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Fighting Against Dumb laws, Im letting my MMJ recommend expire

October 2nd, 2012 | By Pirate

In this broadcast I talk about how many dumb laws effect our every day lives without us even knowing. I talk about how many thousands of new laws are put against the people in the USA every year. I mentioned Chris Williams in Montana, who just got convicted and faced 45 years mandatory minimum and up to 90 years as I understand it. He will serve the rest of his life in prison despite obeying state law, and selling a product to patients that has never killed anyone.

What bothers me is how we can all agree on liberty and how prohibition is wrong, but we let little things like special rights for one group or special rights for another group divide our causes to gain more liberty. That is why I am done with special group rights. We are all created equal in this country, we don’t need special rights, we just need the liberty and natural rights guaranteed to us by the constitution and by the creator. If we stand for liberty period, all other efforts are covered.
Its when we start dividing in to “Im for these special rights, thats my cause” or “Im for these special rights thats my cause” we lose track of the ultimate goal which is liberty for all.

I refuse to consent to dumb laws. I intend to fight prohibition and unconstitutional regulations on the federal level.


Historical reference:
My perspective on Medical Marijuana in March 2012

How to fund an initiative without money?

August 26th, 2012 | By Pirate

I have just completed a blog post about what bitcoin is, and how it differs from standard currency used in today’s markets that are typically controlled by a central bank or a central government. Where as bitcoin is open source and community driven and completely decentralized.

But after writing this article I started thinking about all of the people who are working on initiatives unpaid and are in financial distress. Despite having the time and passion, they are lacking funds to help with.

There are two legalization initiatives on the ballot for 2012. We have Measure 80 in Oregon (, and Amendment 64 in Colorado (

In writing about bitcoin and it functionality, I got thinking about the practical uses of bitcoin as well. Ive had one activist tell me that they are unable to do anything for any activism right now, because they lack even shoes or bus fare. Ive had another tell me that they would circulate petitions except they have no money to buy petitions. There are a lot of people out there that are really hurting right now.

So what I have done is I made a video to demonstrate how to use your internet connection to generate bitcoin, which can then be turned into pre-paid debit cards.

You do not need any money to invest other than the internet that you already pay for. There are several methods of getting free bitcoins.

One of these methods that are used by a lot of people to get bitcoin is to allow your computer to process payment blocks for the bitcoin system.
As it stands and always will, bitcoin is an open-source community driven digital currency. There is no central bank or government that control bitcoin. Bitcoin runs off of the processing power of the community, and therefor people can elect to put their computers to use to be able to process cryptographic payment blocks for the community. In return the system kicks out payments to those who process payments in the form of bitcoin. The payment percentage varies and there are some aggregate figure you can use to predict how much you will earn. But it all depends on your processing speed and internet connection speed. Some people build heavy duty data banks to process bitcoin blocks via multiple processors. Some using hundreds of processors to do this work. The more processing power you have, the more you can earn. But anyone can do this with any computer and any internet connection.
You can learn more about this at.

There are other ways of earning free bitcoin. You can play some casino games that give free bitcoin without any investment except for the time it takes to play the game. In you can earn free bitcoin simply by search the statues in the game. You can withdraw these earnings to ANY bitcoin address. Like I said it doesn’t cost a penny to play this, but the rewards are real.

Other ways to doing this is to find a ‘pay-per-click’ site that pays in bitcoin. There are many, you will have to research this on your own.

So you are asking yourself, what do I do with these bitcoins, and how can they help a campaign drive?

This is the best question. For one, bitcoin can be spent at many merchants. Some who sell advertising, some who sell merchandise, and some who will exchange bitcoin for a pre-paid debit card.
If you go to the bottom of this page you will see a small list of vendors who accept bitcoin, but there are plenty more out there.

One more resource mentioned in my video is., which is a bitcoin bank and makes it easy to send payments. (do your own research)

I have sent money to several different campaigns and promotional media as well. But with someone that has 3 kids to take care of, and a 90 year old woman (my wonderful grandma) we have had to upgrade our home, our car and every other aspect of our lives in recent months, and I can only contribute so much. So I want to empower others who are also struggling to come up with capital and this is the best way that I can think of.

