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DEA back at it in Spokane, the one last true coop is getting raided!

May 18th, 2011 | By Pirate

I have gotten word that the one last true coop in Spokane is being raided right now.
Medical Herb Providers at 306 North Freya St., Spokane WA is being raided as we speak.
The report from the store volunteers is that several local cops accompanied by one federal agent is currently in their store detaining the other volunteers and it has been going on for several hours.

I call MHP the one last true coop in Spokane as they are one of few that included the community in so many ways, and allowed for signature gathering at their location for I-1149.
My heart goes out to them, as they blessed our family very much.

In the true community spirit, please get down to MHP and protest this injustice!
View Larger Map,+Spokane&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-a&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=0x549e18abf8629b1d:0x40f6466958fbae7f,306+N+Freya+St,+Spokane,+WA+99202&gl=us&daddr=306+N+Freya+St,+Spokane,+WA+99202&z=16

Spokane is rocking signatures

March 30th, 2011 | By Pirate

We have been so amazingly blessed in Spokane by so many volunteers!
Today we got 11 more full sheets of signatures from volunteers, to add to 7 sheets that we got the day before from a couple of awesome businesses out there who help medical patients!
My heart about skipped a beat when I walked into walk-in Wednesdays today and there was Ian, Dave, Troy and Annie rocking signatures like clock work, and they all had huge smiles!
To be able to again apologize for my attitude and oneryness was a relief as well, and I was quickly forgiven.
I tell people that I tell you exactly what I think and if you don’t like it, then you’ll probably get your feelings hurt or get mad, or blow it off.  But don’t take it personally, and just know that I like you enough to give it to you frankly without tap dancing around easy little issues.

But at the same time, I am rough around the edges and life is high stress right now.
But we found out that we are having a baby boy, and that he is perfectly healthy and growing nicely.  The due date is mid August.

Thanks everyone for the well wishes and support!   I have been on pins and needles anxiously awaiting this ultrasound.

I know my language is foul, and my words are sharp.  Sorry again.


Also I wanted to mention a few supporting businesses that are collecting signatures for I-1149.
Leo’s Choice, THC Pharmacy, Indicare, and Medical Herb Providers.   These are all local business with a lot of love!
If you haven’t checked these places out, please do, they are the real deal!


Spread the word about the contest, we have opened it up to allow people to work together.  So 10 people or groups of people can collect on the contest prizes.   If you turn in 100 petitions that are complete and error free (as much as possible), you’ll win one of our hemp gift packages worth around $120 each.   Hemp soaps, hemp wallets, pipe bags, and shirts will be in each gift basket.
This is donated by our personal company   Emerald Sun Inc.

The person with the most signatures even if its not 100 sheets, but if you turn in the most over all.  You will win TWO of these packages and one keif box with the Sensible Washington logo on it, made in Washington by Mr. Keifbox.
If you want to get one of these look up Nick Valdez on facebook, they are going for $50 each.

So the grand prize for April for the most signatures is worth $290! And a group of volunteers can turn in their petitions together to claim the prizes.  So lets work together people and get this done!


Also please check out the public calendar for more events coming up for getting signatures.

Radio updates and other stuff

December 26th, 2010 | By Pirate

xCannabis Radio is changing formats and times a little bit.   Since we are new to this, we are in the “Beta” stages at best, more like Alpha.

But we are making progress and we are finding that BlogTalkRadio is very suited for our broadcasting needs for now.
We will certainly expand a bit later, but not until we are more established with format, guests, and other essentials.

So these are the two weekly shows in their new times and formats;

1.  Roots Rocking Reggae hour with Rev Ryan   >   Saturdays (every week) 4pm PST

2.  Sensi Life News updates with Rev Ryan  >   Wednesdays  (every week)  2pm PST

We are working with other pod-casters/radio hosts to expand our network a bit.  We are hoping for a more frequent line up with cannabis related topics.

This is the xMas show with special guests  (my lovely wife, and my grandma)

Also if you are in Washington don’t miss the Sensible Washington New Years celebrations.  There is one in Spokane at Medical Herb Providers, and for more details on the other events check;

Lets end cannabis prohibition!

