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Christians for Cannabis, Catholic nuns growing medical cannabis

November 21st, 2015 | By Pirate

Christians for cannabis

I have been teaching and preaching about how cannabis has a special place in the Bible and in the lives of the people of the Bible.  References to cannabis in rituals, and healing can be found in many chapters of the Bible, both old and new.  The translation of the words that identify cannabis in the Bible have been properly sorted out, but rabbi’s with authoritative teaching credentials in Torah translation, Rabbi’s like Aryeh Kaplan who wrote the book “The Living Torah”.

Now in many areas of the world, as in the days of old, many devout religious people are growing cannabis for it’s amazing healing benefits.

This group of nuns in California is growing both high THC, and low THC medical cannabis strains.  As they talk about in the video, they explain how congress has recently taken high CBD, but low THC cannabis off the drug schedule. This opens up many avenues for patients in non-medical states to get their medical cannabis.

This is their website;

Why I am so interested in cannabis.. Legalization.. Etc

March 26th, 2010 | By Pirate

I think I have probably stated this several times.  But I like to make it very clear that my intentions for calling for cannabis legalization is not just a one dimensional reason.  I would like to recap on some of the parts of my determination to fight for cannabis legalization.

I can tell you that from the time I was a young teen I used cannabis to cope with stress.  I am not encouraging teen use, but I have a lot of years behind me that I have used cannabis for one thing or another.

Some times I have used it for stress/recreation (like drinking a beer).  Some times I have used it for medicine.  Some times I have used it for meditation. I find that it is very beneficial to me if used in moderation.

But knowing that it is beneficial to me is not the only reason why I fight for legalization.  I also carry a burden from childhood of when I got arrested for cannabis possession, and it screwed up my life not to mention took about 8 months out of my life during incarceration. 
I had only ever been arrested for possession of small amounts.  Less than a 1/2 oz.  But I served some real time.
After getting out of jail and moving on with my life, I was denied the ability to serve the country I was born in for military service.
Unlike my father and grandfather I would not be serving, based on multiple possession charges.

After serving all that time, paying thousands and thousands of dollars in fines, and being denied military service I finally am living a normal productive life.  However, during those times between incarceration, and times when I could have been serving in the military, I was on public assistance, and I was a great cost to the community for a time.  I was homeless for almost 3 years because of my choice to use cannabis as a teenager.

I do not want my children to ever be violated in such a way, for doing nothing more than possessing a harmless plant!

My kids could go into any grocery store at any age and buy a bottle of aspirin, and no one would think twice about it.

But the problem is that even though you can buy aspirin, you can not buy cannabis even if you are an adult (in most states).

According to the CDC aspirin//anti-inflammatories last year killed 7500 in America due to an over dose or complication.

Yet also according to the CDC (center for disease control)  it is reported that no one died last year from a toxic side effect of marijuana.  There were absoutely ZERO overdoses from marijuana.  Which is funny, because according to a government survey over 40 million people used cannabis last year.  Thats a lot of cannabis consumption and yet no deaths.

People should not be persecuted for using a G-d given plant!

There is also the issue of my family roots.  Back in the 1850’s my family ventured to the Americas from Wales to farm.  My father had a farm, my grandfather had a farm, and his grandfather had a farm. 
To me it is VERY important to allow our farmers to farm hemp!   It is an offense against the farming community in America to prohibit farmers from growing hemp.  We can import and distribute hemp, but we can farm it?!  That is stupid!

I am now importing hemp to my new business  (The Emerald Sun the cost of a hemp shirt is 3 times the cost of a cotton shirt, reason being is because we can not farm hemp locally!

Lastly and maybe least important to most but very important to me, is that I suffer from ‘cluster headaches’ that I believe are brought on by a condition that distorts blood vessels, sometimes making them thinner to irregular.  I think my condition is  Von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) ).  The cluster headaches I get are best described as feeling like I got hit with a frying pan.  I lose vision, hearing and I experience intense sharp pains in my brain.

Marijuana works to expand my blood vessels much like glaucoma patients experience.  The relief is almost instant, it is long lasting and it leaves me with no undesirable side effects.  My alternatives leave me with horrible, hard to live with side effects.

I depend on cannabis to get me through these headaches.

Washington, we support I-1068

Sign I-1068 at our shop in Spokane.

