 2015 | By Pirate

On February 16th 2015 A man gets charges for defending his family in Pocatello Idaho, when he is attacked at his home by another man. Ryan Thompson was assaulted in his home after telling a family member to stay away. The person who assaulted Ryan came into his home, grabbed him, and choked him, but not before stepping on Ryan’s three (3) year old son hurting him badly. When Ryan called the police to report the incident, the police asked Ryan if he would like to file battery charges. Ryan declined saying “it’s family”. After the police officer left, Ryan wrote the family member and asked him to stay away from his house, and advised the perpetrator that if he still wanted to fight, that Ryan would meet him in the boxing ring, rather than the perpetrator coming to Ryan’s house to assault his family. The perpetrator then called the police to report Ryan for the message. When the police officer called Ryan to talk about the message. Ryan then decided to press charges for the assault the previous day. The police officer said that if Ryan filed charges, that Ryan would also get charges. Ryan decided to file charges to put an end to the harassment by this family. Ryan now is facing a misdemeanor for “disorderly conduct” for offering a different location to fight. Listening to the police interview of Ryan, the police advised Ryan that “offering to box is NOT a crime”. However, that changed the next day, when Ryan was charged with a crime for sending a facebook message. This case has two implications. 1. That a person can not defend themselves, not even in their own home 2. That sending a message on social media to offer a sporting event is crime A person should be able to defend themselves in their own home, and a facebook message about boxing should not violate any laws. Ryan Thompson’s first amendment rights have been violated, and Ryan eventually sold his home at a $30,000 loss to leave the town where police insist on creating crimes out of self defense. Ryan needs to fight the charges waged against him, and then Ryan needs to speak to a civil rights attorney about a case against the city of Pocatello Idaho, for failing to protect and serve, and for violating Ryan’s civil rights. Ryan left his home and moved his family 2600 miles across the country fearing more retaliation by the Police and by the perpetrator that assaulted his family. See this video which has a conversation between Ryan and his Public Defender, and then the interview between Ryan and the Police and the perpetrator and the police.

On a side note, the persecutor offered Ryan a “deal” but Ryan intends to take this case to court, in order to protect civil liberties rather than just avoiding penalties. The extortion that the prosecutor offered is basically “give us money, and this all goes away”. Ryan refused the offer based on principle.

Ryan is disabled from a car accident that almost killed him in May of 2013, where the drunk driver that hit him died, and Ryan has been rebuilt with titanium implants in his leg and ankle, and his should has been rebuilt with fiberwire and a rotator cuff repair.  Ryan has been unemployed since the accident two years ago and has a family of 6.
Ryan Thompson is raising $3500 for his defense fund;

We sold our first skate deck!

February 23rd, 2010 | By Pirate

Right now is exciting times for us.  We have sold multiple point of sales systems, and that has allowed us to open a business.
Also before we have even made any new products, we found out that we got a sale today on the demo that we had at Pegasus Book Store in Pocatello Idaho!   We had some really expensive demos made, while we were getting our screen printing business setup.  And while we didn’t make any money off the sale of this deck, it was a great feeling to have sold our first skate deck ever!

Thanks to Pegasus Book Store for featuring our deck in your display, more decks are on the way!  We love you!

These our the decks that we have available at this time.

THC Skate Deck xCannabis

See video of our first deck the “Icky Sticky Grippy”

Contact Ryan @ xCannabis for information on our decks if you are interested in a single or bulk purchase.  We have great wholesale rates available now.  New product will be available on March 10th at our new location:

9423 North Division
Spokane, WA 99201