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The THIRD Medical Marijuana Bill in Washington State

May 15th, 2011 | By Pirate

The THIRD Medical Marijuana Bill in Washington State.
First it was SB 5073
Then it was SB 5955
Now we have H-2827 Read this new bill:

It is obvious the legislature wants to destroy cannabis laws in Washington by corrupting them with regulation that has never been there in the past.

I have had some bitter arguments with people about this because so many people think that we need to follow whatever the legislature does without complain in hopes that they are gracious to us. I think it is weak-minded to NOT offer objection to laws that we KNOW are bad for us.

It is also a topic coming to the table now that many groups including several police associations and several marijuana advocacy groups want to reschedule cannabis as a Schedule II or a Schedule III.  Which I have been saying for a very long time is a BAD idea.  What ma and pa businesses are currently involved in the pharmaceutical industry?   How many pharmacies are still owned by families rather than large corporate conglomerates?   How many small guys are in the business of producing pharmaceutical medication? Drugs like oxycontin, lortab, prozac are schedule II drugs.

I think anyone who supports rescheduling cannabis as opposed to removing cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act are going to screw up cannabis and cannabis laws for a very long time! Once big pharma get their money behind prohibition, the government will have more resources to enforce prohibition.  Who wants that?  Big pharma does.  The police do.  Anyone else?   Well it appears that the CDC (Cannabis Defense Coalition) and the WCA (Washington Cannabis Association) do.

See my post on how we can end prohibition against marijuana on a national level.

I truly believe our country is in trouble because of the free reign our federal government has.  We need more checks and balances!

To Learn more about Ron Paul’s Industrial Hemp Farming proposal here:

Ron Paul Introduces H.R. 1831, The Industrial Hemp Farming Act

Ending the Controlled Substances Act vs. Rescheduling Cannabis

May 11th, 2011 | By Pirate

I attempt to explain the difference between ending the Controlled Substances Act vs. Rescheduling

Many people feel that rescheduling cannabis would make it more acceptable to law enforcement and therefor there would be less arrests.

I strongly disagree as I know many people who have went to jail for months and months for illegal possession of prescription medication.  My buddy just got busted recently for Xanax and was in jail for several months because of it.  So if anyone has a story, let me know.

BTW-  I used to be in favor of rescheduling cannabis.   But after years of research, and consideration it is obvious to me that rescheduling cannabis will not prevent anyone from going to jail, and in fact it may make prohibition worse when big pharma combines their resources with the federal government to make cannabis THEIRS and not ours.

How many ma and pa businesses do you see selling Xanax, or Lortab, or Oxycontin?   Very few of those types of pharmacies exist in this day and age, based on the expense it takes to get into that business.   Most of the pharmacies are big corporate conglomerates and not local businesses.

If we reschedule cannabis we will take it away from the cartels in Mexico, only to give it to the greedy pharmaceutical cartels in the USA.   Ma and pa are still left out of the picture and people are still going to jail for weed.

My goal is to remove it from the controlled substances act COMPLETELY, or to end the controlled substances act all together with the National Initiative for Democracy:



Contact me if you want to be on the podcast for June about this topic.
Have you been in jail for prescription medication?
Do you have inside knowledge about this topic, or just an educated opinion on the topic?

Or call:   1-888-644-3872      (888-NI4D-USA)


This was what I was working on in 2009 (to reschedule)

After much research and consideration, I have totally changed my mind on rescheduling cannabis.

I will be re-writing those pages, and ending my petition to reschedule.

See this video that I made several months back, it explains the difference between rescheduling and full legalization:

Devils advocate; Prop19 does not exempt cannabis medicine from taxes

August 22nd, 2010 | By Pirate

This is the statement I often get from opponents of Prop 19.

“Proposition 19 does not exempt patients from taxes”

My answer:

If Proposition 215 doesn’t already do that, then Proposition 19 won’t change anything.

Medical marijuana is already technically taxable in California.

At present only a portion of the state’s 200-plus medical cannabis dispensaries pay sales taxes. In principle, medical cannabis is subject to sales tax under current Board of Equalization rules, which exempt only drugs dispensed in licensed pharmacies by a physician’s prescription. However, many patients’ groups contend that sales tax shouldn’t apply to non-profit cooperatives and collectives.

So that is a reason for another new initiative.  If people want marijuana to not be a taxable substance for patients, then they need to step up to the plate and make that happen.  Because medical marijuana, unless prescribed via a pharmacy with DEA drug scheduling, etc, is not presently exempt from taxes.  So again, Prop19 doesn’t change Prop215.