I hope the video below helps!

To Donate>
Send bitcoins to: 1FsanA3kfySNo5wZdPQf5vx5wfobwKZo2X

Questions about Washington initiatives

November 13th, 2011 | By Pirate

Ive heard recently about people collecting signatures for a number of petitions in WA.  Specifically interested in the conversation that Gina Cargile brought up about the petitions that her brother saw getting signed, for NAW (I-502).
I am curious why so many activists follow whatever legislation has the word “marijuana” in it.  Do they read it?  Do they realize how much they are sacrificing for such little reward?
Why sacrifice?  Why give in to peer pressure?  Why not READ the initiative and apply some critical thinking.
Then of course I see the city council meetings in Spokane.  Im curious about that.  There are a few people I know, albeit not very well, going to these city council meetings and asking for a “legal review” of some local cannabis initiatives.  Now while these initiatives seems promising for local recognition Im curious how effective they will be and seeing how much time is spent on them, and will they ever get out to the signature process?  The council president made some good points about these laws not being applicable in regards to state and federal law, and we saw this same thing earlier this year that despite state law, 40+ dispensaries were shut down anyway.

So this leads us back to, what to do about state law?

Do we rally behind SB 5073?  As I told everyone all year from the beginning that SB 5073 would screw patients and it most certainly did that.  Screwing up the “one patient at any given time” provision, hindering the doctor patient relationship with new requirements and regulations, etc..

Or….  Instead of being so willing to sacrifice our rights, in exchange for new ones.  Why don’t we just address the problem head on, as we have attempted with SW in the past?

I-505 is good law.  I-1149 was good law.  I-1068 was good law.
Its not like there aren’t better options to SB 5073 and I-502.
There are plenty of better options.

So why split support between bad law like I-502 that makes highly restrictive and highly dangerous DUID limits, and good law like I-505 that simply ends penalties period?

Are we REALLY that desperate for change, that we will shoot our selves in the foot?   I don’t get it?
Sometimes lessons come in the form of pain.  As we have saw in 2011 pain has been a lot of the growing process in Washington.

Twenty six year old man gets 57 months in prison for a schedule II drug

July 12th, 2011 | By Pirate

The debate regarding the future of cannabis as we know it started last year when Oregon rescheduled cannabis as a schedule II drug.

“A schedule I drug means that it has no medicinal value that is recognized,” said Lane County Chief Deputy District Attorney Patty Perlow. “A schedule II drug has recognized medicinal value but a high risk of abuse.”

The future of cannabis now is moving towards a federal reclassification of cannabis.
There are several petitions on the state level to “reschedule cannabis“, which indicates no class just a “rescheduling”.
Rescheduling means most likely the same thing that happened in Oregon when they called for rescheduling in 2010 via Oregon Senate Bill 728

Shortly after this decision, the very first dispensary raid in Oregon took place despite the legitimacy of cannabis being medicine in Oregon law and by the board of pharmacy.

What is obvious in the medicalization of cannabis for example in California which is known as the first state for legal medical marijuana via Proposition 215, is that cannabis has not only become more difficult to obtain as prices have increased extraordinarily, and the enforcement of prohibition has stepped up a notch as can be seen by comparing 1990 arrest deomographics for cannabis in California to the 2008 demographics for cannabis arrests in California.  There was a 3 fold increase in that short of time.
In 1990 there were 20,000 arrests for cannabis possession, and in 2008 there were over 60,000 arrests for cannabis possession;  RE:

With the increased prices, and the increased arrests California is evidence that the medicalization of cannabis is not helping to protect patients.

In years passed I have taken the initiative to go out and publicly protest the arrests of legitimate patients who are complying with state law.   RE:

Despite state law, and despite the legitimacy of these patient’s asserting their rights, thousands of patients are still going to prison.

This is not just found with medical marijuana patients.  This is also happening with other drugs like Oxycontin which is a Schedule II drug.  I was in jail for cannabis at age 19, and I was in jail with someone who was arrested for illegally handling Oxycontin.  That was over a dozen years ago.  But I looked up “jail for oxycontin” in google and I found other troubling prison sentences even though this is a Schedule II drug

  • This man got 57 months in prison:

Donald J. Prescott, 26, of North Augusta, was sentenced today in federal court to 57 months in prison for attempting to possess with intent to distribute OxyContin.

In March 2010, Prescott bought placebo OxyContin tablets from a government informant, then expressed interest in selling up to 500 additional pills. This transaction was monitored by local law enforcement agents, and Prescott was taken into custody.


  • Here is another case of a man getting 12 years in prison for Oxycontin.
Im only comparing Oxycontin to Cannabis, because Oregon rescheduled cannabis in the same class as Oxycontin, which is Schedule II.   Recently Washington State board of pharmacy received a petition for the same thing, and in this petition Schedule II was requested.

My point is, that if cannabis gets scheduled as a schedule II, it will only be more of the same and similar to current prohibition if not worse.

1.  Access to cannabis will not increase.  Cannabis is already widely distributed in this county and is ranked as the USA’s largest cash crop;

2.  Prices of cannabis will not decrease, as going to a doctor, and a pharmacy will be required to get cannabis legitimately, and that is a significant cost, and the alternative is going to the black market, which cost no less than drugs in the pharmacy.

3.  People will still be going to jail for cannabis under rescheduling

What I see as the safest access, the best prices and the most protection under the law is to UN-schedule cannabis as Ron Paul and Barney Frank are calling for with H.R. 2306.  This will open up the free market, will lower prices and increase access as well as protect patients and other consumers from arrest.

I can compare this to already legal medicine that you can buy in an herb store like echinacea, or ginger, or St. Johns wort, etc..  These are legal medicines with essentially the same risks as cannabis, that are sold without restriction, in a free and open market.


We are at a cross roads right now.   We can ether call for rescheduling which.

1.  Gives the market exclusively to big pharma and licensed pharmacists

2.  Gets the backing of Big Pharma’s money behind prohibition

3.  Restricts cannabis to a small few

4.  Does nothing for industrial hemp cultivation in the USA


Or we can call for Un-scheduling which.


1.  Liberates cannabis

2.  Opens up the free market

3.  Gives patients and consumers the safest access possible

4.  Allows everyone to benefit and participate in the cannabis industry

5.  Legalizes Industrial hemp


The choice is clear to me.  I won’t be asking for “rescheduling”.

Sensible Washington announced that are PAYING petitioners!

June 24th, 2011 | By Pirate

From the Sensible Washington Facebook Wall:

“We’re happy to announce the ability to pay signature gatherers going forward!
Anyone who sends or hands in signatures before July 5th will be able to receive $.10 per valid signature if they sign the back of the petition with their number or address, with a “pay me” written on the bottom. This isn’t huge, but will hopefully be extra motivation for some on top of knowing you’re helping to end a devastating policy!”


(btw- I don’t want the $$, I want the FREEDOM!)

Here is information on sending in your signed petitions, NOW is the time!

Also we found the signatures that we misplaced in our car. One hundred and twenty more (6 sheets) heading to SW.

Conscious Culture Gathering 2011

June 9th, 2011 | By Pirate

If you are in Washington this is a great place to help get I-1149 on the ballot.
Thousands of signatures can be gathered.
John and Kim Novak, Don Skakie and several other volunteers will be there and they will have petitions to give out.
Coordinate with a Sensible Washington coordinator by signing up at:

Fri: 10:00 am 12:00 am
Sat: 12:00 am 12:00 am

June 10 &11  2011

Standing up or sitting down

April 11th, 2011 | By Pirate

Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of the day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period, and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers (adminstrators) too plainly proves a deliberate, systematic plan of reducing us to slavery.  -Thomas Jefferson


We have been so blessed to know so many who stand up for their freedom.   We wanted to thank Tim and Gina for standing up and redressing grievances with their local officials.  This is an age old duty that everyone is tasked with.  Too bad some people ignore the calling.   But I congratulate these two very sweet souls for caring and stepping up to the plate, I have been deeply inspired by them and so many people in Washington.  The people in this state are truly the reason that I call Washington home, and I always will.

This is from the March 7th City Council meeting (2011) in Spokane WA.

I’d rather stand up for the challenge rather than sit down for the show in most cases.
Lately I’ve been feeling pretty stressed out by what are changing about my rights in this country.
I have had some serious objections to how freedoms are changing, and how authoritarian figures are increasing their rule.
I have tried in the past to be very active and involved in declaring my freedom.  It seems that it is always a very high stress level that I commit myself to, I hate taken a back seat to the actions taken to work on my freedom.  Sitting down just doesn’t work for me.
So I have done what little I can do, with having a full family and more on the way, as well as with our ever changing situation, it has been hard to be active when I am feel called to action more than ever.   With the new expenses and the new baby that have introduced their selves in our lives as of late, I have been taking more hours of work.  Which means less hours working on the initiatives that I am currently working on.
But with my extra hours, I do try to do what I can from home, including making materials to promote the agendas, and posting easy to access information for people to read online and in the local classifieds papers.
But I only have a few signatures to show for my efforts, and that makes my kind of depressed and critical of my work.
Kimi on the other hand has been able to put lots of petitions in people’s hands, from Spokane to Ellensburg, several businesses and volunteers have petitions, and even though we won’t be around to pick most of these up, everyone knows that there is an address on the petitions to send them in directly to Sensible Washington.  So hopefully those seeds produce great fruit.   Kimi has filled up a few petitions herself.  But it seems like it’s going to come down to the wire on Initiative 1149.
We have heard of an event that Sensible Washington is putting on for 4/20 in Spokane, and there is a huge reggae show on Spokane.  We have added a lot of things to the calendar that people can attend and get signatures at.  Big events are the best place for signatures.  Lines work well as people have nothing else better to do but sign something they care about.

A wise and frugal Government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement.

New direction for xCannabis and Sensi Life

April 4th, 2011 | By Pirate

After a long and troubled road that we have driven on this I-1068 and I-1149 petition drive.  We have some sad news and some happy news to report.

So far between last year and this year we have given away almost 250 t-shirts for these initiatives.  We have also promoted the idea of full legalization by holding regular meetings, and last year we had a professional media/sign/t-shirt shop right across the road from Walmart, Home Depot and Rosaurs food at the Y in Spokane, and cannabis was our main theme.


We have been very blessed to have gotten to know many hard working activists like Renata, Dave, Ian, Jared, Don and so many others out there.


So even though we resigned today as coordinators from Sensible Washington, we wanted to not worry about the troubling and hard aspects of what led us to that decision, and instead we wanted to talk about all of the great things that have happened in the last couple of years.


We had the privilege in 2009 to help CHANGE build their business, and we were responsible for designing, and as a result of Change getting shut down, we also developed some open source software that we released for free to help dispensaries run their business legally and to keep records of serving “one patient at any given time”.


Twelve years ago, as a homeless young adult I was blessed to be able to get paid to get signatures for I-691 which started all of this, and ever since then I have been glad to continue with the fight for all of these years, throughout 4 different states.


My wife has been coordinating for Sensible Washington, until last night when we got some threatening calls from someone who desperately wants to be a coordinator, and we decided to step down because as it is we are pregnant and we have bigger things to worry about than some drama queen who wants to be the boss.


We are going to try to continue to help get petitions back, because as it is we don’t trust the person claiming to have all of the authority out in Spokane.  So we are instructing people to send their petitions back that we handed out directly to Sensible Washington at this address:

Sensible Washington – P.O. Box 1184 – Seattle, WA 98111-1184 Phone: 206-707-5502


If you need help with postage or envelopes we will gladly deliver these supplies to you or your business.

We also want to explicitly announce that we do not condone or feel represented by either Britney Lanza or Barbara Kirk.
We remove any support that we have lent to them in any way, and we want our friends and colleagues to know that they are not a part of anything that we have going on in this state or anywhere.   We are in fact rather embarrassed by their conduct and we are removing ourselves as representatives from Sensible Washington directly related to their participation in this petition drive.

We feel that this effort needs to be better represented and in our opinion these two are not representing well.  They certainly do not represent our interests or our efforts!

We are encouraging people to continue to the petition drive though, and as I have been recommending to people, please turn your petitions in directly to Sensible Washington via the address that is printed on the petition.