1-5 Billboard for Sensible WA near Fife

December 20th, 2010 | By Pirate

Mile marker 138 near Fife WA  (north and south)

Thanks to generous donations from two Sensible Washington volunteers and support and cooperation of the billboard company, Gotcha Covered Media (thank you!), we now have North- and South-facing billboards at this location through the November 2011 election.

Also for the east side, you can see the huge banner that Sensible Washington and Medical Herb Providers have put up in MHP’s location at 306 North Freya in Spokane.

Cannabis Cures Cancer Awareness Contest Winners Announced

November 30th, 2010 | By Pirate

Cannabis Cures Cancer Awareness Contest Winners Announced

If you made the list below, please respond to the email that we sent to you with a mailing address.
Or if you are in Spokane we can arrange to drop the items off at Medical Herb Providers at 306 N. Freya.

Or send an email to:   incase you didn’t get the email

Player Points
Adam Carsons Cannabis Cures Cancer T-Shirt 7
Anna Hemp Wallet 6
Dale Zerley Cannabis Cures Cancer T-Shirt 6
Margaret Konczal Cannabis Cures Cancer T-Shirt 6
Dan Sampeck Cannabis Cures Cancer T-Shirt 6
Suzanne Mccawley Cannabis Cures Cancer T-Shirt 6
Jsun G Hemp Wallet 6
hoffy Hemp Soap 5
doxie67 Hemp Soap 5
Deb Cook Hemp Soap 5
Yogi Cannabis Cures Cancer T-Shirt 4

To review the questions, click here




Watch for December’s contest coming up!


To learn more about how cannabis cures cancer visit:

Join Us On Facebook
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Spokane Medical Herb Providers

November 3rd, 2010 | By Pirate

I am not going to let Prop 19 get me down.  We are regrouping and moving forward with new plans in California.
As it is we bought land in Cali, and started laying out plans for building our house, our garage and our greenhouse.
We planned on getting or med cards in Cali just as I have done in Washington, and having  a small garden to supply a cannabis cafe that we have been planning on for many years. 

Back in 2003 we bought the domain name:  and planned on getting started with our coffee shop.
In 2006 we rented a building in Springville Utah that once had a coffee shop in it owned by my cousin at one time.
His equipment was gone, but the plumbing, and layout was perfect. 
We moved in, and then the housing market started to get shaky, so we decided to sell our house in Mapleton Ut and move to Seattle.

After moving to Seattle and getting my med card, we thought about doing the cannabis cafe.  Then I-1068 came out and we were living in Spokane at the time and we got a new commercial rental with approval from the landlord to have a dispensary.  Then it got to be close to July and we realized that the cannabis cafe was not going to happen in the format that we wanted it (recreational social club).   So we dropped the lease, and focused our efforts in printing shirts and promoting legalization.

Now that Proposition 19 has failed, it looks like we are looking to do something a bit different, but we will be moving to California regardless.  Since we have already invested so much into it, and our land is sweet!

But the one thing that holds my heart in Spokane, and I guess there isnt just one thing.  But one of the things that inspires me most is going to Medical Herb Providers on Freya in Spokane.   Just north of Sprague a few blocks.

This place has came so far, and tries in everything they to do include others.  They are what I consider a true co-op.
This is one place that I dont cringe when I walk in.  It feels like family when walking through the door.  Like going to an uncles house or a good friends house.

For me that is exactly the kind of medicine I need, because I work graveyards and I have no social life what-so-ever.   I worked 220 hours last month, and this month I will work another 200+ hours.  Which is 40-60 hours more than a typical work month.  So going to MHP brightens my spirits.  I love to hear about what they are doing, and how things are progressing..   They now are moving to a new building, with a better layout.   They have a state of the art dispensary computer system, and a great variety of meds.   The best part is that they are good people, which great attitudes and a great work ethic.

I can’t say enough positive things about Jerry, Dennis and Allen, and many other folks around there.

We are also very fond of other providers in town, but since I started going to MHP, I really haven’t been anywhere else, except for a few trades with other patients for services that we offer.  
We make advertising media, including anything screen printed, vinyl, custom etched glass jars.  We also do website’s and technical support.  If we can trade for medicine, we usually do.