Feds make it clear. Marijuana patients aren’t criminals

October 20th, 2009 | By Pirate

Is it true?  Well, Im celebrating anyway.  Where’s my stash?!

See this article @ MSN
They have said this before, and I truly hope that they have come to the conclusion that the 10th Amendment is a principle our country is founded on, and that the Bill of Rights apply to all people who are citizens of this nation.  They need to respect states rights, as the courts have ruled many many times.

After all of the problems in Spokane as of recently, and of course what has been going on in California, I am skeptical but I will never give up hope to regain our freedom and liberty in this country!

Overgrow the government!

Kudos To The Supreme Court

May 20th, 2009 | By Michael

This is the first report I’ve received of a court system denying a case to outlaw medical marijuana.

In California, two counties, San Diego and San Bernardino, wished to exclude themselves from the law requiring them to provide citizens with medical marijuana cards.  Their case stated that the medical marijuana law in California was preempted by the federal law banning the substance.  The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the case, thereby ending the appeals process.

A decision in the Supreme Court would have decided whether states can legalize medical marijuana while it is still illegal on a federal level.  Wasn’t there something in the constitution that gave us that right? hmm.  Finally it’s the prohibitionists that are being shut down.

Marijuana has become an integral part of every states political standpoint, and fortunately our voices are slowly spreading across the nation.  State by state, we’re taking over and no one can stop us because state by state, people are realizing the ignorance of enforcing laws against marijuana use.  Science is finally beginning to outweigh propaganda.

Freedom of Relgion, and freedom of religious sacrament

May 15th, 2009 | By Pirate

For many years now I have been a devout follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.  I have dedicated my time and resources to preach the gospel and to take my part in the Great Commission of Christ.  In 1999 I gave my life to Christ as a result of a unique, personal spiritual experience that I had while praying on the side of the road in Deer Park WA.  In 2001 I wrote my biography which was inspired by this spiritual awakening.   I was inspired to write a lot of poetry after that, and had it published on in hopes to inspire others.

I love to write and I love to inspire others.  But what I have enjoyed most is serving others.  After giving my life to Christ, I volunteered for a number of homeless ministries that I was once a regular client of while I was homeless.  I volunteered with these ministries because of how much people blessed me while I was homeless.  I wanted to inspired other clients of these ministries and show them the love that Christ and His church showed me.  I completed several trainings, and I served whenever I was able.  It has been a great blessing to me to be able to serve others.

In September of 2002, I spoke at a Southern Baptist convention about the loss of my brother, who lived in the most depressed state in the nation, Utah.   My brother’s death was a result of depression, and anti-depressant medication that he was prescribed, and I had a burden on my heart to try to reach those who were hurting, and who couldn’t speak out about it because of the fear of rejection by the Utah culture.  I wanted to be the mouth piece for those who couldn’t speak, like my 16 year old brother who lays in a grave in Spanish Fork Utah, completely voiceless now.

Now I have another burden on my heart, which is for the cannabis plant which I enjoy as a religious sacrament.  I feel that our freedom of religion in this country has been hijacked by the government and the DEA.  I believe that those of us who use cannabis as a sacrament as Moses and Jesus did in the days of old are persecuted unjustly and that our civil rights get violated when we are charged with crimes in relationship to our holy sacrament, cannabis.

Gensis 1:29

Gensis 1:29

I have heard it from religious folks and nonreligious folks that they do not believe cannabis was used by Biblical prophets.   They laugh at the thought of it.
But this is not uncommon, humanity has a knack for ignorance and I am no exception.  When I first gave my life to Christ, I gave up using cannabis for 7 years.

I had given up cannabis until I developed a vesicular anomaly that causes my sever headaches called cluster headaches that come on strong and fast, and that no prescription medicine has been able to relieve in anyway.  With these headaches I sometimes go blind, and I get a loud ringing in my ear.  It completely destroys my senses for about 30 minutes and the pain brings tears to my eyes.  One toke off a spliff instantly relieves this pain and this drastic symptoms, with no ill side-effects.

I tried Imitrex and Midrine before trying cannabis and all that those medicines did was make me feel ill and give me nose bleeds.
When this problem started we lived in Washington state which has passed many decriminalization measures for marijuana, and I tried some.   Instant relief as I described.  It was amazing, no nose bleeds, no stomach aches, no yucky feeling, nothing.  I just felt better, and happier.  The only real side effect that could be considered negative, was I felt hungry and got what people call “the munchies”.   I was sold, and start the process to get my medical marijuana card in Wa.

After that I started questioning whether this would conflict with my faith, and what I found was amazing.  Moses used cannabis in his anointing oil.  This is found in non-marijuana using Rabbi’s writings.  I have wrote about this several times before on this blog.

Exodus 30:23 Fragrant Cane, or Cane of Bosom, or Sweet Cane is translated in several Hebrew Dictionaries as “Cannabis”.

See Roger Christy from the THC Ministry (Hawaii)

I have also spoke about Jesus and His resistance to state and religious laws which forbid certain food and certain eating practices:

Now what I have found recently is quite amazing.

See this video.

And read this about the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993

Our religious rights are protected!

The NJWeedman proved this when he practiced his religious sacrament on federal property in New Jersey.  He was arrested, he was man-handled, he weed was taken.  But the charges got over turned.  Not once, but 3 times!

If you are a Christian, Jew or Hindu the use of cannabis your religion goes back thousands of years!

Ever wonder why Indians can use Peyote but no one else can?  Because it’s a religious sacrament.

Is Idaho ready to legalize marijuana?

May 14th, 2009 | By Pirate

On May 13th in the “Boise Weekly” there was an article ran about the 300 person crowd at the state capitol for the “Global Marijuana March”.


Legalizing marijuana in Idaho

Legalizing marijuana in Idaho

This news couldn’t be better.  I only wish that I had been there.  What an inspiring and wonderful event that I will regret missing for the rest of my days I imagine.

I have been saying that Idaho will legalize marijuana next, becoming the 14th state that legalizes marijuana in some way.  But I think I am wrong about that, because Missouri will be next it looks like.   But we have a proposal for a 2010 bill from an Idaho representative:

Here are a few clips from the “Boise Weekly”:

Then Ryan Davidson, a “Ron Paul Republican” and marijuana activist from Garden City, announced through the bullhorn that Moscow Rep. Tom Trail plans to introduce a medical marijuana bill next year.


Since 1996, voters have favored ballot initiatives removing criminal penalties for growing or possessing medical marijuana in Alaska, California, Colorado, Washington, D.C., Maine, Montana, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. State legislators in Hawaii, New Mexico, Rhode Island and Vermont have passed medical marijuana laws. On Nov. 4, Michigan became the 13th medical marijuana state and Massachusetts’ voters decriminalized personal possession.

Idaho Falls

In an article found in the Washington Post, the current White House drug czar (former police chief of Seattle Norm Kerlikowske) explains that the White House will be changing the current US drug policy to a harm reduction policy instead of a punish and destroy the product policy.

I am amazed and proud of the brave citizens who took to the streets on May 2nd in Boise:

The Worldwide Marijuana March drew more than 300 demonstrators to downtown Boise on Saturday, May 2. Offering peace signs and garnering many supportive car honks, the marchers moved slowly under scattered showers along Capitol Boulevard to the front lawn of the Idaho Legislature.

On some of the local blogs that I go to, I have been told that Idaho isn’t supportive of marijuana legalization.  But after considering how Hailey Idaho has twice legalized marijuana (not just medical, but recreational as well), and how this proposal has been through the capitol a few times, and seeing how four of our neighors on Idaho’s border have legalized marijuana in one way or another.  I think legalization can be clearly viewed on our horizon!

Join NORML and lets start an Idaho NORML chapter!

A spring of protesting in the Zion Curtain

May 11th, 2009 | By Pirate

Last month marked a new showing of support for marijuana legalization in South East Idaho.

There have clearly been a lot of support throughout the rest of Idaho for Marijuana legalization.  Including Hailey Idaho which have twice passed a series of initiative that we passed by the voters of the city, and despite that these initiatives were overturned, one thing is clear and that is that Idaho, like four of our neighbors (who have already legalized medical marijuana) is ready for legalization.   Right now these four neighbors have at least legalized medical marijuana; Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Montana all have legal medical marijuana laws.  Oregon and Washington have gone a few steps further by decriminalizing simple possession in many areas of their state.

I am calling for marijuana reform in Idaho, and I am putting everything I have behind this movement.  If you would like to join up with xCannabis in Idaho and form a NORML chapter, we can start getting even more work done.

Visit to join NORML.  If you would like to broadcast your pro-liberation (of marijuana) message on xCannabis, then join the conversation!   You can now upload your own videos directly through xCannabis.  Just write a post, and at the bottom of the posting page, there is an option to upload a video.
You can upload a new conversation topic or opinion, or you can upload a response to someone else’s video.

Interactive Video button

< use this button when writing or editing a post to leave a video comment.  You can use your webcam, or you can upload a new video, or even select a youtube video to respond with.

Let get this conversation fired up!

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Letters from a few of my state reps

April 17th, 2009 | By Pirate

I sent a letter to every member of the Idaho House and Senate last night:

On April 15th 2009, I asked people to let the government tax me.

I wish for the legalization of marijuana, and for the state and federal government to tax marijuana.

Here is my video of my protest.

Please consider legalizing the safest drug ever known to man.  Safer than caffeine, safer than aspirin, certainly safer than alcohol and tobacco!

Prohibition didn’t work in the 1920’s and 1930’s and it does not work now.

Be smart about drugs, legalize, educate, regaulate and taxate!

Ryan Thompson

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Shame on the city of Hailey Idaho!

April 12th, 2009 | By Pirate

In response to this article: Judge neuters Hailey pot initiatives”
I posted the following:

Medical Marijuana

I am ashamed that in a democratic system the will of the people have once again been ignored.

As tax payers, the citizens that voted this initiative into law are your bosses Mr. Mayor and Mr. Police Chief.  

I know that in my company, my boss has the right to terminate my employment if I do not advocate certain things.  (not limited to; the company’s mission statement, and a number of policies that were designed by someone else, etc)…  When you are at work, your time belongs to the people that put you in office.
It’s not about limiting free speech.  Doing the will of the people who elected you is your job description.  If you can’t do your job, then  get a new job!

I am in favor of suing the city of Hailey.  Can I as a resident of Idaho Falls get behind some legal action here?

I would like to some how get this judge under some kind of ethics review as well.

You can visit my website:

Or email me at:

My name is Ryan Thompson


I don’t know if what I said will show up on their forums, but I am going to push to see this matter through, so that the will of the people isn’t erased!

Please write/call Hailey City Mayor:

Mayor Rick Davis
Phone: 208-788-4221 ext. 30

and Hailey City Police chief:

Jeff Gunter
Phone: 208-788-3531

And the judge that made this horrible mis-judgement against the people of Hailey.

Hon. Robert J. Elgee
201 2nd Avenue South, Suite 110
Hailey, ID 83333
Telephone: …………..(208) 788-5548
Facsimile:…………….(208) 788-5512
Court Reporter: Susan Israel
Telephone: …………..(208) 788-5513

xCannabis history – Cannabis for cancer.

April 12th, 2009 | By Pirate

Part of the xCannabis story started when my dad got cancer, which was abouot the same time that I was already putting xCannabis together.  In fact xCannabis was only about 4 months old.

After making 4 separate trips from Tacoma to Provo Ut to see my dad either in the hospital or recovering from the hospital.  And I had gone down several times before he was diagnosed with cancer for when he started working on getting a lung trasnplant, and it had taken him almost a year to get on the list.

So this is about the third VLOG that I had made about cannabis for cancer.


I miss my dad, and wish his death would have been less painful and scary.

This is one of the things that fuels my hunger for change.  This is one of the things that gives me the strength to do without my medicine so that I can be used to bring awareness to this issue (and not lose everything while Im at it).

Now that I am in a non-medical marijuana state, my cannabis consumption is rare.  I will usually be able to releave my headaches, but not so much my daily stress.   In WA this was a different situation, but that is why I quit so that I can work on making idaho recognize medical marijuana, tax it, and regulated it so that it is for adult consumption only.  In an un-regulated market, kids can get illegal substances more easily, because pushers have more incentive to go to the playgrounds and peddle their wares.  Im not saying that happens regularly, because I don’t know.  I am just imagining that like the 1920’s and 1930’s, gangs and alcohol consumption was more prolific than before it was prohibited.  When prohibition ended, gangs fell apart and consumption went down.

Tax day is Wednesday, I hope to see you at your local post office.  I will post a story about my experience when Im done.   Peace!

Visit Cannabis for Cancer @:

for more info..
Thanks everyone for contributing to this site.  It really keeps me going to see all of this law reform happening!