We are also encouraging people to participate in your local government.  We are aware of petitions that are being circulated around town to have our city council in Spokane to put cannabis criminalization as a lowest priority similar to Seattle, Denver and Breckenridge CO.



We encourage people to participate in the Spokane City Council meetings every Monday at 6pm.

There will be many like minded folks there as well, and the community needs your support.


If you need petitions for I-1149, we still have plenty and are more than willing to get them to you when you need them.


We will continue to have meeting every Friday at 7pm at:   1312 North Monroe St., Spokane WA 99205

I-1149 Meeting on April 1st 2011 Spokane WA

April 1st, 2011 | By Pirate

This is our open/public meeting for the I-1149 petition drive.

Our Spokane meetings take place Friday nights at 7pm.
Our mission is to put petitions in to people’s hands.
Tonight we had two people come to the meeting and get petitions, and we gave them t-shirts as well.

We are glad to see new faces.

Video from 4/1/11 Spokane I-1149 petition drive

  • video pic


  • video pic


This is a power point from our first Spokane SW meeting 3/4/11

Updates from xCannabis 3/31/11 Updates on SB 5073 and I-1149

April 1st, 2011 | By Pirate

I have been working hard on two aspects of marijuana law in Washington.
On one side I am working on seeing SB 5073 change or DIE because of it’s potential to harm my rights as a medical marijuana patient with a serious medical condition.
I have been uploading video feeds from the senate and now house hearings, as well as personal video blogs from me about my opinion on this as a patient and a freedom activist/advocate.

There are many potential outcomes for marijuana this year in Washington, but one thing is for sure, is that it will never be the same again. Marijuana laws are changing, it’s up to use to give our input and to tell our congress what we will accept and what we will not.
Remember they work for us. If you see bad legislation, and our representatives are voting for it. Let them know their jobs our in our hands at the ballot box.

We are having our regular meetings for the I-1149 petition drive.
We have new petitions and we will accept your gathered signatures to send them in.

When: Friday 3/31/11 aka (April 1st)
Time: 7pm
Where: 1312 North Monroe St., Spokane WA

Check the calendar for updates:


Call the hotline to get more info, or check out the Spokane Nickle Nik paper, the number is 1-888-644-3872

You can see the videos that I am uploading at:

Also these are some that I have uploaded today (more to come)

More on this hearing:



(But don’t be a fool about SB 5073)


Contact your reps:



Representative Room Phone
Chopp, Frank (D) Chair LEG 339C (360) 786-7920
DeBolt, Richard (R) * LEG 335C (360) 786-7896
Angel, Jan (R) MOD A 105 (360) 786-7964
Armstrong, Mike (R) LEG 425B (360) 786-7832
Dahlquist, Cathy (R) MOD D 203 (360) 786-7846
Eddy, Deb (D) LEG 132D (360) 786-7848
Frockt, David (D) MOD D 104 (360) 786-7886
Goodman, Roger (D) MOD E 101 (360) 786-7878
Green, Tami (D) LEG 122H (360) 786-7958
Johnson, Norm (R) MOD G 103 (360) 786-7810
Kelley, Troy (D) MOD D 106 (360) 786-7890
Kretz, Joel (R) LEG 335A (360) 786-7988
Maxwell, Marcie (D) MOD D 103 (360) 786-7894
Moeller, Jim (D) LEG 429B (360) 786-7872
Orwall, Tina (D) MOD E 201 (360) 786-7834
Pettigrew, Eric (D) LEG 434B (360) 786-7838
Probst, Tim (D) MOD E 103 (360) 786-7994
Rivers, Ann (R) MOD A 203 (360) 786-7850
Ryu, Cindy (D) MOD F 106 (360) 786-7880
Schmick, Joe (R) MOD A 103 (360) 786-7844
Short, Shelly (R) MOD A 204 (360) 786-7908
Springer, Larry (D) LEG 132E (360) 786-7822
Sullivan, Pat (D) LEG 339A (360) 786-7858
Van De Wege, Kevin (D) LEG 434A (360) 786-7916
Warnick, Judy (R) MOD C 201 (360) 786-7932

*Ranking Minority Member