I like to think of a world were our currency has some value.  There is no real value in a dollar bill, except maybe to wipe your butt or something.  A dollar bill, and even our coins have little value because even the coins are a alloy that does have any real significant value or usage other than as currency.   Our dollar is only valuable because we assign a value to it.  In and of it self the currency has no value.   Think about taking a thousand dollar bill back to the time of the cave men.  Wouldn’t mean shit.

So we like ganja for currency.

There is a young kid that volunteers at MHP.  He is a good kid, but I bust his balls.  
I used to work at an irrigation company when I was 14, and I got my balls busted every day by the adults on the crew, but I know they were bustin my balls, it made me feel like part of the team.

Allen showed me how to use a Volcano and a Vape bros vaporizer.  I am buying one NOW!

One of theses days our cannabis community won’t be so taboo to talk about, and some day we will have fields of hemp everywhere!

Thanks MHP!   (I wish I had some pictures, but I will get some soon)

Bless up to all of you freedom fighters who are making progress and taking bold stands for freedom!

Props to Doug Hiatt and Sensible Washington!

May 20th, 2010 | By Pirate

Props to the I-1068 people, and to NORML!

I know that these folks have been under heavy attack as of late.  A lot of conflicts are arising between the medical market, and the legalization movement.

Some good things and some not so good.   For example Medical Herb Providers and a few other cannabis friendly businesses are carrying the I-1068 shirts.
There are some available from Sensible Washington now as well as from Emerald Sun in Spokane.  Check out their site for details;

Buy a T-shirt

This is the shop that is selling the t-shirts. Contact them to get a I-1068 T!!

Speck Print Shop
219 Broadway East
Capitol Hill
Seattle, WA 98102
Hours: Noon to 7pm Mon-Sat

There was a lot of conflicts and chaos going on last week when we ended our 5% donation deal from Emerald Sun.  So we haven’t sent in the $20 that we owe Sensible Washington.  We gave away a lot of shirts and we still are giving away a lot of shirts for I-1068.  It’s a way to get the message out, and with a campaign that is on limited funds, it’s important that we get the word out any way that we can.  I personally make YouTube videos, wear I-1068 t-shirts, and post on many different blogs and facebook groups about it.  There are many ways to help,  Most importantly (this is an area that I am lacking), we need signatures!  Contact Sensible Washington to learn how to help with that.

It’s NOT too late for real change!

Go I-1068!

Great MMJ co-op visit in Spokane today!

April 24th, 2010 | By Pirate

The folks from Medical Herb Providers in Spokane paid me a visit today because I was out of meds, and I had problems with a different co-op.  I found out that Medical Herb Providers are near the other co-op that I paid a visit to, but the two are not associated with each other.

I could really tell that these folks care about patients and love cannabis.  They are gathering signatures for I-1068 at their location, and are very much in favor of legalization, which is a great relief.

They have several strains of medicine which I was fortunate to sample today.  I didn’t get the names of the strains, but they have all kinds of medicine.  Both top shelf and mid shelf varieties.  I could tell by the head change that of the 4 strains that I sampled today, that at least two of them are a sativa hybrid.  Great feeling, nice uppity high.

We had a good session at the Emerald Sun studio today, and we spoke about this legalization topic.  These folks understand that legalization in Washington means more jobs, more tourism, more opportunities, not less.   It is obvious that our state will stand out from all other states, the so-called Emerald Empire is about to get greener, and folks all around will certainly take notice of this.  We will not lack culture, but the culture will be enriched and vitalized with the passing of I-1068, which means more jobs, more revenue, and less people in prison for a victimless crime.   This is a win win for everyone, even non-cannabis people.  Because with more jobs in the community, that means wages across the board go up.  The guy at the convenience store will even be blessed by a thriving cannabis business!

Well, props to these folks at Medical Herb Providers down on Freya!  Bless up!  Much love!

Medical Marijuana Spokane

See their site for more information at:

Also, they will be including some of my seeds in their raffles which are blue diesel, a great uppy high, a nice citric blueberry flavor.

These are able to be grown well indoors, but prefer the outdoors.

I did great using 100% CFLs on the last crop.

BTW-  We love to work with co-ops in all aspects of service.  We can help with POS systems, and/or technology consulting. 
We have great prices on t-shirts, brochures, business cards and websites.  We have 15 year experience, and we welcome trades.

at Youtube: